Monday, October 25, 2010

One Month

Hey all... It's me, yea.. it really is! I am in fact alive, just in case you were wondering!

I've given up all hope on blogging. I really try. I've been doing it for 2 years and I'm tired. I'm not sure how people blog every day, 3 times a day.. I guess the $$ is worth it for them. Not so much for me for the peanuts (literally) I get from it.
I lost my motivation for sure. I'm not sure how I will get it back, but if it does come back, so will I...

However, I am still floating around there, commenting when I can. I miss you all very much.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New York Part 3: Morning, Noon, & Night

Hey everyone! Happy weekend!! Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far, I know we are over here.. it's been hot as anything so far this week and I am hoping this nice weather continues for the next couple of weeks! Summer can't die yet!!
So i have to tell you about the other best part of the weekend - our night out. It was a really really fun time! We went a bar that was within walking distance of our hotel, which was a great thing. No money spent on cabs!

Where should I start? After the tons of pizza we consumed, we made tasty adult beverages. My friend Jillian picked these cutesy cosmo glasses up at Christmas Tree Shop (I'm not sure if any of you have one near you??)

They were perfect for serving up pretty pink Cosmos. My friend's had these in multiple quantities, I had Jillian make me a weak one. I'm a lightweight. What can I say??

We also decorated the hotel room! Ok, all we did was put cute little SATC pics up on the sole picture in the room.

Doesn't the bride look soooooo cute??

We also made her wear a nice pretty pink scarf to symbolize one of her last weekends as a single lady!

Then I went and got ready in MY room (we had two nice rooms!). I took a shower in the "heavenly shower". Ohhhhhhh it was heavenly indeed! The shower had dual shower heads.. I'm not sure what those were for- but it did feel pretty good!
(I didn't take a pic of the shower.. sorry! But you can see how lovely the whole bathroom is!)
Here is a pic of my dress and the bag that I bought from a street vendor. There was no name name brand on it, but it was only $10!!!!! What a great purse! I needed a bigger one, and I got my wish! It's a cute giraffe print with purple strips.. what a good deal!My dress was a good deal too- only $26 at Charlotte Russe. My only issue was that I should have added a hook and eye closure on it before I wore it out. The dress was REALLY fitted in the bust- and the zipper slipped more than a few times! Good thing my hair is so long, it covered up any indecency!

Now Christina pointed out that my legs are nice and tan. Ah yes.. they are! More like ORANGE! GAH!!!! I am a victim of Sunless Tanning Lotion. They NEVER work on me! I have tried almost every single one out there, (besides the uber expensive ones that is!) but they all turn me orange.

My big confession is, I have been going tanning. PHEW. Got that off my chest! I have gone a few times and I get tan fast when I do go..sooooooo let's all cross our fingers that I don't die of cancer any time soon ok?? (I never claimed to be a perfectly healthy minded individual at ALL times!!!)

We had a LOVELY night. I can't remember the name of where we were.. but it was nice. We had our own table at the upstairs bar. The other ladies consumed lots of shots!! (look for the pics on Facebook!) I didn't bring my camera with me, but they did and we got some nice ones! There is a picture of me standing outside of Forever 21, I'll try to get that one soon so you can see it! I didn't drink alot.. my reason being was that I wanted to be able to eat French Toast for breakfast and if I am trashed or hung over, I can't eat carbs, they come right back up!

We did not go to bed until 5 AM! WHO WAS I???????? I'm usually getting UP at 5 am! But alas, my eyes snapped open at 8:30. ARGH!!! We didn't go and eat until almost 10, I'm usually eating breakfast at 8:30!! I was super hungry.. LOL. We went to Brooklyn Diner for some eats....................... And we LEFT! There was a minimum of $15 PER person!!! Soooooo you couldn't even get the cheap meal at brunch?? Which was $8 Cheerios and $4 orange juice.We almost felt bad until we saw this place.

Suzanne got hot chocolate! Look at that whipped cream!!!
Here was my breakfast..... OHHHHHHHHHHH my God!!!! This was the best French Toast I have had in a LONG time! Plus it was only $11! Which in my book, is still expensivo, but.. much cheaper than the $18 dollar French Toast at Brooklyn Diner!

