Monday, August 30, 2010

Bridal Shower

**I tried to post this yesterday.. Blogger was messed up- ARGH**

Noooo.. not mine.. I am forgoing the chaos and craziness that is a bridal shower for myself- I am traditional of course in wanting to get married- but shoot I'll be darned if I have people fuss over me and worry about what color I want balloons to be or whether I would like cheesecake or angel food cake.. (angel food cake... LOL) I can't stand being the center of attention; anyone else get really anxious when people fawn all over them??

Anyway, my friend Hannah is getting married and I couldn't be happier for her! Look at how beautiful she is!

Her shower was on Saturday afternoon. And yes, I know what a slacker I am for not posting about this sooner- sheer laziness! The shower was nothing short of amazing. My friend Jillian is a corporate party planner and has two Masters degrees; one in Hotel & Resturant Management and one in Sports Management. Plus she has an Event Planning certificate. Basically, she knows what the hell she is doing. Here is her work. Sit back and be amazed dears.. lots o' pictures!

Simply put, it was fabulous! I loved everything about it.. the food was good, the cake and cupcakes were sooooo good! Everyone had a good time.

I even won a prize! A Vera Bradley wallet to put in my already overflowing bag. I won the wallet in a "how much stuff do you have in your bag" contest. Obviously, I have a lot of stuff.. yes including the flip flops!!

So here is a picture of me.. please note, I am STILL white as a ghost and I really really need to cut my hair! But I am noticing that my arms are getting really muscular. Here in lies the problem with me. My ED is telling me that my arms are HUGE. Too big for me.. when I'm not sure that they really are.. I don't know.. but when I saw the picture I was flipping out inside.. and I shouldn't be.. Strong strong strong.. I need to repeat that over and over again!

1. what's in your purse??
2. do you have any trouble when you go to parties NOT eating everything in sight?


  1. Your arms are definitely not large, at all! You look great and those are some lovely pics!

    PS. Yes you should win the giveaway just because you were one of my first followers! I totally agree!:-)

  2. You look beautiful! And those treats, my goodness- just lovely!

  3. you look AMAZING!!! love that dress on you :)

    And what a cute wallet! I have a tiny Vera Bradley ID holder- love it!
    I have so much random stuff in my purse, but I always make sure to at least have chapstick, IDs/Money, keys, phone, camera, pen, scrap of paper...ok this list is getting long! I usually carry a book with me too, if my purse is beg enough!
    Finally... yes I have big problems at parties when there are lots of plates of yummy snacks. Somehow snack foods- no matter how much I eat of them- don't fill me up!

  4. I think you are gorgeous and your arms are perfect. That dress looks fantastic on you!

    I hate to be the center of attention too! I cringed at my surprise bridal shower because I thought I'd made it very clear I didn't want a shower! But nobody believed me.

    I love the little desserts...they are amazing.

  5. Hey Stranger..... I miss our daily pings. You look great btw, and not sure who ED is but def wrong about arms... Oh, and I have my wallet and cell phone in my MAN bag... rofl...


  6. I'm getting my degree in hospitality and tourism, but one of the classes I just finished (today actually!!) was for special event planning. We learned all about how hard it is to get that certificate - so hats off to your friend! :)

    The wedding shower looks absolutely beautiful and so do you!! You look totally proportionate in that photo, except for your ghost white legs! ;) hehe Don't worry, I have farmer tan feet - ugh. I'd take muscular arms over Grandma waggle saddle bag arms any day! You look terrific, seriously!

    Oh and in my purse? Wallet, cell phone, sun glasses, pen, chapstick, and feminine supply case w/ tampons and pantiliners. Oh and sometimes gum, but usually not b/c I hate that it gets soggy and limp in there.

  7. @ Stacey & Sarah.. thank you!
    @ Sonia.. your purse sounds like mine!! :)
    @ Ameena.. i hate being the center of attention too.. i get so nervous and anxious!!
    @ Chris.. no one can nor will replace you at work.. i miss you too!! nice contents of your man purse! is it a fanny pack?!?! ROFL
    @ Christina.. you are right flabby arms are worse!! i forgot about that alternative lol

  8. You look so amazing! I know exactly how you feel because I've been swimming a lot lately and feel like my arms are getting huge too--but your arms definitely are not huge and they look fabulous. And we have to keep reminding ourselves that all of this is really just in our heads. For me, it helps to keep reminding myself that what I see when I look at myself probably has no connection to reality or what other people see.

    Take care of yourself and stay strong!


    P.S. This is Jessie under my other account--too lazy to switch haha

  9. That looks like so much fun!
    What's in my purse? Hmm... A lotta stuff that may not be appropriate for this blog (kidding)
    a notebook, wallet, planner, un-opened mail, lotion, umbrella, hair brush, multi vitamins, pads, wet wipes, lip glosses, compact mirror, plastic utencils, kleenex, a mini candle & lighter (don't judge me), & a book of matches... you know, in case I ever need to set something on fire.

  10. oh... and a snickers bar

  11. those desserts are so adorable!!! and yes, think strong. your arms are lookin' awesome i think!