Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rock Those Carbs

What up fools? Lordy, I have no idea why I'm in such a looney mood today! It must be the heat and the humidity! It has been suffocating lately and no relief with the rain either! Dang Mother Nature, rain for a few hours already! Although I will regret it when it does.. I went for a walk today at lunch time and almost died. It was so humid, I could barely catch a breath! Felt like I was breathing in steam..

Well. Today.. I have some extra special news. This weekend, sometime, I should have a new video done for you guys. What what now? It has literally been a YEAR since I've done one. I've been listening to a new song on repeat, dancing it out in my head, and it's actually working on my feet. So get ready for some fun!

I am "kid-free" for a couple of days, since I babysat my niece for TWO WEEKS, my sister offered to take Olivia for THREE DAYS. Let's not talk about the fairness of that trade-off!! But I'm happy, I can dance like a lunatic every night without the Peanut laughing at me.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my shoes! I love them too, and I got them for rock bottom price a while ago. I could never afford a pair of Manolos, so to say that I feel pretty SATC over a pair of Carlos Santanas.. it's like upgrading from Walmart to Saks. :)

Alright, you wanna know about my food! No? Too bad, I'm spillin'! Almond Butter. The jar is almost gone and I just opened the thing a week ago! Fillin' my body with healthy fats!!!! Yippee!

So I've been getting diagnosed over the phone for my lack of energy and lack of well anything. Charlie's friend thinks I am anemic. "Seriously man, she can't go without meat, what is she thinking? She needs meat on those bones". Thanks Dude!!! Another lectured him on the importance of eating carbs, and since Charlie thinks all I eat is peanut butter and canned tuna (so what if I do?!?!) he in turn told me all about how carbs turn into energy. I let him talk, then pointed out that I was a Chemistry major with a minor in Health/Nutrition for two years in college. No I didn't!!!! I'm not gonna blow up his spot like that! Poor guy!!! I was impressed he absorbed that much info about it though!

But since I love my baby, I'm dedicating my dinner to you babycakes. Fajitas! Veggie ones, I didn't feel like defrosting any meat. (Sorry Dude I don't know who thinks I'm anemic!) But these were an EASY, TASTY, way to get in some carbos.

And now ladies and gents. I'm back to strap on my dance shoes and prance around the kitchen like a fool. Don't laugh, you wish you were with me!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beef, It's Not For Dinner

Good morning y'all... how was everyone's weekend?? Mine was smashingly good! I guess!

I know I ditched you all over the weekend and didn't post any updates, but after a stressful work week I wanted to detach myself from technology for a bit. It felt pretty dang good to do so! Where did we leave off???

Saturday! Work! UGH! But whatever, the day was over before I knew it and then I went home and got in a killer cardio workout. It was hot and I had the AC on and I was still soaked with sweat. Do you guys sweat too much when you work out?? I get crazy sweaty- I'm down to the point where I keep baby wipes in the car just to freshen up if I have to run someplace after work or I'm running around all day.

Gross. Enough about bodily secretions..

Let's talk about clothes!!!!!! It's no surprise that I love clothes, but I'm not the most fashionable person out there. I do love the trends out there now, but with my bod, I find it impossible to wear half of them. I try stuff on, then toss it to the side because I either look pregnant or just really weird. I chalk it up to my boobs and my butt. They just get in the way!!!!

So I basically stick to the basics. I have found the best things for me are, long, soft tees without crazy prints and slim fitting jeans. Insert flats, boots, or flip flops. Add a scarf, or a purse and I'm so fly. *cough* sorry that was stupid.

But there are times when you gotta follow the trends. Cuz I love shoes! And I LOVE these shoes!

These are by Carlos Santana.. and are practically the most amazing shoes my feet have ever put on in my life. Seriously! Comfy, the leather is soft and supple, you don't slip, fall, crack a bone, pinch your feet. Nada. They are just beautiful.

I wore them to church like a hoe.
But I paired them with black skinny fit capris and a silver tank top. Where else am I gonna go to get dressed up but church?!

I brought a bag though, because right after church I needed to change into an even cooler outfit.

The camp counselor look! Come on guys, I look smokin' in orange right?!

I think it looks cute! The Peanut has her shirt too and we wore them out and about in the afternoon, we got looks of awwwwww... and how cute. We are!

