Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happ-Happy New Year!

Oh goodness! What I wouldn't give to be holed up in bar someplace right now drinking the day away! Sadly, since 5 years ago I started working at my job, I've either been working, or working on New Years Eve and unable to do much with the night! But, I will make the best of it this year end!

So my last post I promised a couple of things... FOOD right?? Well, to start off, I would like to just comment on the fact that I agree with all of you - holidays are about the people who are with you and not what you get. I just feel like bloggers who feel like they have to censor the fact that they got gifts don't do themselves any favors. What are we 5 and can't handle the fact that some kids get big presents and others can't? Like I said I struggled this year, but why would I get jealous and upset that someone else's family didn't? To the anon commenter who posts on my future wife's blog, GET A LIFE! HA! Sorry, Ginge, didn't mean to steal your woman. lol

OK OK, FOOD! Sheesh, what am I thinking??
So anyway, last week there was this massive snowstorm in the North east and everyone got pummeled with snow. I was bored. And home. And bored. So I decided to step outside my cereal box and make.. GASP. DINNER! This was no ordinary dinner too! It was a GC inspired one! Whooop there it is!!!!!!My girl loves Thai food and old school. She is my soulmate from across the way! Oh if only we looked the same too- then I'd be unstoppable! She is so dang cute!!
So I picked up this "Pad Thai" maker thingie in the store a couple weeks ago. Back when I had money when the Peanut was a baby-3 years old (i.e. living off credit cards) she LOVED Thai food and I was never going to deny my baby the opportunity to eat Thai food. I actually survived my entire pregnancy eating Thai food, fruit, and ice cream. Hence the reason why thats all Olivia EVER wants to eat. Funny huh?
So at any rate, since the budget is a little tighter these days I bought it to see how it would taste. It promised yummy noodles in 15 minutes or less. And gosh darn it all, it delivered faster than Bangkok House does!

I made mine with shrimp. And the Peanuts with chicken. Looks yummy no? It has enough sodium in it to compare to the Dead Sea, however, the package says it only has 2 servings in it. Two servings for who? Menly men? Yea probably, but I divided this up into 5 separate bowls and it was more than enough! Good to know right?

(look I added peas to mine!!)

The good news is on this: it's gluten and dairy free. And also nut free if you don't add the crushed peanuts the recipe calls for. It is stupidly easy to make. It tastes DELISH (comparable to Bangkok House...)
So anyway, have a fabulous New Years Eve everyone and stay blessed! I'll be back in the New Year with some... new ideas? I'm not so sure about that one- I'm really bad at making resolutions!


  1. In my opinion, NOTHING beats pad thai!! I love it. I have never tried these products before because they are really high in sodium (and I am sensitive to sodium, BIG TIME), but I think 2010 may just be the year I try them. I mean once or twice won't hurt :) It just looks SO GOOD!!

    HAve a great new year and have fun tonight!!

  2. oh my god sweetie, you are TOOO much! I love you so much - thanks for the shoutout.. it means the world knowing you have my back :) LOVE YOU!!!!!

    hope you have the best new year's eve ever :)

  3. ahh pad thai is my FAVORITE :D I just adore it!!
    sounds like an awesome dinner!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I totally agree with you about not feeling bad about censoring yourself. Who cares if someone can afford something you can't, sheesh! Can't wait to check out more of your posts. Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year!! I'm so glad I've "met" you this year! You rock girl!!

  6. YUM! I have that in my pantry- or at least a box that looks like that, but I was skeptical about trying it... Now I can't wait too.

    I've never even had Pad Thai!

    Happy New Year!!!

  7. i bet that is so good!!
    ive never tried thai food-so this would be the next best thing! happy new year girlfrand!