Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Hearts As One

Ahhhhh... sweet Monday! I can't believe it came up that fast! Did anyone else get the biggest reality check when their alarms went off this morning? Dang! I was like, WTH was that?!
But it's back to the daily fight for me! It was a hectic day for sure! What I hate the most is when the people above me hound me to do something, "its an emergency! get it done now!!!!!" Then, I report back, "in progress, I have 8 other emergencies I'm working on now too", response: "Drop everything and do it!" THEN when I GET IT DONE- no thanks??? Yea, I just saved your butt from getting chewed out and nothing? *sigh* oh how I earn for the college days where I did nothing but party all the time.
Well tonight was salsa class with Jessica. We are getting better and better! I love it! I wish I could record it, but I think the teacher would probably think I was stealing choreography or something crazy. He's a little anal! But my favorite partner that I danced with was a chubby (I can't mince words here) Spanish guy. He was AWESOME! Just goes to show even if you are not thin and "perfect" you can do it!!!! Jess and I keep telling ourselves, "if big papi can do it - so can we!" THAT'S RIGHT!
So what did I do since I last saw you all? Oh yea! I went to a wedding! Oh and Gina.. Lissette and Elisa are Jessica's two girls, and the baby Melo, is her son. So they are my nieces and nephews ; )So, where was I? OH THE WEDDING! OMG! It was so beautiful! The food! The dresses! The wedding was held at Whispering Pines in West Greenwich, RI. It is literally in the middle of nowhere. We drove into the entrance and I thought "Ohhh.. this is nice!" Then twenty minutes later I was panicking, "Where the FUDGE are we?!?!"
Here are a couple of shots of the ride in.. LOVELY!!

We get there thinking we were late because all our invitations said 4:30 and we were there at about 4:20.. we are racing to the hall where the mother of the bride says, "oh we just wanted to make sure people were on time!" THANKS MOMMA! : )
The ceremony starts- Amanda the bride looks ravishing in an eggshell halter dress with an antique lace overlay and mocha brown sash. Her hair had a braid with a side bun.. and silver snowflakes in her hair. Ohhhh she was so beautiful!
Here is half the bridal party-

I almost cried... until I saw Amanda's older sister...close up here!

See the girl with the fire truck red hair???? Yea... who does that? Who has perfectly normal brown hair and then the morning of her little sister's wedding goes out and colors it fire truck red???? That was the scandal of the night! I was shocked that her sis did not go down the aisle with a black eye too!
So enough of that drama.. Want to see what I ate?? I literally didn't have time to eat anything all day so I went to down when I got there!
App plate:

Yea crackers. No good- but man I was shaking by the time I got this plate so I would have probably eaten raw beef at this point!

Bruschetta! This was tasty, but a little soggy. Maybe if the waitress had moved around the room a little faster???

Beef Wellington! O-M-G!!!! Best I've ever had! I only had one piece but I wanted MORE!
Up next is the salad and entree- I chose the chicken. Oh holy chicken, it was amazing! I didn't care for the salad that much- one because I'm not a cheese person and two because I'm not a balsamic vinegar person. Meh- but it looked awesome anyway!
Ok, chicken.. with a light marinara sauce and cheese layered on top (here I ate the cheese). Sweet potatoes with cinnamon and maple syrup, scalloped potatoes (and not those dumb Hungry Jack boxed ones either), and green beans. OH YEA BABY. Don't think I didn't demolish this plate!

So here's where it gets tricky. I was the 7th wheel the whole night, I went with three couples (but took my own car- I'm crazy I know) and spent the whole time watching them canoodle and doodle and talk about buying houses, and weddings, and outings, and stuff. And I was there by myself. I don't have many guy friends myself and we all know where my man is at this point. I found myself getting more and more anxious as the night wore on and at one point, when someone made an off-color comment about me and I snapped and tossed my napkin at him and bolted to the bathroom where I cried and cried. It was the first night I was out since my Carlos left and I picked a wedding where I would be surrounded by lovey dovey couples?? Oh not good. I ended up leaving early and going to Jessicas' house where we downed a bottle of wine and I drowned my sorrow in booze and tears.
The next day I talked to my Carlos about it and he was upset along with me. If he were home he would have come. I know that and it would have been easier for me. But I felt awful, but my heart was pounding, I was sweating, and I could have easily tossed anyone out of my way that night. Amanda understood thank goodness how hard it was to go. That I love her for....
One last pic before I head off to bed.

My high school pals- from the left Crystal, me, Amanda, my TWIN Robyn, and Kristen. Lovely girls..

