Friday, August 28, 2009


It's a dreary chilly day over here in lil ole RI (well I'm in MA at this particular moment but hey... same weather!) and I am just settling down for an afternoon of fun fun fun. It's almost the weekend which means... it's.... well I'm slightly boring- so just nothing! What are you all doing for the weekend?

I'm not sure if you guys know my fall from grace as a vegan, but several years ago I decided to be a fanatical vegan. I say fanatical lightly- I wasn't a lunatic, I just refused to touch meat at all. I thought it tasted gross and smelled gross. I survived off of Amy's meals and salads and veggie soup at work. I drank soy milk like there was vodka. I probably weighed about 105 pounds. And guess what? I fainted all the time. I was sick all the time. My blood sugar was so low my doctor told me to carry around lollipops! I didn't connect one with the other until my doctor (who was also a hippie who told me to not wear underwear and a skirt to let the who-ha breathe....) said she believed in the Blood Type diet. I have a Type O blood type (keep that in mind guys.. for emergencies!) Basically I'm supposed to eat meat, potatoes, and veggies. And stay away from soy and fake stuff. I was so grossed out I refused to believe that I should be following THAT kind of diet! I chalked it up to her being a hippie!
Well one night I went to a Brazilian buffet with some aardvark I was dating at the time. I got my veggie plate- with some side dishes and sat down. Well in a Brazilian buffet there is a guy who comes around with a giant skewer of meat...all kinds, pork, chicken, beef, there is fish, sausage.... each skewer was more succulent and indulgent than the last one. OMG. OMG. OMG!!! For some reason- I was drooling! I went for it- and had a few small pieces of the pork. I think I almost passed out I was so excited.
And there you have it folks- my life as a vegan was officially OV-AH! Since then I've been chowing my way through the meat department and have literally had no fainting episodes and my blood sugar normalized within a month of eating meat and cutting out all the fake meat stuff. I still don't eat fake meat and I don't do soy unless it's ice cream or yogurt (and still that is rare). Today I probably eat meat about three times a week but don't really do beef unless it's in a burger form- so it's not an "every day- every meal" thing.
You guys must be sitting there shaking your heads like We needed to know this why??? Well, I have the tendency to de-veganize my food. See, I still stay away from dairy. So when I get something that is dairy-free it's often Vegan too. I make egg salad or tuna salad with my Nasoya "veggie" mayo. I will make minestrone with organic veggie broth and throw sausage in. I make a yummy cheeseless veggie pizza and put chicken on top. The list goes on and on... But hey at least I didn't say I put bacon on my brownies or something!

Here is my latest conquest. The picture is down right crappy and I'm sorry. But I had Amy's Black Bean Veggie soup. And... what's that floating in there?

Yep- thats sausage! YUMMMMMM. It added a nice bite to the soup and has literally kept me full from 12 till about 4:30.. usually I am starving at 3 pm!
Oh and today I finally polished off by jar of White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter- GOD I love that stuff!!!

So again, I'm not up to much this weekend, so have fun everyone! Glad we can all be friends in public again!

****** Um have NO idea why this is still draft form!!!****** posting now! haha

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  1. Oh, my goodness, that white chocolate peanut butter is my weakness! I can absolutely eat a jar in a day or two, straight up on a spoon!