Up next some chow..This was my lunch on Sunday afternoon before we went back to church for Vacation Bible School..

What is that shredded stuff on my sandwich you say? Well it's not Sloppy Joe from a can that's for sure!

It was this.. which is pretty dang good for a fake meat product. The sauce is nicely spiced and flavorful. The texture of the meat product is a little off- but it's not like chewing shoe leather. Overall, it's a yummy little dish that gets 3.5 stars from me. Only 1.5 off because it has wheat in it. And that drove my tummy nuts for a bit.

On that note, I'm off to get to work. It's going to be a heck of a day, I didn't get much sleep last night! I'm picturing my cup of coffee to be full later on today, I don't think I'll make it through!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sheer Madness

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG SeriouslyTHANKYOUJESUS!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited? I still have to work tomorrow too, but hey, Sunday is a play day, so I'm good with it!

Well, the last couple of days have been a little nutso. The fall out from my confrontation with someone wasn't as bad as I expected- I actually felt much better about myself. Which is always good!

The yoga front is looking a little bad lately, I worked out on Wednesday but not yesterday and not so far this morning. I have been taking 20 minute walks at lunch time, a stroll is better than nothing at all right? But I'm feeling a little lethargic and craving caffeine hard core. I can not give in!!!!!! Say no to drugs!

Tonight, I have a lot to do- food shopping, working out, work, blah!

I'm just doing up this post really quick NOW, so I don't have to worry about it LATER!

A peek inside my lunch box!

We have Gluten-free bunnies by Annie's, the Peanut's yogurt which I "borrowed", apples, a tuna cup, Attune bar, Larabar (peanut butter cookie!), in that blue thing under the Attune bar is veggie soup. It might seem like not a lot of food, but Friday's is Munchkin day here. And I would rather save the stomach ache and an extra 300 calories so I can have my little chocolate frosted munchkins.. Sad, I know!

Well dolls... I'm off to get back to work! Have a LOVELY Friday, hopefully tonight and tomorrow I'll be able to catch up on every one's blogs!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Subliminal Messages

God speak to me sometimes through tea bags.

No really, I swear! I kid you not.. the last few times I have had my tea, something has been going on and my flippin' tea bag had an all important message to me.

I was having a rotten day at work late last week. Isn't every day a rotten day?! But this one was topping the cake. I couldn't wait till 5 pm, I was snapping at people in my head.. asking myself why do I stay here? Why are people sooooo stupid?? Can't I just quit and be among the other people who just quit their jobs for no reason?

Nope! Stay put!

And change the way you think about it!

Saturday morning, Charlie and I were having a bad talk. I had been grumpy the last couple of days because work was heating up and he thinks I'm leaving when I get upset. See above.
Well, I was tired. And quiet. And there he was asking if I still wanted to do this with him.. and I kinda bit his head off. Told him to chill out!!!! I'm here dang it! And I'm gonna be here!!!! I did apologize because I didn't mean to speak to him so harshly. I felt bad, and I told him, I needed him just as much as he needs me. Then I cracked open my tea bag.

I think I need to send him this picture!

Yesterday, was the day before I got my you know what. And you know ladies, there is always that ONE day in your cycle where you feel like the world can't stop you- and no matter what you come out on top? That was that day for me. In a desperate attempt to try and make me look bad a certain baby mama told a certain thing about me that she heard from a "reliable source". 1. It wasn't me 2. It still wasn't me and 3. It was totally not me and wasn't true. But I got the chance to finally stick up for myself. You guys know that she is a source of a lot of problems for Charlie, their daughter, my daughter, and his family. She saw my sister at Wal-mart with her boyfriend... and said it was ME! WHAT? So anyway, one thing led to another and I let her have it, in the nicest way possible. I hate drama, but when my dignity and moral foundation is on the line, I just can't tolerate it and have to speak up.

It was interesting to say the least and I learned a lot more about her in that hour long conversation than I care to know. And the good thing was, I had the upper hand the whole time. Not that I was keeping score, but if this thing ever comes back to haunt me one day, I know that I was 1. honest 2. respectful and 3. in the right in defending myself. I felt bad about freaking out about it later but then I thought about it and I patted myself on the back.