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Well happy Black Friday to all of you too! I want to say that I went shopping at 3 am with the rest of the dorks who went to Wal-mart or Old Navy. But, I was in bed. Like a lump, until my SIL called me and woke me up out of a stuffed shell and turkey and cookie induced coma. But today was a good day. Liv and I played beauty parlor, we went to Target (at 4 pm I don't like big crowds!), we hung around. I worked for a while.. but you don't want to hear about that!
You want to know what I did for Thanksgiving - right?!?

Maybe not, but hey here I go anyway!

Well Wednesday during my hectic work day I snuck out and scooped up Elisa and Lissette and brought them back to my parents house. The three girlies stayed there while I worked. They played and played and baked cookies and played some more. When I got home we went to Michael's and bought crafting stuff... here's what we ended up with.. (please don't look around the kids and peek at the mess, it's been a while since i've cleaned!)

And then we finally went to bed!

The next morning I made cupcakes! I used the GF yellow cake mix from Betty Crocker
- it smelled DELISH! I couldn't wait to try them, but first we had to frost them.

I used Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate frosting mix that my gram picked up from Shaw's for $1.00! This is fantastic stuff!! I love chocolate frosting.. the chocolate flavor could have been a little richer, but this is a nice light chocolate frosting.
Here is what we did. I let them have fun with the sprinkles- can you tell??

We had a GREAT TURKEY DAY- turkey, stuffed shells, rice and beans (after all we are Spanish!) and some minestrone made by yours truly!

And for a peanut-free dessert.. we ate this little guy..

OMGICANTBELIEVEHOWFREAKINGCUTEHEIS...... *ugh* i just melt everytime I see him!! Love you Melo!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fake Thanksgiving

For those who got a preview of the goods on Facebook- you will have seen that my house was over- run with two things, little girls and cookies.
On the menu for the feast was the usual Turkey Day fare- Turkey, Ham, mashed potatoes (homemade.. nothing but the best from G-ma!), turnip, squash, green beans, two kinds of stuffing (one with sausage, one made with cranberries and apples), cornbread, buttered rolls, WOW. The food line went one and on around the kitchen! It was crazy!
We had a blast on Friday night getting all the food ready and cleaning and such. We set up the silverware. Oh, I'm sorry- the GOLDWARE-

Christina already told me we must have the same grandmother- she grew up with the same utensils and the same instructions. NEVER PUT THEM IN THE DISHWASHER!!!!!
This was our cookie factory set up in the guest room at my grandmothers house:

We had pecan cookies with chocolate drizzled on them.


These are my grandmothers specialty- she makes the most amazing rugelach ever! We have had our fair share of New York guests in our house, and all say the same. My grandmother has perfected rugeclach. Amazing!

So where are the dinner pictures? Well here is my plate-

The stuffing is my aunt's stuffing, made with bread, cranberries, apples, and "special spices" I think cinnamon, nutmeg and stuff. It was delish. My stomach was pretty hurting, but hey- Fake Thanksgiving only comes once a year. I gotta have it sometime!

Up next was the dessert table. Yes, we had to have two seperate tables just to line the food up on. As you can see, the cookies were just the beginning!

At some point in the night my mother had a mild breakdown. It happens every year- from now on she should just start the day like this:

(that is my twin sister..)
At least we had fun making the drinks! My dad got talked into having one as well! Someday my parents will learn if you start the day with drinks, it will end well! Ha!
Well here are some family shots for you!
Here is my cousin Jeremy who's quote for the weekend was "I like boobs, just NOT when I'm related to them!"

My three sisters and I are standing with him. Stacy, me, Jeremy, Robyn, and Val.

Here are all the little girls!!!!! Some are not so little anymore!
Can you spot my little peanut in the crowd? I can't believe how big they are now! Everyone is just growing up so fast.

So how was everyone's weekend? Anything exciting going on?

I'm just over here..... watching Twilight for the millionth time. *swoon* Does anyone want to go see New Moon with me? All my friends have gone already- and I would look like a dope if I went by myself! Haha.
Anyway, happy Sunday and good luck getting through Monday. I just opened my email and found 597 emails that I have to read tomorrow. OUCH! Painful way to go back to work!

I think I'll just stay here and watch Twilight. Good plan!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Well Sohpia, my hyper mood didn't last long that's for sure..

I think I have injured my shoulder! Doing what? I have no clue, but it might have something to do with the fact that I've been on the phone so much this week my arm is in a permanent crooked position from holding the dang thing. It feels like a dull throbbing pain that is constantly there and I can't get my arm up over my head. It makes it difficult to undress, get dressed or do the 'do. Every other activity is debatable and flexible, you know, like doing the dishes or lifting something up.

I've tried ice, heat, motrin, tylenol. Vicodin. Cocaine. Alcohol. O-M-G. Just kidding! I would never use the last couple of things there! So now, while I'm simply sitting here- it hurts and I've decided I should just rest it for a few days and see what happens. Good plan, no??