I had mine with turkey sausage- soooo good. I loved it! Can you tell???

So anyway- that was most of the New York trip in a nutshell- well at least the appropriate parts of it! I hope you liked my NY trip round up!

I'll be back soon, I have some food stuffs that I wanted to share with you too! Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New York Part Two: Pizza & Pleasure Things

Whooooooaaaa Nelly.. what the heck am I talking about? Well, you asked. I delivered. A post with actual pictures. I'm sorry to leave you all hanging! Haha.. I meant to do some last night, but I just got carried away at home, doing... nothing. I was resting!!! I am still in recovery from all the excitement, but I'll get there. It's amazing how now that I am older, it takes me twice as long to recover from events than before.. ohhhh the joys!
So.. you want to see a few things.. like the food I ate and what I wore right? Well, we'll start there!

What did I eat?

Dunkin Donuts. Bagel, egg, & cheese. Greasy. And disgustingly good. It was just one part of the grossly good food we had.. No picture! I ate it too quick!

Saturday Afternoon:
I ate half a chicken fajita wrap from some little deli across the street from the hotel. It was ok- the guy didn't warm it up- so blah. I ate chips and dip to make up for it.

Also consumed: A Magnolia cupcake, cupcake. At the Bleeker St fair that we stopped at during the SATC tour. It was delicious!

Later that night- we had pizza! This was the best pizza I've had in a LONG time. Maybe it's because I haven't had pizza in forever either.. and I was starved of pizza-ness..

The pieces were huge! But I still ate two of them. And two more at 3 am when we got home. Let's just say, I was busting out of my dress.. and it wasn't just because my boobies are big!

So my favorite part of the SATC tour was stopping at the Pleasure Chest. So I'm going to warn you, if you have a weak stomach, stop reading now! If you are like me and have the sense of humor as a 15 year old boy... get ready to laugh hysterically.

(we were not allowed to take pictures inside the store- but no matter- you see these and get the idea!)
Some sights that were seen inside the store.. a "c*m rag". It was a "dish towel" labeled as something one would use to clean oneself. We each bought one. LOL

Then there was the man inside the store the with the uber short shorts...................... he had a little something something hanging out...Sarah, Tanya, and I saw him.. we just about died! (Imagine forced whispers and shocked small gasps while elbowing each other and trying not to scream in horror.)

I saw loads of dildos, some that should not go ANYWHERE. One was the size of a NASA rocket. WHERE DOES THAT GO?????????!!!!!

Lots of ladies were buying things and I don't think they realized that they wouldn't be able to be inconspicuous about it either.. Because of the stores no return policy they need to make sure you know what you are buying.... so they take it out of the box, wave it around, tell you how to use it....

So we left, after touching and poking each other with almost everything. What can I say? We are like little boys. Ha!

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for the night.. The following pictures are pics I jacked off my friend. I hope you like!!!

Well those are just two of the pics.. I'll be back more tomorrow or Thursday with some more.. : ) I hope you liked them!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

New York, New York: Part One

Part One has NO pictures. In a tired, still slightly hungover stupor forgot my memory card reader at home. So I want to give you a slight update on the weekend, then tomorrow I'll include the pictures from the weekend.

New York for Hannah's big bachelorette party....

1. hardly any traffic! 4 hours to drive there, 4 hours to drive home. Perfect!
2. "cheap" rooms.. in New York, cheap is relative.. they cost $389.00 a night. Divide that by 6, we were doing pretty good!
3. I saw my boss as soon as I stepped out of the car. She was just as shocked to see me as I was to see her!
4. SATC tour. So much fun!!!
5. Sex toy shop. Dildos. Lots of Dildos. 'Nuff said!
6. Seeing a couple of B-list celebrities!
7. Pizza, pizza, pizza!!!! I feel like I consumed more pizza this weekend than in the last year!
8. Bags, bags, and more bags! I bought one for $10!!!!!! No "brand" on it, but it's SO cute! And the perfect size bag to hold everything!
9. Dressing up and looking HOT HOT HOT!
10. Dancing in the bar!
11. Playing truth or dare in the bar (I learned alot about my friends LOL!!!!!)
12. Getting back to the hotel at 4 am!!!! Seriously, WHO WAS I?!
13. Going to brunch at the Brooklyn Diner in Times Square and walking out after we realized we couldn't pronounce half the menu and an omlette cost $17... Unless the eggs were made with gold dust????
14. Seeing the country's largest Forever21 in Times Square! MECCA!!!!! Heaven!!! I was home! I didn't get to go in, but I peered in the windows at 2 am and drooled!