I may not be a supermodel in the making like her, but there is one thing I will never be. A manipulative looney tunes!

Anyway, I'm getting back to work!!!! I hope you guys are having an AWESOME week so far! I'll be heading home tonight to work out- I didn't a chance to this morning, I couldn't sleep last night.. these flamingos showed up in the middle of the night and were squaking all night long.... sheeeeeesh!!!!

(fundraiser at church.. I'll be taking pics of when we move the flock to another location... muahahahahahaha!!!!!!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not My Idea Of a Quickie...

Hi Y'all!!!! Like my title suggests, this one is going to be a quickie!

First of all- Happy Belated Father's Day to all the dads out there who are reading my blog (how many are there??? *cricket**cricket*) and to my dad. And to my favorite dad in the whole world- Charlie- I miss him so much!!!! The Peanut does too!

End of quarter is this week and I am squeezing in the workouts even though I don't have a lot of time.. but it's good, less time to think you know?!

So yoga. YES. Biking. YES. Getting hot and sweaty for no reason. YES. It's been SO HOT HERE!

Up next; FOOD!

I made almond butter chocolate chip cookies for "my dad". He liked them the last time I made them.. but I still ate most of them!
My mother made fruit salsa and homemade pita chips for an appetizer for Father's Day lunch. She used blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, and peaches. Combine fruit, sugar, and a touch of honey- pulse in the food processor until it has a salsa like texture and inhale. Literally we all did. This bowl was gone in about 5 minutes! SO GOOD!

My dad grilled steak and sausages.. he was in his glory of course! Here was my plate.. I was carbo loading!

So that was Sunday..

Yesterday, I managed to get my workouts in.. walking at lunch time, yoga after work, then another walk to the store with the girls.. then I carbo-loaded again!

Followed by a piece of chocolate and my night was done!

Today I am dealing with some work drama, but all is good otherwise, I got the Peanut signed up for school, registered for the bus.. she is good to go to 3rd grade.. yay!
Hope you are all having a fabulous day! By the way, I loved hearing about which Disney Princesses you all were, looks like we are the whole bunch!!
I'll be checking in tomorrow!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Today was the Peanut's dance recital!!!! I couldn't believe how awesome today was! She did soooooooo good. She takes tap and ballet, and while I didn't get any pics of her in her tap costume, here she is in her ballet costume. Well from behind anyway..

(Check Facebook for more if you want.. lol)
Today was a weird day in terms of eating.. I was thrown for a loop because we were stuck in the school all day long for the recital and then went for ice cream after that. At that point, my camera had long since died, so I didn't take any pics. But I had a waffle for breakfast with Justin's peanut butter, kind of like what I had for breakfast yesterday!
(this was taken at work yesterday btw.. )

(this was a new jar- I could BARELY stir this! argh!)

Snacks included half a cheese sandwich I stole from the Peanut, carrots I borrowed from her, Maria cookies I stole from her, and water bottles I stole from my mom. Are you noticing a pattern here? I didn't set myself up correctly for a good eating day. It wasn't enough to eat for me!!! I am wiped out..
But I sorta made up for it at dinner; veggie soup and a Zbar- chocolate brownie.. what can I say, I need my chocolate!

So to update everyone on my 101 Day Challenge. I am barely making it through yoga, but I'm doing it. Even when I don't feel like it.. even when I wanted to cry.. I did it. So I definitely feel proud of myself for that. It's too easy for me to beat myself up when I start losing the motivation to work out. And I think I gave myself an easy goal of yoga for 20 minutes a day! BUT, my bike riding has been seriously HARD. On the weekends I haven't had much time to squeeze in a long bike ride. Or it's been raining when I'm home after work. So I'll keep trying to get that in! Maybe tomorrow!

I found a new workout top at Target today with my sister for $3.74!!!!!! Whawhoooooo!!! I *heart* Target for those random finds! So I guess I'll try and take the kids on a bike ride in the morning. We are playing hooky from church.. : )

Please check this link everyone! Which Disney Princess Are You? I am Jasmine, hands down!!!
"You are strong in standing up for your beliefs, one of which includes marrying for love, not for social-standing or wealth. Free-spirited, intelligent and brave as you are, you like to make your own decisions, and you are unafraid to voice your opinions. You can also come off as feisty! You crave adventure and cannot sit indoors for too long. Though you grew up privileged and admired for your unique beauty, you are not self-absorbed. You are a caring person, and you feel the desire to help the underprivileged." (minus the privileged part... I wasn't!)

