Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ups And Downs

Hi guys.. it is Thursday here and I am hunkered down in my house waiting for Hurricane Earl to strike at any moment... Actually I'm not, but that's ok! To all the people down in the Carolinas or anywhere Earl has visited, I hope you are staying safe! We are only supposed to get a lot of rain and a lot of wind. The last time we had a hurricane "strike" up here was Hurricane Bob- August 19th 1992. Please.. someone ask me how that date is so near and dear to my heart :)

So it's been hot. Agonizingly hot again and once again, I am suffering the effects of the air quality- wheezing and coughing- gross! Asthma, I hate you! So yesterday was especially hot and I decided, never mind the heat, I will work out in the gym at work.

Cue the violins...

I thought that I forgot my socks at 11:15 am. Planned to do yoga in the gym..

At 11:25 am, I found my socks and my big ole sweatpants that I grabbed instead of my shorts. Not great, but still ok for some biking..

At 11:35 am, I was in the gym, just about to sit down on the recumbent bike (my favorite place in the gym), when one of the engineers in my building came in. You know the type, skinny, geeky, wears his work shirt, basketball shorts, black socks, and sneakers that looked like they survived Pearl Harbor. (and he did too)

This MF sits right next to me on the other bike in the gym.

Never mind, the treadmill, the elliptical, OR the fact that I KNOW this guy "lifts" weights. He sits right next to me. Did I mention he smells bad????

I got up off the bike and went outside, muttering to myself about what a jerk he was.. Doesn't he realize he stinks and looks like a nerd crossed with a homeless man?

It was HOT. BIG MISTAKE. I should have sucked it up inside. But I was craving cardio and cardio I got. I almost fainted it was so hot. (A trivia side note, a major football team in the area stays at the hotel next door to my building) I really thought I was going to die. A couple of players drove past me in their tricked out Land Rovers and Escalades. I swear, if I were any less of a woman I would have collapsed crossing my fingers some burly football player would give me mouth to mouth. Then I remembered I am engaged and I don't think Charlie would like it if I got smooched by some hot big guy... Damn you conscience!!!

But I survived (duh) and was left with a major headache for the rest of the day. Oh God it was a rough afternoon. I drank so much water I could have floated home and somehow mustered up enough energy to make myself some really awesome shrimp.

The potatoes were these:

They were NOT as good as I make them! But they sufficed for a nice easy carb serving. (I could have had a bowl of cereal you know..)

Oh and one more FUNNY thing. My grandmother turned 830 today (just kidding, 83) and she went ahead and bought herself a birthday cake two days early on Monday. She had them put her name on it.
Her name is PALMA. But with her heavy Boston accent, she calls herself PALMER. OH GRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well all my cousins thought it was hysterical.. and my mom made me take a picture of it. I feel bad for laughing about it, but she's a tough old lady, she'll probably out-live me.. I think she can take it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them! With all the rain scheduled for tomorrow night, it's a good night to stay home and watch CAMP ROCK 2. Yes, I am 28 years old and yes, I LOVE the Disney Channel! No shame ladies!!!
And thank you for all your comments on my last post- STRONG STRONG STRONG.. :)


  1. Well, i'm in NC, but i'm not hunkered down since the hurricane should be headed to the Outer Banks in NC, so hopefully, i should be safe. However, i can feel its effects in this nice breeze outside. That story about the stink nerdy guy at the gym is hilarious! xx

  2. 1) I want to know why that date is so near and dear to your heart!

    2) I'm not still at the Outer Banks, but I wish I were! I'm sick w/ envy that I missed the hurricane by less than 2 wks and can barely stand to go to Facebook to see all the fun my family and friends are having.

    3) I love you tons and missed you. And I adore that you always tag meals w/ shrimp as "shrimpies" - it's so stinkin cute.

  3. Oh my girl, that guy sounds real interesting!!!!! lol! Glad you got up and walked away!

    SO cool there is a NFL team staying at hotel near your work! Bet there are lots of studs!! I would have to watch myself too, Im engaged!!!

    Love you girl and hope you have a great weekend ahead! muah! xoxo

  4. oh man I hate it when stuff like that happens at the gym. I always get so mad when I am on a cardio machine on an EMPTY row and someone comes and gets right next to me.
    And that cake is hilarious!Have you seen the Cake Wrecks blog? It is full of mistake-cakes and just plain weird looking cakes...

  5. See, this is why I hate gyms. I prefer to run outside..though today, I gave up running half-way because it was SO freaking hot and I actually considered stopping by the gym. In the end, I just walked for a bit and went home, tail between my legs.

    LOL! That is hilarious about the cake. At least it'll be more memorable than the rest!

  6. It is gorgeous here today - our high will only be 70 and the sun is shining!

    OMG, your grandma's cake made me laugh out loud! Happy birthday to her!

    Have a great week!



  7. You shouldn't be so harsh on the guy. Be kind to everyone because you never know where they are in life.

    And that story about your grandma is so funny! Happy Birthday to her! She's been blessed- she's 83! :)

  8. Charlie would have understood if you'd felt the need to hitch a ride in an Escalade with a football player. I know I'd do the same thing in your shoes. :)

    I cannot stand the heat so I am impressed you were able to run in it!! I can barely sit in it.

  9. Aww sorry about the gym experience, that does not sound fun:(

    Happy b-day to your grandma and I hope you weren't hit too hard by the storm!

  10. Girl you stay on some fries don't you? lol

  11. Funny post! Love the gym experience, too funny!

    My kids watched Camp Rock 2 also and were SO excited about it!