Saturday, August 21, 2010

Skip The Gym & Eat Your Fishies

Hi all.. how's everyone doing so far this weekend? Not much going on here.. thanks for all the birthday wishes! I was trying to keep the fact that it was my birthday a little hush hush.. but shoot you guys figured me out! LOL! I "know" too many people in real life I guess!

Well, what's going on in your next of the woods?? Mine is pretty clear :)

So I told you the other day that I got a $50 gift card to right? Well, one of the things I bought was an Exhale: Core Fusion Arms and Abs DVD. Strong is the new Skinny right?? Holy moley- I couldn't believe how hard this one was! I loved it! It came with a bright green resistance band to do some of the exercises. If you already have one, you can use yours.

The DVD is set up with 5 ten minute sections each one harder than the last. I was planning on only doing the first 20 minutes and instead I kept going! I'm pretty sure that my abs have never had a workout like this before.. and my arms have been aching ever since I finished the moves.. Holey Moley!

Strong is the new Skinny people.. seriously! I can already tell that if I can keep working on this DVD, I will for sure be getting alot stronger- without even using heavy weights or doing crazy gym workouts. All I used was that dang resistance band and a mat!

So what was on my menu this weekend? Fish. Fish fish fish. Can you tell that I love fish? I suppose I should start calling myself a pescatarian (a veggie lover who eats fish too) but I hate labels, so I'll just call myself a fish lover!

Fish Night #1

Salmon.. bought from Target in a bag... topped with olive oil, garlic powder, a pinch of salt & pepper and cracked red pepper. Yummy! Served with sweet potato fries!
Fish Night #2

More salmon, from the same bag of frozen fish.. expect to see alot of this ok?? This time topped with BBQ sauce, served with fresh green beans steamed and sprinkled with a little garlic salt. See? It's not too hard to get healthy eats in a pinch. Both meals literally took 16 minutes from start to finish! (including cooking time)
I totally understand that I am not one of the most creative bloggers out there. There are other bloggers who just absolutely kill it in the kitchen, and every day I really really want to be like them! But I'm not, I'm a lazy cook, limited in my food choices due to my food sensitivities. However- I still enjoy my food.. and now you know how easy it is to make healthy food choices and not just curl up with a bowl of cereal (of which I am VERY guilty!!!!)

Well, I hope you all are having a great weekend!! Let me know how you are doing please!!!!


  1. Sweet potato fries? I gotta try that!

  2. I hope your birthday was great love! U deserved it! DId you enjoy any yummy birthday cake?!! That is the best part of a birthday to me!

    Love the fish love in this post! So good for you! My meals are not creative either girl, I love ya! Have a good Sunday! Hope you and Peanut are great! xoxo

  3. Those fries look delish! I don't think i've ever tried sweet potato fries( i will have to try that). Fries are an addiction for me. I will gladly order fries instead of a salad when i'm eating out. Oh, and don't even get me started on fish, i could eat fish everyday all day. Love it!

  4. I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy belated!!
    I kept my birthday a secret too- I usually get overwhelmed if everyone knows and its really not a big deal to me. So I don't blame you for not telling anyone, but I hope it was a good one!
    Glad to hear that you are doing well with your exercise and enjoying some good food!

  5. Happy Belated! Hope you had an amazing day dear! You deserve it.

  6. I am a day late and a dollar short, as usual, but happy belated birthday! Coffee is a fabulous way to celebrate, as are other types of drinks. Sorry you had to work!!

    Strong absolutely is the new skinny. I need to find my abs again after having my child 5 years ago. I might need to get this DVD...Isn't the best??

  7. It looks like we might share a birthday! Mine was the 20th. I always like finding birthday twins. :) I love picture (and it gave me a great laugh because I could picture myself doing the same) of yourself standing under the peanut grinder machine. Mmmm, freshly ground peanut butter. Almost makes my eyes roll back into my head! :)

  8. Abs? What are they? lol. Holy Crow girl - sounds hard-core! I love fish! Salmon - yum!! Your first pic looks so white though - mine are always verrrrry pink :)

  9. happy belated birthday darlin!! hope it was a blast. yay for getting STRONG...want to send me some of your motivation??

  10. Strong is the new skinny, I like that!! I need to start LIVING like that!!