Well that's it for now, I have to get back to work.. I'm so tired!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Missing Link

Holy cow, it's back to the daily grind again! Another long week is in the works.. work is busy.. it's the end of quarter, so basically unless we are dead we have to come in to work. Of course, if we are dead, they may want us to be brought back to life to be in! But I think I'll survive it! Haha!

So the last couple of weeks I have been really really focused on building up strentgh- which is always a good thing.. right?? I've been working hard, and I can feel my muscles gaining strenth and I'm toning up- which is always a good thing right?

Not for this body! I forget that I gain muscle REALLY fast and if I don't also do cardio and YOGA. I bulk up. Yepppppp Mama don't wanna be no bodybuilder! I want to be toned and sexy. Not big and bulky. My jeans have been fitting tighter- and even though I haven't gained any weight.. I can feel my legs and my bum getting bigger. What gives??

The missing link is my yoga mat. I have been slacking hardcore on the one thing that brings me back down to earth and elongates my muscles at the same time! My yoga program of choice? Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga.

I have the video tapes (hello 2004!) and this is literally my favorite yoga video ever. I have tried many through Netlfix (hello 2009!) and following yoga pod casts online (hi 2010!). But no matter what I do, I don't feel pushed, prodded, and more sexually harassed in a workout like I do with Progressive Power Yoga.
Yes, Mark Blanchard thinks he's God's gift to yoga, yes, he breathes funny and it makes you think he's &*^%$#@#$%^ off, and sometimes the pace is slow. But if you connect your breath to the mat- good God it's a good workout! Everytime I do a full workout, it's like I just ran a marathon. It hurts so good!!!!!

So anyway, I'm going to be getting back to my dear yoga mat so I can stretch out these big muscles I have now. :) Plus adding in at least 2 cardio workouts a week, rather than keep doing the Jillian Michaels and the Core Fusion workouts by themselves.

I just got this DVD today in the mail- leftover from my $50 gift card from work.. I read all the reviews on it and decided this would be a good choice for some booty shaking cardio! Boy was I right! Once I have it down pat, I will, I swear on my life be taping this one out for you. It was SO much fun! And such a good workout! I loved every second of it. It was HARD and you will sweat like crazy but Quenia does an amazing job cuing the moves and she is really fun. But I will be totally honest, either the camera does add ten pounds, or they did some serious airbrushing on the DVD cover- cuz she is so curvalicious! I loved it! She knows how to seriously shake that booty!

So tonight, I was having major technical difficulties with my phone so I was on the phone with the phone company for FOREVER. I had planned on making salmon and green beans. But after I got off the phone with them, my issue unresolved! I was fed up but just kept it moving.. I heated this up!

I found this dinner at Whole Foods and I remember eating tempeh last year and absolutely hating it- but I was willing to go out on a limb and try it.

I added more BBQ sauce to the dish, just to be on the safe side- you know.. drown it in condiments!!

But this was excellent. The quinoa gave the dish a little extra chew- and I could barely taste the tempeh. No stinky feet taste. No terrible texture.. I was impressed! Now if only I could safely make this for myself, I'd be all set!

Well I hope you have an excellent Monday night! I'm heading to bed soon! Thanks to those who did comment on my "fashion" post! I'll be doing another one this week. I have a bachelorette party to go to, and I need to decide which dress to wear to go out "whoring and drinking" (a reference to a musical.. anyone guess???)


