Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When It Happens It'll Happen Real Big!

Hi all.. Just wanted to let you know that I will be posting this weekend, but probably not up until that point.

I've got some stuff going on.. plus my mouth is acting up. I swear to God.. my lips are one of my best features.. just ask my honey so I want to take care of them!

The whole rest of my life is riding on the next few days and I'm scared to death and excited at the prospect at the same time. My only hope is having enough strength to pull it off.

Wasn't blog world just talking about dreams and how to chase them???

Hopefully I will be able to come back and give some more details soon. I can answer emails if y'all want to chat me up until then ; )


Saturday, September 26, 2009


Wow! I made it! It was a tough week, but someone had to do it I guess! And I guess, that someone would be me!
The last few days have been a blur of phone calls, order entry, and fighting with customers about shipments. Can you believe that one order I have is for the train system in Chicago??? And if the order doesn't ship by mid-next week, the Governor will be calling MY office (well not to talk to me..lol)??? Christina, Biz, if you can't hop on the train next weekend, I'm VERY sorry- but we are doing the best we can and I totally understand how urgent this is. I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing the city of Chicago. That was the speech I recited all week! Like it? I'm so diplomatic...
So I just wanted to show you all a few things I ate this week. My healthy eating wagon "autopilot" sorta worked and I managed to eat lots more food- just uber healthy so I was very proud of myself! I didn't work out that much besides dance class on Thursday (more on that in a few sentences..) and am absolutely exhausted. I made up for it today- but am having to eat mostly mushy foods (more on that in a few too!) so I cleared through yogurt and applesauce all day long!

Soup! This was delish- it had a nice spicy bite to it- the only thing I would change is to make the beans a little softer- I like soft beans (thats what she said..)

Amy's!!!!!!!!!!!!! My homegirl! I love this meal- it's my absolute favorite. No picture of what it looks like "after" because you all know that with Amy's - if it's on the box, that's pretty much what it looks like.

Olivia and I made pizza for her "pizza" day at school. Mine is the veggie one with a half a sprinkle of some fake cheese. She is a pepperoni- lover so she got the meatie one. I used Kinnikinnick personal size pizza crust. This was a GREAT crust. As you guys know Kinnikinnick is one of my favorite GF/DF bread companies. Their bread is light and very tasty- so this crust was a good treat. Good buy A, good buy!

Things To Chew On:
1. Never try and pull a box of Capri suns out of your car, in the dark, while you are half bent-over half-out of the car. You WILL hit yourself in the face and bust your lip!
2. Don't yell at the kid who looks like the dad in American Pie for correcting you in dance class. It's not his fault he's been brainwashed into being just like the teacher.

So yea, I busted my lip and I think the salve that I was putting on it to "heal it" without going to the hospital didn't really work. In fact- this happened earlier in the week and my lips are still swollen! I mean I look hot, but they don't feel too good, in fact- it's very painful!! I should have gone to get stitches I think. Hopefully it won't leave too much of a mark!
Dance class? We danced with partners and I was paired up with some wacky guy who tried to correct me half the time. But I think he was just being a stickler for the rules because salsa can be a little "looser" and steps and hand positions don't have to be carbon-copies of the teacher. I spoke sharply to him. I felt bad. Poor guy!

I am SOOOOOO happy things will be getting back to normal now! I will be able to take lunch breaks so I can work out again.. whooooooo it's going to be good!
Thanks for sticking by while I go through a stressful week!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Need New Shoes

Happy Hump Day!!!! Ok so a few things.. 1. my previous post title was named American Prankster for a reason! 2. I would never get a random tattoo from people I don't know! 3. It was airbrushed on.... tee-hee!!! No one got the joke! : )
I'll let this one slide for now! lol

Well I don't have much for you all today but I wanted to give you something! I'm a giver, not a taker..
I tried these thingies a little while back and I was wondering if I should put a review up or not- well now here we go- I think I will!

They look good huh?? I loved the small ingredient list and how nothing was artifical or processed. From the sound of it they just chopped up veggies and put them in a burger press and packed them up!
Here is a look at what's in them:
Carrots, Onions, String Beans, Zucchini, Soybeans, Peas, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Spinach, Broccoli, Corn, Red Peppers, Potato Flakes, Arrowroot, Corn Meal, Corn Starch, Garlic, Salt, Parsley, Pepper
Yummy sounding right?