Well I don't have any food pictures for you. No kid pictures, I've been horribly unmotivated to do anything! And this was supposed to be my week to cook, cook, cook!

Today I was roped into helping serve lunch at Liv's school. Surrounded by 2nd and 3rd graders feeding them pizza- sounds like a plan!


My family is from Texas and Maryland, we are essentially the only dopes living up here in New England and per tradition- they all flock up here for a weekend of Italian food, beer, Italian food, beer, cookies, beer. Why do they come here and us not there? My grandmother can no longer travel so this is her "thanksgiving present" every year. It's been on the books now for almost 6 years and there are no signs of stopping my friends! I will be snapping pictures then and spending the weekend either getting drunk, or trying to get drunk. Wait, I wish I could drink- but I can't stand the taste of alcohol!
So everyone, enjoy your Friday and I will check back with you on SUNDAY NIGHT for a round-up of the weekend of gluttony and sloth-ness.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They Say It's Your..

Aw guys!!! Thank you SO much for your sweet talk on my last post! Y'all know how to make a girl blush big time!!

So hey it still feels like Sunday to me! You know why? I'm off this week! Yahoo! This week is my second week of my F-U-N- short for "Forced Unpaid Nothing". Come on, it's not a vacation if you can't afford to do anything! The good news for me is though, I worked almost 30 hours of overtime in the last two weeks which (at least money wise...) makes up for the fact that I am NOT getting paid to take time off. Oh.. big corporations.. how they crack me up.

So I've been waking up to this:

Isn't she cute??? But SOOOOOO obnoxious.
And I've been drinking this:

I can't even say enough about Bolthouse juices. I swear on my life, they are the ONLY reason why I haven't gotten SICK yet this year. Everyone else around me is dying of some respitory thing and I just keep chuggin' away at the juice. Even Olivia got a bad cold and I managed to come away with just a slight cough. Ah the joys!
So yesterday for lunch I decided I was going to cook beyond heating something up in the microwave or picking at what my grandmother makes. You know, because she's 900 years old and keeps up with allergy-friendly cooking so nothing is slathered in cheese, butter, and pasta! (Did you sense my sarcasm??)
I knew I needed to make something that is keeping with my recent commitment to go veggie till 6. Did I tell you guys that? Maybe not- I figured the best way for me to save money and a little of my health was to eat vegan until 6 pm, then I would feel free to nibble away at the meat. If I want to. Half the time I don't want to. I guess I'm a part-time carnivore? Or an almost full time vegan?
Soooooo I dug around in the freezer and fridge until I found what I had been craving for days. Bread. And rice cheese.

OK I lie. Who CRAVES rice cheese? But I wanted cheese- and this is the only way I'm going to get it without being chained to the .. well- you get the idea.

But I did make a mean grilled cheese!!

I served mine with CARROT JUICE. I would just like to point out ... that Bolthouse Farms CARROT JUICE is CARROT JUICE. And those who do not like the SHARP, sorta sweetly bitter taste of FRESH carrots- please- do not try this! It is potent stuff! I had to chug it and chase with my sandwich.

Well, I gotta bounce off of here. I will be blog reading tonight while watching some boob tube, but for now, I have to work out! I had dance class last night (whooooo) and I'm sore, but I was screwing up on some stuff, so I figured I better get my ass in gear and work on it! PLUS, since I am home, my grandmother is making me go shopping for her. This week is what my family likes to call "Fake Thanksgiving". You are all invited.. what's another 20 people on top of the 25 we have coming now??
Oh and by the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESSIE!!!!!!!

There, now I've embarrassed somebody today. : )

Friday, November 13, 2009

If You Got It...

Happy Freakin' Friday! Wow! What a long week! Who else was super busy??

Well I thought all you virtual Aunties should know that Olivia is in a winter recital at dance and is doing a tap number. But, there is only one other girl in her class who will probably NOT be doing the recital! So there is a GOOD CHANCE, that my little munchkin will have a SOOOOOOLLLLLOOOOO!!!!!! AHHHHH I literally almost died when I heard that! My heart has been racing for her ever since. It's going to be racing for a few weeks, it's not until December 19th. Whooooo! I'm so happy for her!

Ok, so my homegirl Rebeca recently posted up on her blog about her feet. Yea you heard me, FEET! She got the idea from Diana over at The Chic Life. Basically we are supposed to take one of our features and flaunt it! Dance like no ones watching, shake what ya momma gave ya!!
My favorite feature on me? Well, if you ask my better half, it's a completely inappropriate body part. But what do I like about myself?

My eyes.

