Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When I Grow Up..

I wanna repair panel boards for manufacturing plants through out the United States.

Huh? Did I just say that?? What am I talking about?? Well, today I was speaking with the leader of the repair department in my company- and we were discussing how he was retiring in a few years. We figured that his position needed a replacement and it should be me! Ha! We'll see what happens, I still have to discuss with my boss how a move to another state might affect my team here. They can't survive without me, and I might not make it to the age of 50 here. So I'll be thinking about it hard.. it's an interesting proposition, would be a lot more moolah. And you all know I need that!

So to answer a couple of questions I got. And to comment on a couple of comments. Sophia- go to a matinee! We went at 2:20 and the movie only cost $8.00 for each of us, plus we went to a gas station near the theatre and spent four dollars on candy :)
But hey, you just got back from a 6 week adventure in Asia, so, that beats the movies any day! Haha!
Biz- nutritional yeast TASTES like a powdered version of nuts and cheese. No seriously, it's a wacky way to describe it but it really does. It's not bad and it has a ton of vitamins in it- some I am seriously lacking in, so I try to sprinkle it on a few things a week to get that in there. Why did I put it on my salad though??? After choking it down, I asked myself the same thing!! *shudder*

Well today's eats and actions weren't too bad! I got up early and did yoga, that was nice and stretchy! It felt really good to do that! I'm definitely doing it tomorrow morning too.
My eats for the day mirrored the usual all the way up until lunch time.

Salad! WHAT NOW??? You guys must be thinking I'm sick! No, I just don't want my salad mix to go to waste.

I topped it with some of the above dressing. Lauren suggested that I needed some decent dressing. I must be the only person out there who doesn't really love salad dressing, hence the reason it's hard to eat salad. Too much vinegar, too much garlic, too creamy. I'm not picky about most food, but I am picky about salad dressing! This wasn't too bad, I liked it, but not loved it. So I'll be on the hunt for some decent dressing this weekend for sure!

I had some rice on the side for some extra carbonation. It was leftover from my lunch on Sunday. I love leftovers!
For my dinner though?? I tried something totally different, and I LOVED IT. Seriously!
This is an Organic Bistro frozen meal. It was new and looked really interesting in the grocery store - so I picked one up to try. This meal is gluten-free and contains no milk ingredients in it, so I felt safe knowning it would end up bothering my stomach later.
I heated this baby up and went to town. The rice had a nice light flavor to it, with mangoes and a little spice. The green beans were a bit bland, but I think it's really hard to make frozen green beans taste delish. The crab cake? OMFG.. This was SO GOOD! The flavor had a bite to it, some parts of it were really spicy- but there were hunks of real crab meat in there. It was totally unexpected, it tasted homemade. For real. The whole meal did. I was blown away.

I had a meeting at church tonight so I had to eat it quick and go there! The meeting went well and I came home and chatted with my lil baby and my other big baby. Now I'm up here, trying to get tired enough to fall asleep. I worked out at 8:30- not a wise idea on my part. I am still working on my dance for a video for you all. It was WAY too hot last week to work on it! So I'm putting everything I can into it now..
But I'm off to brush my teeth and try to fall asleep! Good night all!


  1. I recently saw those Organic Bistro entrees at Whole Foods and wondered how they were. I love crab cakes, so it sounds great!

  2. The organic bistro dish looks so yummy!

    Why is Paul Newman's face on a salad dressing bottle?

  3. The organic bistro meal looks yum! Does it have good nutritional stats?!!

    So cool about how you could take that guys place one day at your job, hey more money is always good, I know how it is to raise a kid, expensive, especailly whith my high maintenence son!!!! lol!

    Hope you have a great day girl and woot woot for a dance video soon!!

  4. I want to try that nutritional yeast, I keep hearing about it! The meal looks awesome!

  5. Hey, love!
    I´m so happy for you! I mean, it seems like you´d really love the new job. I hope everything works out for you!
    Those tomatoes look delicious - these ones are my favourites :D
    Wish you a fabulous week - you and Peanut!
    Kisses from Rio/Brazil,

  6. Did i see Jamaican Shrimp cake? You know being Jamaican, that i would love to try that and Yes, I love, love spices! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely note on my blog:-).

  7. Interesting... Well I hopr you do get moved up in the company if that's what you're hoping for :)

  8. I used to hate salad dressing too! But now I find that it can really add a lot of flavour to the bland ones. You just have to find one that you really like! Anyway, I'm glad you're giving it a shot...and I saw in your most recent post that you have been eating salads very frequently. I'm proud of you!

    And good luck with the job! I wish I had an opportunity to make more moolah. I know you will be amazing at whatever you do <3

  9. Thank you for the explanation Amy!! It still looks weird though! :D

    Hugs and happy Friday!