Here is what it really looked like out of the box.. it looks like a Spinach bruger! I was still pretty happy about trying it so I heated it up and dug in.
Has anyone tried these things???? Does anyone actually eat them????
When in doubt cover it in ketchup...

Still nothing, I tossed it when it was about half gone. It made me very sad to do so. So sad, I brought one to work a few days later, had our caf chef "grill" it for me and I covered it in BBQ sauce. Something about the taste just gave me the heebie-jeebies. Maybe it was TOO veggie tasting for me??

FAIL! : ( I'm sorry Dr. Praeger's! I support your healthy eating mission, but I won't be buying these again!

I'm not quite sure what my posting will be like in the next couple of days, it is end of quarter over here at work and we are literally racing against time to get all orders processed, shipped, etc. And they have to be correct. Go figure! Ha!

Things to chew on:
1. I am still working on a routine for the Jay-Z album
2. I cry everytime I hear the song on the album "Young Forever" (anyone else??)
3. My health insurance at work is changing. Apparently, it will "greatly benefit" me.
4. Because of the above thought, I have decided my part time job will probably be an exotic dancer and not a salsa teacher like I've always dreamed about.
5. Because of the second above thought I think I should invest in some new shoes.

Monday, September 21, 2009

American Prankster

Happy Monday to all my sleepyheads! How are you?? I love how you all agreed about the frozen meal.. that is totally why I have to stick with Amy's meals (and my own cooking!) I just get disapointed with the results of anything but Amy's.. maybe I should send Amy's a note.. tell them to send me some stuff! HA!

So how were your weekends? Mine was pretty fun.. shall we do a weekend round-up??!!
Friday Night was....

If you guessed fried chicken and zuch night, you were right! Holy yummy! We stuffed our faces and promptly fell asleep like we just ate Thanksgiving dinner.

Saturday morning we had a pancake breakfast but I think only one of us liked the pancakes. Namaste.. I am very disappointed in the pancake and waffle mix! It had this weird aftertaste I couldn't get past. They LOOKED GREAT THOUGH!

Saturday afternoon we headed to an arts festival in town! It was quite entertaining, I think Olivia and Jocelyn bounced in the bouncy house for about 4 hours, only stopping to eat, complain they needed more tickets, and get their faces painted. My sister had a booth of her art in the show and my father.. well.. he was running the thing. I guess we are an artsy-fartsy family. But if anyone is interested in purchasing photography- let me know if you want a link to her site! All her prices are REALLY reasonable and she takes some great shots!
Some sites from the day....
Look!! Here's my dad and his swing band.. (hes the big guy standing up all the way to the right..)

A sneak peek at fall fashion- mixing prints and the leggings and flats look.


Hot trumpet player..

The local tattoo studio was doing tattoos so I got one!!

Gee it looks great for a fresh tat doesn't it??

Saturday night was spent hanging out with my dear sister-in-law.. I played with her baby boy and we talked for hours. I love her! *sigh* I really think that I would not have made it through some rough times without her! We talked about deep stuff and I got her hooked on White Chocolate Peanut Butter. She is the epitome of cheap so she was shocked I would spend 5 dollars on a jar of peanut butter... that is.. until she TRIED IT! Hahahahaha!!! I've created a monster!
Sunday was more of the same.. festival.. except we had some company!
My other nieces came down with my older.. more obnoxious sister.

Luckily I was distracted by the truly AWFUL bands there (not my dads..) the high school kids who were trying out for Make Me A Rockstar Except Not Really Because We Suck. I feel really guilty saying that, but they were off-key, off the beat, etc. And singing cover songs.. so its NOT LIKE WE DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!
I held a baby. My friend who had a baby not long after my miscarriage broght her little booger- who was just too cute. I melted.. ooooed and ahhhhed.

And people... that's about it!
Now that I have either bored you to tears.. or made you fall asleep at your desks..lol
Hope everyone has a HAPPY MONDAY. I know I am so far!!!! Tonight is a big night for me and Olivia. It's the premiere of the Phineas and Ferb episode where they go back in time or to the future.. whichever one works. Is it sad that I am really looking forward to watching a Disney show?!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Puddin' On The Ritz

Happy Friday everyone!!! I'm so thrilled Friday is finally here! You have no idea!The last few weeks I've been getting to work at 7:30 and most nights not leaving until 5:30 or 6.. so any chance I get to relax, I'm doing it! To protest my new schedule I showed up to work at 8 today and I am running out the door at approximately 4:59. Don't tell my boss I'm leaving early though! Haha! (my hours are 8-5 btw in case you think I'm crazy for leaving an hour early) I'm sorry for doing alot of complaining lately about how busy I am.. I'm cranky- what can I say???

