Monday, August 16, 2010

Snackity Snack

Hi all, I am back! I'm hoping that I can post a little more this week! We have a couple of people out on vacation this week, and that always stirs up some trouble.. but I'll just roll with the punches :)

This post will be short and sweet as I can manage because I need to get some cleaning done that I didn't do yesterday! Sunday is usually my cleaning day but I took a long nap in the afternoon. On Saturday I spent wayyyy too much time out in the sun and my chest is BRIGHT red. Like Red Sox red. That hasn't happened in forever! I feel bad for myself, but then again, I should know better! Idiot! But I have a tan on my legs, I feel that the ever elusive leg tan makes up for the pain of the chest!!!

So the weekend..... no big plans, but the Peanut and I had a good time! We had plans early in the morning for her with a play date and I dropped her off and then spent the two hours catching up with a friend of mine. Oh adult time is sooooo treasured these days!

Then we hit up Whole Foods and I bought this... YUMMMMMMM in store made Peanut Butter. I have a serious problem with peanut butter.. It's like my life force. But that's ok, protein is protein!

I put a blob in my oatmeal....holy wow! It looks like it's a small blob, but it's really not- all hidden under there!
Saturday afternoon we went to the petting zoo, taking a bag of carrots with us to feed the animals. And here's what we fed ourselves with..

Pretty decent snackage no?? I love plantain chips for sure!!! They are so freakin' awesome!
When we were at the petting zoo, we were attacked by savage goats. Look at these guys, practically beating the fence down trying to get to our carrots! SAVAGES!!

We saw some pretty interesting animals (well, they haven't changed much since we were there last.. but still.. lol) I pet the horse and the horse and I had a "moment" It was cute... Haha..
So like I said, I spent half of Sunday sleeping. I needed it!

Today- I made some shrimp. Can you tell I love seafood?? I made this with garlic, pepper, and wheat free tamari- simple and easy. Looks good right??

In terms of workouts, I'm still going strong and would you believe I'm already seeing a difference in my muscles?? I can't either, I'll have to post some pictures up at some point! Too bad I didn't do before and after shots! Ha!

Well, it's almost bedtime for me.. a few more minutes of Facebook stalking and then it's a wrap! Have an awesome Tuesday!
Oh and congrats to Anthony, son of my girl Katie.. it was his first day of school today- ummm Peanut doesn't start for another 3 weeks! Wow!


  1. Can I just give you a big hug through the computer screen?!!!!!!!! U are seriously the SWEETEST friend! Thank you so much for the congrats to Anthony on his first day! He had a wonderful day and loved it! He already made friends through football these past two weeks, so that helped alot too!!!

    I am so glad you are doing well and yay for seeing some muscles!! U must post pics of the muscles! Strong is the new skinny! U made my night girl : ) thanks, its nice to have an amazing blog friend like you! xoxo And is Peanut excited to start school soon?! What kind of bookbag did she pick out?! I love girl stuff!

  2. Those are goats, right? I haven't seen goats since i left Jamaica. Honey roasted peanut butter-i have to try that! I love plantain chips too and also banana chips. xoxo

  3. Aww! I'm glad you had fun at the petting zoo, savage goats aside. I actually had a MONSTER craving for plantain chips yesterday and plan on probably making some today. They really are SO FREAKIN GOOD!

    congrats on the workouts, too. and all my luck to little anthony, along with the millions of other kids going back today. the first day of school was always so exciting but then after that...ehhhhh.

  4. I'm a huge fan of PB too! I discovered at a store in my area, they have a huge container of peanuts, and if you want peanut butter, you hold your container under the nozzle and turn the switch on. It's completely ALL-natural and delicious! I love it!

  5. Haha. I burst out laughing upon reading that peanut butter is your life force. Love your humour. Peanut is my life force too! I eat peanuts in all forms everyday. :) The goats look very cute!!! Did you feed 'em any carrots?!

  6. That peanut butter looks so good! At least I have Sunbutter. Sounds like a nice weekend with the Peanut! Have a great week friend!

  7. Goats are old, bitter creatures. They even have a mean-spirited goatie to prove it! ;-p

    honey-roasted pb? My WF doesn't have that! But I wonder if it'll be just as easy to just grind up honey-roasted peanuts?

  8. How funny that as I read this I am eating plantain chips? I haven't had them in forever but somehow I couldn't resist them at Trader Joe's today. They are SO GOOD.

    With regards to the Japanese straightening...I'm not sure why you were told you couldn't wash your hair for a week? That would be a deal breaker for me! I waited about 36 hours and washed all the chemicals away with no problem. :)