Thursday, August 19, 2010

And That's When I Snapped

Hey y'all.... how are you all! I'm doing ok.. I'm here at work.. desperately trying to find the time to write this..

Can you believe I was supposed to have the day off today? It's a national holiday in my book! But a couple of people at work had emergencies and the pressure went onto me to save the day. Naturally, I did. So here I am tired, slightly hung over, and pretty grumpy.

So let's start.. with yesterday.. I found out that I had to work today and I immediately got upset. Who gets called back from a day off to work?? Oh yea.. ME! So I did what any normal person would do when they get bad news..
I went to Borders and got an indulgent coffee drink. Complete with caffeine.

Let me tell you something. I felt like a smoker who has their first cigarette after not smoking for months.. (I only say that because I have been there too) I felt.. instantly better, then a little nervous and then guilty for liking the buzz that came with this. I'm glad I did it... it tasted great. You can't say that about smoking! ;)

The good news was I still was able to keep the plans I had made for dinner yesterday. I am sorry I didn't get any pictures of the dinner! I was with a co-worker (the same one who bought me a bottle of tequila and nominated me for an award..) and obviously work does not know about the blog- so I kept my camera in my bag (begrudgingly too- my dinner was great!) We went to Skipjacks and I had the Mahi-Mahi. The good news was, it was awesome. The bad news was it was $22! I could make at least 8 servings of my dinner for $22. The only other good news is, I didn't pay for dinner.

I did do two things though. Have too much to drink and then whipped out my camera to take pictures of the sunset. Obviously, my nervousness about my camera faded with the wine.. but I think the momentary embarrassment was worth it.

Wasn't it beautiful???
(with flash..)
(without flash..)
Which one do you like better? I have a "sunset" feature on my camera, I'm not sure which is prettier! They are both gorgeous!

Anyway- so the night moved onto the local dive bar, where two shots later, I was practically begging to go home. But I "hitched" a ride to my friends house (ladies.. don't drink and drive!) where she took us to a place near her house. I didn't snap any pictures there, I'm sure I looked like a hot mess, but we had fun. She is hysterical and she and her brothers kept me laughing all night long.

This morning was painful getting up. After all, it was supposed to be my day off.

But this little thing made me feel a lot better.

Thanks to all the new readers for commenting on my last post, I am trying to get caught up on blogs. Perhaps after work tonight while I'm recovering from last night still. Love you all!!!!!! Happy Thursday!!


  1. I totally know what you mean by that feeling you got when you drank that indulgent drink. Been there done that!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you had some fun girl!! I would love to go out and go dancing with you, maybe one day! Mahi Mahi is so delish, have not had that fish in forever! Yeah eating out is expensive sometimes, I know what you mean, cheaper to make yourself at home!

    The flowers are beautiful just like you! Hope you have a great day!! xoxo love u!

  3. I like both photos but I like the first one more for it's gorgeous orange tones. I'm glad you had a good night out. That drink looks yummy by the way :-)

  4. When my twin sister and I lived closer we used to take the day off and spend it with each other for our birthday - sorry you had to work and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I like the second one better, because blue is my favorite color!

  5. "tired, slightly hung over, and pretty grumpy."

    Ha ha!

    Story of my life.