So let's see where was I?????? Ohhhhh yea! Food! *****(I'm sitting here staring at my picture folder on my desktop and the thing that is staring back at me is the taco picture from my previous post. God I'm flipping hungry!!!!)*****
Well like I said my old aunty picked up some GF ice cream cones for me. She is so good sometimes- I swear she is the most annoying old woman I know besides my grandmother- but she ALWAYS finds the most random GF/DF shit out there. And gets them for pennies! Here's what she picked up for me the last time she came over-

I know right?! Let me tell you I tore into this box as soon as I saw it. I bit into one thinking it was going to taste like cardboard. I was close. Fluffy cardboard with a slight hint of vanilla. Just like a REAL ICE CREAM CONE!!!
Well we didn't have any ice cream in the house, sadly, so poor Olivia could not try it out for real. But I think my substitute was pretty good! Chocolate pudding! It looks like real ice cream doesn't it?

She was happy with it! Good right after a bath treat...
Hmmmm soooo what did I eat? I tried one of these...

that really looked like this...

It was "ok". I liked it but for how much it cost ($5!!!) I could've bought 6 salmon filets at Target (indivually frozen.. those babies are yummmm and super easy to make)
The problem I had with it was I was hungry five minutes later! It was supposed to fill me up! It had 390 calories and 13 fat grams in it. And good fat, walnuts and salmon - what happened there?! I supplemented the dinner with some Cinnamon Puffins and chocolate almond milk. Great dessert!

Thursday night is dance class night with my sister-in-law! We had a blast AGAIN. I think I forgot to tell you how last week went too. We got there last week and I was figuring it would be a fluff class for me because as you guys know I have danced salsa for four years, and taught for one of those years. I was pretty cocky going into it. Well... I got booted in the butt! The teacher teaches salsa ON TWO. Which is New York style salsa- which.. I never learned. I learned ON ONE. The basic difference is where you break your steps. If you watch my salsa video (I think its the one where I have a skirt on..) you can see that I step forward on the FIRST count of the beat, where as NY Salsa you step forward on the SECOND beat. This is completely backwards from what I learned and I was absolutely scared to death. But I figured it out and now I think I have it- I just need to learn all the fancy shines and footwork that go along with it.. Well anyway last night my SIL told me that her friends wanted to know why I was going (there is a group of 4 of us who go together..) because I already know how to dance and shouldn't be in a beginner class. Ummmmmm I guess they missed the whole first class where I was stumbling over the steps! Well anyway my feelings were hurt for a few minutes there but I got over it. My SIL loves that I'm going because I help her out so I'm gonna keep going!

Have you guys ever felt bad because you were "better" than someone else at something? I'm not sure I should feel guilty here. Yea, I have the technique and the style, but I know absolutely nothing about NY style footwork so it was a great challenge!

For those of you and you who need constant Olivia pictures... here is her "dress down" Friday school outfit. TOO CUTE!!!
Hope everyone is having a GREAT Friday and I will "see" you all SOON!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy Beavers..

Well the week is almost over.. ok not quite but hey.. we are getting there! I think this might be the fastest weekend round-up ever! So here we go:

Things We Learned Over The Weekend/Week

1. It's fantastic to be a part of history.. getting a picture in front of a Cal Ripken statue before it was stolen..

2. Never let your man's ex-mother-in-law buy food for you.. or she will buy the shittiest cuts of meat ever. (Don't ask me why she did- it's a sore subject!) Looked good- but was FATTY and TOUGH! Blech! At least the other part of my dinner was yummy!

3. When going to Chipotle make sure you test the spiciness of the steak before you feed it to your 7 year old. This was even too spicy for her!

Otherwise you get this.....

4. Never EVER under estimate the power of Taco Night at home.. along with some good baseball and good...action?!.. to take the stress of work away. Carlos baby we need about a month off together!

