Saturday, September 25, 2010

New York Part 3: Morning, Noon, & Night

Hey everyone! Happy weekend!! Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far, I know we are over here.. it's been hot as anything so far this week and I am hoping this nice weather continues for the next couple of weeks! Summer can't die yet!!
So i have to tell you about the other best part of the weekend - our night out. It was a really really fun time! We went a bar that was within walking distance of our hotel, which was a great thing. No money spent on cabs!

Where should I start? After the tons of pizza we consumed, we made tasty adult beverages. My friend Jillian picked these cutesy cosmo glasses up at Christmas Tree Shop (I'm not sure if any of you have one near you??)

They were perfect for serving up pretty pink Cosmos. My friend's had these in multiple quantities, I had Jillian make me a weak one. I'm a lightweight. What can I say??

We also decorated the hotel room! Ok, all we did was put cute little SATC pics up on the sole picture in the room.

Doesn't the bride look soooooo cute??

We also made her wear a nice pretty pink scarf to symbolize one of her last weekends as a single lady!

Then I went and got ready in MY room (we had two nice rooms!). I took a shower in the "heavenly shower". Ohhhhhhh it was heavenly indeed! The shower had dual shower heads.. I'm not sure what those were for- but it did feel pretty good!
(I didn't take a pic of the shower.. sorry! But you can see how lovely the whole bathroom is!)
Here is a pic of my dress and the bag that I bought from a street vendor. There was no name name brand on it, but it was only $10!!!!! What a great purse! I needed a bigger one, and I got my wish! It's a cute giraffe print with purple strips.. what a good deal!My dress was a good deal too- only $26 at Charlotte Russe. My only issue was that I should have added a hook and eye closure on it before I wore it out. The dress was REALLY fitted in the bust- and the zipper slipped more than a few times! Good thing my hair is so long, it covered up any indecency!

Now Christina pointed out that my legs are nice and tan. Ah yes.. they are! More like ORANGE! GAH!!!! I am a victim of Sunless Tanning Lotion. They NEVER work on me! I have tried almost every single one out there, (besides the uber expensive ones that is!) but they all turn me orange.

My big confession is, I have been going tanning. PHEW. Got that off my chest! I have gone a few times and I get tan fast when I do go..sooooooo let's all cross our fingers that I don't die of cancer any time soon ok?? (I never claimed to be a perfectly healthy minded individual at ALL times!!!)

We had a LOVELY night. I can't remember the name of where we were.. but it was nice. We had our own table at the upstairs bar. The other ladies consumed lots of shots!! (look for the pics on Facebook!) I didn't bring my camera with me, but they did and we got some nice ones! There is a picture of me standing outside of Forever 21, I'll try to get that one soon so you can see it! I didn't drink alot.. my reason being was that I wanted to be able to eat French Toast for breakfast and if I am trashed or hung over, I can't eat carbs, they come right back up!

We did not go to bed until 5 AM! WHO WAS I???????? I'm usually getting UP at 5 am! But alas, my eyes snapped open at 8:30. ARGH!!! We didn't go and eat until almost 10, I'm usually eating breakfast at 8:30!! I was super hungry.. LOL. We went to Brooklyn Diner for some eats....................... And we LEFT! There was a minimum of $15 PER person!!! Soooooo you couldn't even get the cheap meal at brunch?? Which was $8 Cheerios and $4 orange juice.We almost felt bad until we saw this place.

Suzanne got hot chocolate! Look at that whipped cream!!!
Here was my breakfast..... OHHHHHHHHHHH my God!!!! This was the best French Toast I have had in a LONG time! Plus it was only $11! Which in my book, is still expensivo, but.. much cheaper than the $18 dollar French Toast at Brooklyn Diner!

I had mine with turkey sausage- soooo good. I loved it! Can you tell???

So anyway- that was most of the New York trip in a nutshell- well at least the appropriate parts of it! I hope you liked my NY trip round up!

I'll be back soon, I have some food stuffs that I wanted to share with you too! Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!


  1. I can't believe that purse was only $10! Amazing - it is totally cute. And have I mentioned how gorgeous your hair is? I am so jealous!

    I have never been much of a tanner but my confession is that I hardly wear sunscreen anywhere but my face. Even worse it that I rarely remember to put it on Maya. Terrible, right? Feel better about your own tanning now??

  2. That breakfast is looking way too good! The bride is glowing. Looks like you had an amazing time :)

  3. Such a fun time! You look so cute in your dress too! Glad you had fun ; )

  4. Ok, took me awhile to get here, but you know i would:-). Love the pics and you do have great legs, love your hair and the outfit and the bathroom! Sure looks like it was an awesome time in NY!xx

  5. Holy Shiz - up until 5:00 a.m.? Now I officially old - can't remember the last time I did that!

    looks like you had a blast - love the new bag!

  6. How are you?? Hope you are well! :D

  7. Those cocktail glasses are so pretty. They are great gifts idea for the holiday or to serve fancy holiday dessert.