Well, I'm heading to bed. Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Duck in a Pond

I am a duck in the pond. On the surface everything looks calm. I am aloof, serene, maybe even a little off-putting. But underneath, I am paddling away, fiercely, to keep myself floating. It's hard work...

My little feet are pushing through the water as I go around in circles around the pond. I push my head under the water for a brief second searching for food, an escape. I get nervous easily- scared by loud noises, kids, cars. When I get bothered by the other ducks in the pond I quack, flapping my wings, quack louder, push the water towards them. I quack and quack and flap my wings because I know of no other way to express my emotions.

The other ducks float off because they are scared of me. I pretend I like floating alone, but I hate it. I race for the shore where they all are desperately trying to fit in. Along the way, I see swans- with their long and graceful necks and pure white feathers. I stop and think to myself, "why do I not look like them? Why am I not perfect? Why am a short and squat.. with ugly brown feathers and this stupid huge duck bill.. it's not normal!" The swans swim gracefully away- it seems like they float on over the water, so ethereal and untouchable.

I waddle onto the shore and fight my way into the crowd of ducks eating bread crumbs, I'm so miserable this way it hurts..

Why am I the way I am? Why do I look so awful? Why do I quack so obnoxiously? Is there any beauty in me? If there is a chance for me to see it.. I want to see it now..

If you look close enough, you see something special on me that you don't see in some swans. It's under the surface, inside of me.. I have a heart. I have compassion and even though I scramble with words, get bothered easily, and flap through the water like a mad-man. Even though my outward expression seems often calm and emotionless- I'm struggling to get through it. I have a heart. Even though I am not a willowy pure swan who glides through everything. I have a heart.

I'm a duck in the water.

But I have a heart.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Work Horse

It's Thursday already- T-G-I-F-F-R. Thank God It's Friday For Real! I can't wait until the weekend, I feel like I'm going insane over here! Work is work. End of quarter is coming up next week and I do all the returns... everyone of course waits until the last second to get stuff repaired and returned for credit. Makes my life misery!

Today was a rough one for sure. Right now I am chillin' in bed with the girls and we are watching The Lizzy MgGuire movie- love it!

So no one noticed the NEW LAY-OUT?! What?! I changed things up a little bit earlier at work when I was on the phone with someone. Shhh.. don't tell them!

Enough of that, what did I eat/do today?

Breakfast! nice and crispy waffles and sweet almond butter.. yummmmmmmm heaven!

My two snacks- and my tea bag.. another inspirational little blurb- I loved it. I am definitely a pretty compassionate person. I come across as crass, harsh, and politically incorrect but I care alot about everyone and am the first one in line to help an underdog. We should all take a step back and help someone else before we help ourselves once in a while and see how good we feel : )

My dinner! Sorry the pictures are backwards- stupid ass Blogger! I used my other piece of Mahi-Mahi, sprinkled with Gluten-free bread crumbs- seasoned with Italian spices.. sooooo yummy. I had them with Sweet Potato fries (channeling my meal from last week!) I love sweet potatoes!

What's this???? Is that the debris left by a tornado? A hurricane? Nooooo.. just two little girls without a care in the world who attend Camp Noni- led by a disabled old lady (my mother!!!)
I made them clean. I could feel my blood pressure go up every time I looked in there for the last two days and I was ready to flip! They earned their dessert though! Look!

Good job girls!! Love you cuties!

I did my workout for the day already. A 3 mile walk/jog/exhausted run/dead at the end workout at lunch. Then I came home and did 20 minutes of yoga. Yea I'm getting in my daily requirements still : )

Well, I've got to finish up my laundry.. I packed my lunch for tomorrow already, I'm prepared to get up early and work off the chocolate chip cookies I just ate!! I'll be checking with you ladies tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Act Great

Yikes! Where did the day go??? I didn't really have a chance to do much today.. Wednesdays are a notoriously BUSY day at work. People have woken up from being hung over on Monday and Tuesday and are like, oh yea, I have stuff on my desk, let me clean it off!

