Friday, July 9, 2010

I See Shots & Fireworks

Hi everyone! Oh goodness, I am so sorry! I've ditched you all this week. You know the saying, why do today what you can put off till tomorrow? That's what I was thinking about blogging this week! Everyday I was like, "gotta write a blog post". And every night I went to bed saying, " no.. not today.."

It was HOT in NE this week. HOT HOT HOT and muggy as all hell. This made working out for me, even in AC virtually impossible. I guess according to my doctor, I have allergy induced asthma. But this week, every time I stepped outside it hurt to breathe. Makes it hard to bike ride or do anything because I was coughing half the day. So I took it easy in the workouts.

I kept up eating fairly well though, I definitely didn't take pics of everything plus I forgot my camera at work one night, and you KNOW how lost you get without it!

But to round up the week, it was good. Here are some random eats I did photograph..

Tuesday night's dinner. My grandmother has been in the hospital the last week or so and Peanut and I went to go visit her. Peanut had waffles and I had FRENCH TOAST sticks. They are so good! BTW, my gram is ok.. she was just really sick and asked to be taken to the hospital, they ended up keeping her just for observation- you know when you are 900 years old, they want to keep you there!
My snack on Wednesday..
I know I know, you've seen this before- so who cares?? But I'm trying to keep up with the food pics ok?!

Stoneyfield yogurt with granola.. yummy little snack!
I also let coffee back into my life this week- it's too HOT not to drink ice coffee!

Fortunately at work, it only costs 50 cents and I can make my own.. bring on the almond milk afternoon ice coffee! (plus I made it half-decaf- half reg..)

Wait, how'd that get in there?! As you guys might know, my job is high stress and what makes it more stressful are my customers who think they are the ONLY customers in the world. They aren't but don't tell them that. Well anyway, my sales guy for my biggest account was visiting my office this week and brought me a treat. We always joke about needing a drink after getting off a conference call with these customers who shall remain nameless... so here is my drink! He invited me out for dinner with the rest of the sales team after work, but sadly, I couldn't go. : ( No babysitter for Peanut!
He and I still made it out for a drink after work yesterday (Thursday) where we toasted to.... well... we just toasted! I raced home after to head to "work" for my dad. My liquid dinner went straight to my head and I ended up inhaling 2 Pop-Tarts on the way there. (you see why drinking leads to weight gain?!)

Last night the show was 1776. How many of you have heard of the movie or the musical? Well if you haven't, look it up and rent it. It was awesome! Here are some pics.. All before the show, no pics allowed during!
(I was videotaping since apparently, I am the bestest.. and I wasn't being paid.)

This gave me the boost I needed to get through the show! Obviously since we were in 1776 I was ahead of the times!
Here I am "working" hard!

Actually it was intermission and I took a pic of myself, then had the director Judi take my picture :) Can you tell how hot it was in there?? I was roasting! But again, it was HOT in Philadelphia back in 1776! McCann, the windows! Peanut came with me and sat in her own little seat until the director Judi found her and she sat with her.. Peanut was the directors little assistant! So cute!

Well I have GOT to get back to work over here. Your comments on my last post BTW made me smile and tear up. She is a great kid and I only hope that she gets the chance to live with us soon- she deserves it for sure! *hugs to all of you*


  1. Is it wrong that I was totally drooling at the sight of that diet coke?? :-)

  2. I'm glad your Gram is ok! Thanks for introducing yourself! And that show looks awesome!

  3. Um... I love liquid dinners and I'm glad that you went out and had some fun even if it was just for a little bit... Your little Peanut is the cutest... maybe she'll be some famous director and you and I can go to premiers and ogle the younger men?!?!