Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get Your Green On

Yes, it is official. I have had a salad every day this week. Wow! To those who have followed my blog or know me personally, this is an acheivement! I have one packed for lunch for tomorrow too. I rarely eat salad, and here I am getting my green on for lunch every day. I'm patting myself on the back right now! I used the Newman's Own dressing today, but yesterday I made my own dressing using my nutrional yeast, lemon juice, and olive oil. It was pretty darn good! I'll have to tweak that!!

Anyway, workouts have been MUCH better because of the weather and I'm doing my yoga and my Hip Hop Abs. I have a Pilates workout penciled in for tomorrow morning and a walk planned for SURE at lunch time. I have my workout bag packed and everything!

Thanks for all the warm thoughts about my job too- I'm really hoping that something comes out of it.. I have to convince my managers there is room for me in that area. I found my niche, something they've been harassing me to find. So to keep me from going someplace else, they better hook me up!

Now onto the food for the day! This is what I brought for lunch, today and tomorrow. Yep. I'm predictable!

That is my famouso salad- a spring mix salad with green peppers on top. I ran out of tomatoes!
Also, carrots, waffles, and tuna for protein. And no, I didn't eat them all together! The waffles are breakfast! Haha.

My dinner for the night was soup and sweet potato fries. So good- although the soup was a little lacking- it did have enough substance for me.. but was still tasty. I'll take it!

I just had a piece of dark chocolate, so I am spent, tired, full, and satisfied. I am totally ready for bed now, even though it's only 9 p.m. I feel like I need to get to bed earlier and earlier every night to wake up at a decent hour. Anyone else feeling old lady-ish??

I hope you all have an awesome night! Good luck to my lady Katie on her big move today!! Stay safe doll!


  1. I love the soup and fried combo, usually people thing "soup and sandwich" but I think I like it with fried better! I always have salads of some sort a couple times a day, nothing wrong with that!

  2. haha I just realize I wrote "fried" instead of "fries", im losing it!

  3. I love sweet potato fries! They look so good! I eat salad a lot too, it's quick and easy. I love the super dressed up salads but mine are usually pretty boring.

  4. hey, thanks for joining my site. :-)

  5. Great job on the work thing...finding your niche can be such a challenge. I say this as I continue to struggle to find mine. It isn't looking too promising since I'm 34. I do believe that answers your question of if I feel old lady-ish. A resounding yes!!

  6. I love soups so much.
    Everything looks so healthy!