Sunday, July 11, 2010

Despicable Me

Happy Sunday! This weekend has been another whirlwind one... and I can't believe it's Sunday already!
Well, I'm hoping that this week goes by slow. Peanut and Maria's birthday is coming up faster than I can handle... I can't believe how old they are getting!

So in short. I finally made something to eat that required more than heating and serving...

This is my favorite easy dish to make, shrimp- simply spray a non-stick skillet with olive oil spray- and cook up the shrimp! Serve on top of GOYA RICE! I love Goya rice with a passion.. and I believe you should too.. haha.
That was Saturday's lunch- Peanut and I went on a little adventure on Saturday too. It rained like crazy for about an hour and caused chaos everywhere! Route One in Mass was flooded from one end to the other- and Peanut and I were DRIVING in it. Not fun! But, we made the best of it.. It still took almost 2 hours to go 10 miles, but who's keeping track???
Today is Sunday. DUH. We had church, then went and scooped up Maria for the afternoon. We were going to the movies! Yayyy! We came home and I had a salad. Please no one fall out of their chairs, I did have a salad! It was green. With lettuce. And other kinds of greens. I literally eat salads once every six months.. I sprinkled nutrional yeast on it.
This was better looking than tasting! But I ate anyway..

We saw Despicable Me at the movies- please if you have a sense of humor go see this movie!!!! It was sooooo funny! We loved it!

Well, right now we are watching the season premiere of Hannah Montana.. thank goodness this is the last season! I'm kinda tired of Hannah Montana! I think my dislike for HM & Miley is getting stronger and stronger. I don't understand the desire to show how "grown-up" you are by acting like a skank. Oh well, I'll save that for another time!
Good night y'all!!!!


  1. "I love rice with a passion... and I believe you should too."

    that's cute

  2. Yes I should of stuffed my suitcase full of goodies from the buffet, actually I just love taking those sugar free syrups, and small boxes of cereal, so good for the road!

    We are going to see that movie tomorrow I believe and cant wait!

    Yes staying at home is great : ) I really am blessed, but it gets busy as ever, its a love hate thing with staying at home, lol!!

    Love you girl and yes we got an extra room for you!!! muah!

  3. I'm glad you're getting the greens back into your life! They really don't have to taste bad, I promise. I actually like greens, but I've forced a few past boyfriends to eat salads by adding some amazing dressing (and in their case, adding meat was also mandatory...I made them do that part because I don't know how to cook meat or buy it or prepare it for the life of me). Anyway, I recommend picking up some Newman's Own dressing, or making your own at home...there are some really good recipes online. And add things like avocado (I add guacamole's so good) and you'll be good to go.

    As for Hannah Montana, I've never seen the show. I've heard Miley's songs on the radio and I've seen her on TV at awards shows and I find her incredibly annoying. Can't stand her. And it bothers me that she isn't that talented, but because she is a Disney girl, she'll probably be more successful in her career than other young girls her age who are more talented. Oh well. That's the way life works.

    Hope you had a good weekend! <3

  4. That movie does look so cute! I'm glad all of you liked it. You crack me up about the salad ; )
    Take care, dear!

  5. I ll try the nutritional yeast on salad with some olive oil and tell you how it is.

    I love shrimps as well!

  6. I definitely want to see that movie; glad you said it was good because I felt like it could go either way!

  7. I share your love for rice and your distaste for Hannah Montana. I don't get how she can be such a "role model" and yet dress like a total showgirl. It makes no sense to me!!

  8. Hee hee I've heard so many good things about that movie! I really wanna see it...but I'm cheap and can't afford $11 for a movie ticket. guess will have to wait till it's out on DVD!

    Ack, I HATE rice. I don't know how you can love it so! But I kind of like Hannah Montana's music...hee hee so you can say the same about me!

  9. Aww i REALLY want to see that movie!! I heard it was so cute :)
    thanks so much for sharing about your life on my blog- i love hearing about it and it sounds like youve got an awesome fiance :)
    love that rice + shrimp dinna too!
    love you girl!

  10. We want to see that movie too! Okay, I have to ask, what does nutritional yeast taste like and why the hell did you put it on a salad??! :D

  11. Oh goodness, that food looks absolutely awesome! Lol. I'm totally with you on the Hannah Montana thing...