Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New York Part Two: Pizza & Pleasure Things

Whooooooaaaa Nelly.. what the heck am I talking about? Well, you asked. I delivered. A post with actual pictures. I'm sorry to leave you all hanging! Haha.. I meant to do some last night, but I just got carried away at home, doing... nothing. I was resting!!! I am still in recovery from all the excitement, but I'll get there. It's amazing how now that I am older, it takes me twice as long to recover from events than before.. ohhhh the joys!
So.. you want to see a few things.. like the food I ate and what I wore right? Well, we'll start there!

What did I eat?

Dunkin Donuts. Bagel, egg, & cheese. Greasy. And disgustingly good. It was just one part of the grossly good food we had.. No picture! I ate it too quick!

Saturday Afternoon:
I ate half a chicken fajita wrap from some little deli across the street from the hotel. It was ok- the guy didn't warm it up- so blah. I ate chips and dip to make up for it.

Also consumed: A Magnolia cupcake, cupcake. At the Bleeker St fair that we stopped at during the SATC tour. It was delicious!

Later that night- we had pizza! This was the best pizza I've had in a LONG time. Maybe it's because I haven't had pizza in forever either.. and I was starved of pizza-ness..

The pieces were huge! But I still ate two of them. And two more at 3 am when we got home. Let's just say, I was busting out of my dress.. and it wasn't just because my boobies are big!

So my favorite part of the SATC tour was stopping at the Pleasure Chest. So I'm going to warn you, if you have a weak stomach, stop reading now! If you are like me and have the sense of humor as a 15 year old boy... get ready to laugh hysterically.

(we were not allowed to take pictures inside the store- but no matter- you see these and get the idea!)
Some sights that were seen inside the store.. a "c*m rag". It was a "dish towel" labeled as something one would use to clean oneself. We each bought one. LOL

Then there was the man inside the store the with the uber short shorts...................... he had a little something something hanging out...Sarah, Tanya, and I saw him.. we just about died! (Imagine forced whispers and shocked small gasps while elbowing each other and trying not to scream in horror.)

I saw loads of dildos, some that should not go ANYWHERE. One was the size of a NASA rocket. WHERE DOES THAT GO?????????!!!!!

Lots of ladies were buying things and I don't think they realized that they wouldn't be able to be inconspicuous about it either.. Because of the stores no return policy they need to make sure you know what you are buying.... so they take it out of the box, wave it around, tell you how to use it....

So we left, after touching and poking each other with almost everything. What can I say? We are like little boys. Ha!

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for the night.. The following pictures are pics I jacked off my friend. I hope you like!!!

Well those are just two of the pics.. I'll be back more tomorrow or Thursday with some more.. : ) I hope you liked them!!!!


  1. yaaay I have been anxiously awaiting a post :D
    It is my DREAM to do the SATC tour!! You're so lucky! I also want to do the Seinfeld one. Was it worth it!?

  2. Lol. My 15 year old boy came out too. I'm glad you had so much fun.

  3. Snort! hehe

    OMG your dress is BANGING! You look hawt! I love the detail on the front and yay your legs are finally tanned! :) ;)

  4. thanks so much for input on my embarrassingly honest post! i really appreciate it. and you're right, women often forget to consider the man's emotions in situations like these. so thanks for making me stop and think twice about it :-)

    p.s. that store looks hilarious. i would most definitely be giggling in a place like that!

  5. I am heading to NYC in November - I wonder if Ali and Maya would be up for this SATC tour?? :)

    I love how adventurous you are and I love the dress - it looks great on you.

    I will be picturing a NASA rocket the rest of the day....

  6. Yes, i love the pics! i was hoping you'd have them up when i stopped by. Yum, yum, that pizza does look great:-) xx

  7. I get the 15 year old boy thing. We were watching Star Trek and they said Gaseous Anomolies 3 times and laughed every time. Great food and sounds like fun!


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