My hair is black, my skin is white, and my eyes are the color of the ocean rimmed in navy blue. Sexy no? I have always taken pride in the fact that while I am no supermodel- my eyes have been the subject of many many conversations. Men swoon. Ladies are jealous. I've worn the same eye-make up for years- Taupe (a brownish color) eyeshadow, Mac eyeliner and super-duper mascara. It works. It's hot. I love it!
I switched it up one time and did hot pink. Then I took a picture. It turned out to be one of my favorite pictures of myself I have. Here ya go!

This picture made me grab my tweezers though.. my eye brows were uneven! lol
My other favorite feature??
My HAIR. I love it. It's strong and healthy after months of being gross and stringy from abuse with coloring. I started coloring it dark brown a while back (old readers might remember my dilema). My grandmother hates it with a passion and told me the other day that I looked boring and "not even pretty" with dark hair. But it's long. It's shiny. And it's ME.

Plus, my other half loves it- how can we go wrong there?? (and yes I am trying to beat down a an umbrella pole into the sand with my nephews baby book. OK??!)

What else do I have to tell you? Well, Gina ALSO put up a picture of her feet. What is with the feet theme here? She thinks she's a freak all alone on the island of wacky feet. But hey...

I can do it too! My feet aren't as flexible as they used to be - doing that kinda hurt!! Mental note, do yoga so I really join Gina in freaky-feetness!
: (

I also have sausage toes, that might have something to do with it!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Hopefully I will do something exciting! There is some drama going on with Charlie's daughter's mother.. something about how she wanted him to "give her" his car because he doesn't need it (she was going to "sell it for him"). I'm sensing a Glamzon going down- she doesn't know, his car.. is MINE. I bought and paid for it! lol and I'm not giving her anything! Money-hungry hos! Can't live with 'em.. can't live without 'em cuz government programs support them! ARGH! Here's hoping she calls me so I can chew her out! That will be my excitement for the week!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember The Time When?

Yay!!! Another Wednesday over and done with! Here I am stuck in bed slaving away! We had today off at work however they did ask for a skeleton crew to come in and cover the phones. Say WHAT?!! I did not bite on that one, I was desperate for a day off. But I did promise to log in on the laptop and work at home to help. So when I logged in and saw 12 phone calls waiting in our call queue; I did something I have never done before. I switched my phone line over to my house phone.... and took work calls from my couch. While watching Hannah Montana. OH JOY!!! It was pretty funny. Olivia started getting pesky and I had to shush her. Then my grandmother came over and started complaining about something- my customer I had on the phone then asked me, "are you at home?".. "why YES sir I AM!". It would have been hysterical...if only it wasn't work! After I'm done here I'll be working some more. But I'm not worried, OT is a glorious thing!
So the first half of my day was spent walking on the treadmill while watching The Proposal (SOOOOOO FUNNY! Loved it!) Then I showered up and headed to Qdoba with my little sister and Olivia. She is an avid story teller and sometimes we just sit there and laugh.. and shake our heads.. and wonder what she's talking about!

(sheesh I didn't realize how frumpy her hair looks.. poor kid!)
Oh I didn't take a picture of what I got: Grilled Chicken Burrito w/ Fajita Veggies, hold the sour cream and cheese. I ate a few bites of the burrito to save my stomach the agony... now.. but it was SO good! The burritos there are HUGE it was the size of a small loaf of bread!
Then we went to Payless where I took advantage of the BOGO shoe sale they were having and went to TOWN. Well not really, I got a new pair of nice suede-ie boots- love them! What was the second pair half off? Tap shoes for Olivia! She has been taking tap and she is awesome at it, I'm so proud of her! I can't wait for her recital this spring..
So when we got home and after I had worked for a couple of hours, we made brownies!
I've been dying to try these brownie mixes by Betty Crocker- they are gluten-free!!! It's about freakin' time! This discrimination against GF peeps is almost over! I read some reviews about the brownie mix on and figured it would be great- no bad reviews on there!

So what's the scoop? These are as easy to make as a regular Betty Crocker mix, butter and eggs are all you need. One bowl, one pan. Wow, no real mixing required besides elbow grease.
Taste wise? Spot on my lovelies. SPOT ON. You want chocolate? You got it! Look- chocolate chips!!!!!!

So I only found ONE thing wrong with these babies- you should use real butter. Which makes my dairy-free stomach way unhappy. They kind of crumbled apart when I was taking them out of the pan. I was thinking I should try adding some fake cream cheese to thicken it up, but at 6 pm I had no motivation to run out to Handnafords and get some. Next week, I will try that! But damnnnnnnnnn... look at these!

Alright before I sign off I'll give you a better picture of my lil frumpy kiddo. I got her school pictures back today and my little angel is a beauty!!! I cou!ldn't scan it in, but here is a "snap" shot!