Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Santa...

Please .. oh please!!!! from the bottom of my little heart.. please bring me a new memory card reader for my camera!

Otherwise I will end up repeating all my pictures from long ago..

I am very very sad without it!

I'm trying to think back to the happy days with it and when I think about not having my memory card reader I get angry, and I want to smash an umbrella pole into the sand.
My heart is as empty as when I cleaned out my apartment

I feel locked up.. trapped behind this door or thing I can't come out from behind...

I hope I've convinced you dear Santa, that I REALLY need a new memory card reader. Because no one likes to recycle pictures. And if you don't put one in my stocking... I will send my gangsta child after you!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I'm hitting up Wal-Mart tonight in the hopes of buying a new memory card reader. I have no friggin' clue where mine is!!!


  1. I'm laughing so hard!!! Peanut's an amazing gangsta child! Santa should be really scared.


  2. haha, I hope Santa makes you happy this year!!!

  3. I hope you haven't been naughty this year so Santa brings you that mem. card ;) Though I have to say, I don't mind seeing old pictures of the peanut at all!

  4. hope santa brings you your memory card :D
    have a happy holiday!

  5. oh my gosh good luck at wal mart girl!! she is ADORABLE btw!

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  7. Dear Santa,

    Please help my friend find her reader before she buys one, or at least before she opens her new one.

    Please help her love come back to her very soon.

    Please help her gangsta child not to grow up into one of those annoying teenagers and stay that cute and sweet forever.

    Please send her to me as my Christmas gift so she can dance/drink/laugh/cry/whatever with me for a few days.


    P.S. Even though I've been naughty (hehe) please make at least one of these come true, I said "please" hehe

  8. haha! So what's the verdict? Did santa live up to the request?