So things to chew on: I downloaded the new Jay-Z album and will be working on a routine from that.. I promise! : )

Also- the lovely Kelly over at She Wears A Red Sox Cap sent me a bloggie award last week (feels like it was last month!) and I am just getting around to putting it up! Dang it!

I love Kelly's blog because she is so down to earth and honest about finding time to keep up the healthy lifestyle while she is teaching during the school year. Plus I mean whoever loves the Sox; I love too!
I get to pass this along to a bunch of people soooooo.... but because I think all the people I would pass it to are on my blog roll... UMMMMMMM y'all can just TAKE it.. you GET IT AND LIKE IT! : )

I have nothing for you in terms of healthy eating.. I guess I've been doing better- Rebeca suggested to me that I put myself on autopilot and just do it, so I think that will be my goal: to find healthy eats and just fill up my lunch box and not leave work until my lunch box is empty. I promise it won't be full of cukes and carrots sticks.. haha. Although my old aunt picked up some GF ice cream cones, so I may be having some ice cream SOONER rather than LATER!

I will be back by Friday- I PROMISE!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Watch The Day Away

Well here there guys- happy Monday!

Unfortunately I have nothing for you today- my camera cable is at home and I am stuck behind my desk. It is a gorgeous day outside but all the extra work is keeping me in here. So I decided to show you guys some love and move all my videos over to this one post. Just cuz I'm so wonderful.

Just a few things to point out- I'm starting at the beginning and you will notice how my hair is getting longer and blonder in each one.. lol My sister and I watched them all the other night and we were laughing over it. No worries, I'm getting these locks chopped off next week!

*cricket* *cricket* Carlos... babe.. you breathing over there??? Just kidding!

Ok here we go!

The First One- Right Round by Flo Rida and Katy Perry
(thoughts- how come the white girl doesn't get a shout out on the track? Thats her singing!!)

Second one- I Know You Want Me- Pitbull
(thoughts- I was kind of in a bad mood when I did this one.. can you guys tell??)

Third one- Don't Know the Song Title - Daddy Yankee I believe - maybe Tito El Bambino?
Third One Part Two- This One is - Sabrasora- Don't know who sings the song though

Fourth One- Maybe? Enur

Another One- Boom Boom Boom!!!!
(thoughts- I made this up randomly lol then halfway through I thought the song was over and started to walk away!)

Fireburning- Sean Kingston
(this one was so fun to make! lol)

Call The Whole Thing Off- Drake

Crazy Frog!!!!!

OK- I think that was all of them! Indulge me people- which one do you like the best?
Of course they aren't perfect, but hey! I don't strive for perfection over here!
No seriously, do you have a favorite?
And also-
if you could pick a song to do kick-boxing/dance to... what would it be? I will consider all options when thinking of a new song to do. I'm kind of stuck in choreography rut I need to bust out of. I have four half done dances.. That just don't cut it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Does A Body Bad

Hahahaha, I'm so glad you all loved the crazy people pictures! We were all dying laughing- I never make fun of people out of meanness- but sometimes you JUST have to point it out!

So anyway- it's Thursday finally- one day closer to the weekend and I am super excited for it. Well as excited as I can be for attending a funeral, and an art festival in the rain!

A dear family friend passed away over the weekend and his funeral is this Saturday. I am happy he lived a good long life but very sad the end was painful for him. He passed away from complications from cancer. He was my Sunday School teacher at some point in my church-going career and he always had a joke ready or a funny story for you. He will be sorely missed...

Tonight I am going to a dance class with my SIL. She really really wants to learn how to dance salsa and found a class near our house to go to. I of course will take any chance I can get for dancing and asked to tag along- its a beginner class but even the beginner ones are still fun! We are planning on going out for her birthday in a few weeks and she wants to be dance floor ready by then- I think we can do it!

So here is Olivia in all her school uniform glory.. ADORABLE! She had a great first day. My mother is her teacher and I teased her about having her "Noni" as a teacher. Apparently my mother didn't stick her in the corner with a dunce cap like I thought she would.. no I'm only kidding! : )

What else has been going on? Well, I have a horrible confession to make. Lately, for some reason my body confidence has gone a little down hill. Had to do with hormones, getting sick from eating food and having hives everywhere.. being bloated from being sick. But anyway, I haven't been taking care of myself lately and am so stressed out at work that I haven't been eating properly. Yea you saw my eats from Monday. But the last couple of weeks I noticed I was falling back into the pattern of -telling my parents I ate a late lunch and then going home and telling the boy I already ate dinner at my parents. And I did eat- it was just like... carrots and cucumbers, or a piece of toast or just a bowl of cereal. And not a big breakfast and certainly not consuming enough in the way of snacks.