I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who struggles with Blogger. If it wasn't for the ads on it (which.... are that way ----------------------------------------->) I would SOOOOOO be using Wordpress!

I'm just going to BREEZE right through these so I can make my lunch for tomorrow and go to bed!

After my disaster with my Vom-Meal the other day, I brought in my OWN oatmeal, complete with cinnamon and brown sugar.. YUM!
Snack was another Larabar- PB&J flavor, I have a slight obsession with those..

Lunch was canned salmon with dijon mustard. I put it on the last two slices of GF bread I had, plus with a slice of rice "cheese". It was tasty, a little dull, but hey I'm not going for glory here.. just simplicity!
Around 2:30 or so, I started getting really tired, cranky, and sad. I think my you know what is coming any day now, so this is to be expected. I took a walk and got some tea and dug out my snack- organic baby carrots. Crunchy and "watery" they woke me up for a few minutes.

I noticed this quote on my tea bag..

It reminded me to focus, get the rest of the day done, and be at peace with it. So I did.

This was my second snack because I was running around after work- so I needed something that would tide me over for a while. With 18g of protein, 4g of fiber, and 240 calories- this was a heavy but yummy "snack"/small meal.. whatever it was!
I had things to do after work, and I ended up getting home LATE. I was hungry and reached for the first thing I saw. One of these... holy delish. Never mind chock full of bad stuff. Sometimes, my family drives me nuts! lol Constantly food in the house I can't eat.. and I can't turn stuff like this down.

The girls went strawberry picking with my Mom today- they got a TON! I don't really eat strawberries because they make my mouth tingle, but Imma be eating these! Organic little yummy strawberries!!

Well I'm off to bed dears! I hope you all have a lovely night.. and I'll be checking in tomorrow as well, hopefully I'll have some time to comment back and email back and stuff like that!
Night!!!!! :D

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scheduling Problems

Holy crapola.. I'm watching America's Got Talent over here. What is wrong with people?!?! I'm sorry- but some people gotta check themselves wayyyyyyy before they wreck themselves.. um, on National Television?! But the secret performer in me really would love to be on that show! But some of these performances are incredible!

I spent some time tonight working on some dance moves, my big goal for the summer is to get ispired and do some more work-out videos for you guys..like I did here..

So today I was absolutely a big ole mess. Tired, cranky, tired, and cranky. I think that yesterday caught up with me! I was falling asleep waiting for the Peanut to get out of dance class. So I came home and ate my dinner, ran some errands, and here I am in bed- waiting for AGT to be over so I can HIT the sack HARD.

My eats for the day:

This is my gluten-free bread with Tofutti "cream cheese" and some raspberry preserves, a sweet and easy way to start the day..

SNACKS! Add in an Attune bar as well- and those are my snackies for the day. If it looks like I eat ALL day long, it's because I basically do. Also unpictured was a big bowl of my Sweet Potato soup I had yesterday.
** Slight interjection.. I FREAKIN' HATE BLOGGER! It is IMPOSSIBLE to easily upload pictures.. Blogger, you s**k!**

This was my dinner! I bought it at the grocery store earlier today, these are super easy to just heat in the microwave. And I was definitely looking for a quick dinner!
Dessert was more chocolate.. of course.. HAHA!

And I did get in somewhat of a workout- 30 minutes of Pilates this morning and some dance tonight!

So does anyone else have a rigid schedule when it comes to food? And it is a natural hunger cue or are you "hungry" because it's time to eat? Like for example, you eat a snack at 10:30 because.. that's snack time. And a snack at 3:30 because, it's snack time! And dinner at 7:15 because it's time? That's how I am most of the time, and everytime I try to switch it up or my schedule gets switched up, my body is like.. ohh hell no.. not doing this today to me!!!! (insert head bob and finger snapping here). Do you think that sometimes we just get into a schedule and then our body adjusts to that? Like for me today- at afteroon "snack time" I was on the phones, unable to reach behind me and get my snack. Dammmiiittttttttttt.... I wanted something!!!

Well. I'm off to bed. Let's try to have a non-tired and cranky day tomorrow, m'k? I think I bit a few people's heads off at work, I'll have to kiss some butt!!!!