Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crazy Dance

Girls, Guys, I have never ever felt so relieved in all my life. I was seriously stressing the whole private blog thing- I thought my readers would be gone, I wouldn't be able to expand, then Food Buzz emailed me and smacked me upside the head and I was like- DAYUMMM. I need to switch to something else! I will keep the other blog open to "registered readers" for archive purposes and I promise I will do a massive video post and move all the vids over to here too! But for everyone else- I'm brand new baby! And I love it! Can we make T-Shirts???
But thank you so much for making the switch with me! It means SO much!!!
OH AND JUST TO BUTT IN FOR A SEC- I literally had NO clue my profile pic matched the name of the blog until I was talking to Carlos about it- and we looked at the pic and he said, "oh cool the hippo is trying to eat you..." I am brilliant without even realizing it!

OK so y'all know I've been slackin' in the video department right???
Well your prayers have been answered- here we are with another video production! I swear to God I have to come up with a name for our production company... This time around it was Peanut DJ'ing, and my sister doing the recording.

Honestly, I hope you guys like them because I really had fun doing this, even though my legs feel like rubber right now. And I can barely walk. And after doing the video three times because of two mess-ups I collapsed (you can see it! lol) out of sheer exhaustion. It was brutal! But hey.. at least I had some crazy music to dance to!

ENJOY!!!! Especially the instruction vid part. I never ever claimed to be a professional on here!!!!


  1. blogging is stressful sometimes. its one of those things that the more you change, the more people tend to wander away- but it needs to be done! im here and following and reading!!

  2. hmm, not sure what happened but i am excited to be able to snoop a little in your life again.

    Miss you!


  3. How cute are you??? Love the dance video. Glad to see you back! :)

  4. haha, I love the picture, too cute!

  5. I'll watch the video when I get home! :D