Friday, September 10, 2010

How To Wear Yoga Pants

Happy Friday everyone! I'm just hanging out right now.. 9 pm on a Friday, and I am hitting the hay very soon. It's very hard to believe that a few years ago, I would be taking a shower getting ready to go out right now.. I feel so old!! Maybe I'm just more responsible :)

So I haven't been cooking at all this week, I have been going the old frozen dinner route- shame shame!! But at least they are the good ones and not Hungry Man or something..
Peanut and I went to the store tonight to pick up some stuff for my momma and I found these little doo-dads- Dark chocolate soy pudding cups.

They looked so yummy! I was excited to try them.. These are dairy, gluten, and casein free and are sweetened with beet juice and have added fiber with chicory root. Pretty darn healthy! I tried one when we got home.. it was "ok". It had a bit of a fruity flavor and less of a chocolate flavor. These are whipped, so it was very light and fluffy, so maybe that might have had something to do with the off flavor.

Since I don't like to waste food, I'm still going to eat them!
The other snack I picked up.. oh goodness. Can I even tell you how much I *love* plantain chips!?! Seriously they are the freakin' bomb! The chips I grabbed are sweetened with honey.. more of a dessert than a salty snackie.. So you could say I was eating dessert all night tonight!

Well, no one asked for it.. But... presenting a fashion like post! I have a serious addiction to Forever 21. Katie, you feel my pain girl! F-21 is a MUST to buy trendy goods up!!
I'm not a fabulously trendy person, but I usually go for a classic, not trashy look. Tonight, Peanut and I were going food shopping. Where we shop, one can find a few different types of people. Ghetto fabulous moms who should be at the club and not food shopping with their children. Or girls with flannel pants and their boyfriends hoodies. I'm not trying to trash anyone, but go to the store at 8:30 pm and you KNOW you know what I'm talking about!

I hit somewhere in the middle with this.. Black yoga pants by Express, Black flip flops by Payless, Bra cami top by Express, and a striped silky belted cardigan by Forever 21. It creates an "effortless chic" look that I love.. it says "I didn't try too hard, but I still look human". (I look a little boobalicious in this picture!)

Well, that's it! I'm off for the night.. let me know if you thought my attempt at a fashion post was a flop or I get a gold star (ok, silver star???). Good night all!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hurricane Snore

Ok, ok that is the stupidest post title, ever! But, Hurricane Earl was the most boring hurricane ever by the time it got up here. I know it caused so much damage all over the Carribean and I hope that the places it hit get help asap.. BUT.. it rained for a few hours and that was it!

Anyway, Peanut was coming back in the storm, she had gone to Maine with my parents, my niece, and my Aunty Kathy and her two Labrador puppies, Abby and MgGee- adorable! They had a blast up there (they were close to Canada!!!) out in the woods, swimming in the lake with the dogs, riding on the ATVs.. it was a good weekend for her! :)
So they were driving home in the rain that night and I was stuck at home worrying about my baby!!

What else does one do when one is at home with nothing to do????

Well, I watched Camp Rock! Anyone else watch it and love it?? *cricket**cricket*

And I am going to shamelessly admit that 21 year old Joe Jonas is really really cute! OK?!?! Now pretend I didn't say that!

I also made cookies at 10:30. Proof below:

These are pretty good! I liked them.. of course, easy to make, but what do I make that ISN'T easy to make?!

So the Peanut came home safe and sound and we have just been getting ready for school, cleaning her room, organizng her closet and her school supplies! She starts school on Wednesday! I'm so excited for her! My baby is going into 3rd grade!

I won't be posting up pictures of her school outfit, but if you want to see, send me an email, because she picked out an AWESOME back to school outfit.. she is too cute! Seriously! Finally her fashion sense has evened out a little bit- and she is getting the hang of making her own outfits. I love putting together outfits, but I never wear them- because I look absolutely riduclous in all these new trendy things people are wearing. I would love to do a fashion post on here every week- but I'm afraid people wouldn't like what I have!

I'm glad you guys liked my gym story too- I thought it was funny myself, even while it was going on.. like one of my "only happens to me!" thing! Ha!
Well I'm off to bed now - at 9:02 pm on a Sunday- but I am WIPED out!! See you all real soon!