So my 7 pounds I've lost in the last few weeks? Yep- that was all my fault. Am I feeling any better? Heck no, I'm freakin' exhausted. And I can feel a cold coming on.Blame it on the stress. Blame it on the fact I'm not sure what is causing the hives (which are still there). But I'm not getting enough fuel and since I wasn't the only one who noticed (thank you Carlos for snapping me back to attention last night!)... I'm stepping my game up. Pay attention to what I'm eating and make sure- no matter what's going on in the day- EAT DAMMIT!!!

To motivate myself to eat something good for me here is my lunch/dinner from Sunday. The hot dog is a Boar's Head hot dog which besides Hebrew National are the only meat hot dogs I have found that are gluten-free. Hebrew National H-Ds are like 100 bucks for a pack of 4..(ok they aren't that bad but they are pricey!) so I buy a few packs of the Boars Head ones when they go on sale.

The rice mix is Goya rice (which is by far my favorite kind of rice .. ever!!)
My lunch for today is a honey mustard (just honey and mustard mixed together.. lol I'm so ghetto!) chicken sandwich.. not exciting but it's a bigger lunch than I've been eating lately!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Proof Is In The Hair

Happy Back to work day! Well at least it is for me.. I had yesterday off (yay!) and spent the whole day maxin' and relaxin'. Until about 4 pm when my sister, Olivia, and I took off to a "music festival" where my friend Shantel was performing. She is a singer (a very good one I might add.. think Alicia Keys..) and had a gig with her band Projek Theory down in West Warwick, RI.
My sister and I went not really knowing what to expect but when we got there.. I knew it instantly. We were smack dab in the middle of an 80's hood. Proof is in the hair. Before we get down to business I would like to say I am an expert at taking pictures on the sly, but some of these shots were blurry. And I also need photoshop to black bar out their faces... Although.. I'm not so sure these people have the internet. " Oh, I can't. I'm expecting a call from 1983..."
First up...
1. What a horrible pain to inflict on such a young boy... Ignore the totally HOT HOT guys surrounding him... concentrate on the poor little boy. And his mullet.

2. Up next.. the picture is a little fuzzy but I'm hoping you can understand why I chased this woman down and hid behind a fat guy to get this picture.

3. This poor woman.. was a fake red-head. I'm so sorry the picture came out fuzzy!!! But check out her enviable skirt!

4. And last but not least we have the Ludacris song in PERSON!!!!! Far from little, make ya mammary glands jiggle... This older woman decided to grace us with an off the shoulder top. With textured tights and an Indian head-dress. What she was lacking and badly needed was a bra. Yikes!

OK OK I'm done making fun of people.. I'm sorry! Whoever said blogs should be politically correct all the time are just boring!

Let's get back to the good stuff. What did we do besides look for people to make fun of? Here we are before we ordered our food at a little dive called Diggy's in W.W.

Here we are after waiting for 15 minutes for our food.

Here is our grub. It's my ice cream.. I totally didn't share!

We didn't know the event was actually a hometown fair, so we came unprepared- i.e: no money really for the Peanut to go on rides. We managed to scrape together a few bucks and we went down the slide.

This is a crowd shot of our crew.. we roll deep!

Shantel is wearing the purple shirt with the purple hat- she was getting a little steamed because they were supposed to start the bands at 7 pm and behind us was some auction going on to raise money for the Portuguese lodge. They were literally auctioning off TOMATOES AND LOAVES OF PORTGUESE SWEET ROLLS. O-M-G.

Here we are still waiting.

Andrea.. the girl on my right (left?) is really tall and I am really short!

I think it sucked that the BEST picture I have of the night.. Shantel and Christina are BLOCKED by the fence. DANG FENCE!

But she was amazing. AMAZING!!! She knew how to work the crowd, they loved her, we loved her, it was really cool! Tomorrow I will have the video I took up and ready to go...
But alas, it's time for me to get some real work done.. so have a great day everyone!!!
(look I can write songs too.. )