Monday, September 6, 2010

Hurricane Snore

Ok, ok that is the stupidest post title, ever! But, Hurricane Earl was the most boring hurricane ever by the time it got up here. I know it caused so much damage all over the Carribean and I hope that the places it hit get help asap.. BUT.. it rained for a few hours and that was it!

Anyway, Peanut was coming back in the storm, she had gone to Maine with my parents, my niece, and my Aunty Kathy and her two Labrador puppies, Abby and MgGee- adorable! They had a blast up there (they were close to Canada!!!) out in the woods, swimming in the lake with the dogs, riding on the ATVs.. it was a good weekend for her! :)
So they were driving home in the rain that night and I was stuck at home worrying about my baby!!

What else does one do when one is at home with nothing to do????

Well, I watched Camp Rock! Anyone else watch it and love it?? *cricket**cricket*

And I am going to shamelessly admit that 21 year old Joe Jonas is really really cute! OK?!?! Now pretend I didn't say that!

I also made cookies at 10:30. Proof below:

These are pretty good! I liked them.. of course, easy to make, but what do I make that ISN'T easy to make?!

So the Peanut came home safe and sound and we have just been getting ready for school, cleaning her room, organizng her closet and her school supplies! She starts school on Wednesday! I'm so excited for her! My baby is going into 3rd grade!

I won't be posting up pictures of her school outfit, but if you want to see, send me an email, because she picked out an AWESOME back to school outfit.. she is too cute! Seriously! Finally her fashion sense has evened out a little bit- and she is getting the hang of making her own outfits. I love putting together outfits, but I never wear them- because I look absolutely riduclous in all these new trendy things people are wearing. I would love to do a fashion post on here every week- but I'm afraid people wouldn't like what I have!

I'm glad you guys liked my gym story too- I thought it was funny myself, even while it was going on.. like one of my "only happens to me!" thing! Ha!
Well I'm off to bed now - at 9:02 pm on a Sunday- but I am WIPED out!! See you all real soon!


  1. What hurricane Earl?:-). I know, it didn't even touch here, but i know it rained heavily in the Outer Banks on Friday but the tourists were still able to enjoy the rest of the labor day weekend:-). Those cookies look yummy! I wish i was your neighbor; i'd invite myself over all the time:-) xx

  2. I didn't watch all of it, just the beginning and the end. Of course he's cute! When I was 13 I would have been gaga over him completely! My kids had a sleepover after our Luau in June so there were 9 kids, mostly girls. They requested that we rent Camp Rock for the billionth time and they stayed up giggling to that until like 1 am. They aren't teens, they are still all pretty young. They all went crazy this weekend with the sequel too!

    I'm in Minnesota so we don't get hurricanes. At all. It's windy out tonight, does that count? :-)

  3. I've never watched that movie but my little sister loves it! She is 10 :)
    Aww first day of school outfits... my sister has a really interesting sense of fashion... I'm pretty sure most of it is inspired by what she soaks up from the Disney channel ;)

  4. Lynn (Actor's Diet) brought me some of the cookie she made from that same mix and they were fantastic!

    I really hope Maya learns how to dress herself properly...not sure I can let her figure out her own outfits just yet but I hope she has your daughter's awesome fashion sense. :)

  5. I'd love for you to do a fashion post. It's always fun to check out other people's style. Glad Peanut arrived safe and sound. I'm such a worrier too. I'll probably lock my child in her room if I ever have children ; )