Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Okie Dokie.. here I am back again. Don't call it a comeback!
Sorry I keep ditching you all! It's much harder to motivate myself to write when I don't have my laptop ready to go 24/7 I think- I should just come home and plug it in anyway! If I am looking at the bag, I won't open it. But if I take it out of the bag, I will turn it on! There's my action plan I guess!

Well, my weekend was smashingly good! On Friday night Carlos and I went out to celebrate my birthday- we went and had some Spanish food- same place we always go to and we ordered the same thing we always order- rice and beans, chicken stew, and plantains. I ate as much as I could- I love that place and it loves me back! Except for tonight I guess! I kid you not, within a half an hour of leaving the joint my legs were absolutely covered in hives and it only got worse as the night wore on and by the time I woke up on Saturday, they were really bad! I suffered through the rest of the day with only Claritin and some cortizone cream. They kind of died down until the next day when I went to a church BBQ (yea that's right.. CHURCH!).

Here are some shots...

The kids were anxious to get in the pool can you tell?
Those two plates were mine, multiply that egg roll by about 5 or 6 and you got how many I ate! My dessert plate was also multiplied a couple of times.

At about 6:30 or so I started to get really naseaus and woozy so we headed home. I took an allergy pill and crashed on the couch barely staying awake so I could watch the Criminal Minds marathon on A&E. I never made it to work on Monday and dragged ass to the doctors office where they diagnosed me as "we have no idea what happened" (oh but I do.. please see the pictures above!!!) and gave me steroids. I feel better now though! So that is a good thing!

In other news though- my sister was dealing with a stressful situation and because she is my babysister, I stepped in to help- and then had to slowly back out because I realized I was dealing with a bully (a big fat white girl at that!) who was trying to go all tough and cool while we tried to state the facts- get the truth out. It didn't work- so my sister is pressing charges today. I'm proud she isn't backing down and I hope that girl knows it! Hmph! I guess if you look on Facebook you might be able to catch pieces of the battle... it's almost laughable in a way- but I totally felt like I had ROID RAGE. : ) Gotta love steroids!

In MORE news, I got this email from Food Buzz this morning.
Hello Amy,

How are you? How monthly compliance reports indicate the your food blog url that we have on record is “invited readers only” and therefore we are not recording ad impressions. Unfortunately we cannot allow you to be a part of the Featured Publisher program with a read only blog.
The url that we have on record is…

Now I really have to figure out what to do with the blog! Comment moderation is a good idea, but I don't think B-D would leave comments, just look and see what my plans were and one of these days, show up while I'm there. I'm horrified to think of what I might do/say if that day comes. That's why I kinda didn't even want him reading it you know? Now it's really time to come up with a new name for myself and go back to public!

And in one more news front (dang I'm like the Today show!) here is what we ate for dinner last night:

It was delish! I got a cooking lesson from Carlos too- Rebeca you know what I'm talking about! Goya Adobo on everything! What was I thinking to make meat without it? Anyway we had a jolly good time last night but thank god fell asleep early! I needed the sleep!

I have something special going on tonight for you guys for tomorrow or Friday- hope you are getting excited!!!!!!


  1. Glad you are back, I should be following you again now!

  2. I heart Goya Adobo!!! We are so twins! Both have loves named Carlos, both LOVE mexican food. AND NOW? Both use Goya Adobo?! We are a match made in heaven lady!

  3. Hurrayyyyyyyy for Amy!!!!

    Do I smell a giveaway?!

  4. Glad you are back! You were missed :D

    I LOVE Spanish food...ah, I miss living in NY.

  5. ex baby daddy's are no joke! My cousin's dad picked her up from pre-school once (retards let her go w/ him!) and we had to call the police to stop him from taking her across the border back to his house where he lives w/ his mom!

    The church BBQ looks delish and I can't get enough of your ghetto-grill kabobs!

    Be careful taking steroids! I got prescribed them 3 times in the past year for hive outbreaks and they affect your vision permanently! If you take them tons I'm sure it'll add up and change your Rx by a lot!!

  6. O man amyyyy the dramz has gotta go!! Sorry about all that stressful stuff, I support u in doing whatever necessary to keep that creep away!! I'm glad u emailed us though cuz I lost your blog in the mix :D I'm moving on friiiiday so i'll let u know my plans and when everything dies down I'd love to meet up! Happy birfday!

  7. Oh sorry about the crazy ex! That would be scary! I break out in stress hives and have been put on steroids for them--they made me gain like, 10 pounds in just a week! Eeek!

    I hope you're feeling better today!

  8. just email foodbuzz and tell them you changed ur url... they should be ok with it...

    girlllll be careful with all that food... i need you healthy! although that Spanish food sounds so yummy I think I would have had some too!

    luv ya

  9. Hey, love the new name! And your profile pic!
    Crazy ex's really suck...

  10. Welcome to your new home! Happy to see you back out in the open blogging world. :)

  11. I am happy to be back out in the open that is for sure!!

    Jen- I KNOW we must be twins! too fun! I love that stuff!

    Gliding Calm- there MIGHT be one soon! this next post is something a little more.. fun to do i should say!

    Caroline- we better be meeting up when you are settled in! i cant wait!!!

    Christina- is that why in the last year i have had to "upgrade" my glasses? i thought i was just getting OLD. dang it!!

    im literally bouncing off the walls right now! yay! so happy you guys are back with me!!!