Monday, December 14, 2009

Ripped From The Headlines

Where the hell have I been? Anyone know where the time went? I'm not sure where it did either! But I'm back I guess!

It's been freakin' insanity people! I suppose the real reason I've been lost here is work. Why do I have a job? Some days I wonder where the light is at the end of the tunnel. But I got one! A TEMP! Yay! My saving grace.. a woman named Gail! She started last week and I have been training her- soooooo its a little rude for me to be blogging while I'm training! But it is very chaotic for her to train when it's very busy! But here's hoping she stays!!!

We had a potluck at work last week and I had to contribute something to the pack. I chose to make something for our "healtymagination appetizer" - you know to offset the cheesecake and stuff! So I picked an app that I have been admiring from afar.. Miss Hannah's stuffed zucchini bites because they just look SO GOOD!

Mine, did not compare to hers- and I did leave out the nuts (my Melo baby!) and used half cornmeal/ flax seed meal (as I did not have almond meal) But can I tell you something?????
I won a gift card.... and even though I'd like to say it was because of MINE it was just totally random because I contributed a food item. Ha! However, everyone who had one, loved them. YUM! Thanks for the inspiration Hannah! You are so awesome!

What else? Well my lil Peanut is on the injured list- at least I say she is! She's had this rash on her eyes all around the eyelid and lower eyes. It looks like eczema, but I'm not sure what it is! We have been to the doctor a couple of times- to no avail. Next, is Thursdays appointment at the dermatologist. My poor lil bub, I feel awful. Literally NOTHING has worked on her to moisturize, but it's such a delicate area, soooooo I don't want to touch it! My C is freaking out thinking she has an infection and now he's making me panic! She's adorable anyway but I'm afraid kids will start noticing and make fun of her...
But her recital is on Saturday and I'm so excited for her! She's been busting her little butt practicing so I hope it all pays off!
Well and just to keep you entertained, here are some random shots from around the world.

Me and the Peanut!

Playing Wii (Super Mario Kart.. best game EVER!!!)
Playing with baby Gigi... look at those cheeks!
Recognize the lovely bride from my wedding post?? She's practicing holding babies!
Here is another couple practicing holding babies...
My little sister and her hubby- holding little Melo. Melo looked so small with Rony holding him! It was so cute! And Melo LOVED Rony! He even gave that big goofy guy a big hug!

Neither girl is preggers and neither is my brother in law... but it's still a good idea to get comfy around babies!
Well my darlings, in case you didn't notice, Jenny picked ME in winning the contest for the Kay's Natural stuff. I'm not exactly sure EXACTLY WHAT I won. But if it's free, I will take it! Love you Jenny!!
So, I do want to send Christmas cards to people, so if anyone is brave enough to email me your home address I would love to send something! You may receive it a couple days AFTER Christmas.. but hey.. better late than never! I have someone's address already, don't worry, I'm too scared to fly, and my car probably won't make it across the country, so there is NO CHANCE of me stalking you!


  1. Mmm those zucchini appetizers look great! What a good idea for a party, finger food style!

    Aww hope Olivia feels better! Dr. trip hopping is no fun - I like the last appt. when you find the answer! Hope the dermatologist can help her. Good luck on her dance recital!! You'll have to shot us pics! :)

    And I LOVE Mario Kart too!!

    Also, I don't mind if you stalk me! ;) haha You're welcome anytime you're in Chicago!

  2. Woohoo a temp!!! I really hope it takes some load off of your shoulders, you deserve a bit of a break!! :)

    The babies in your family are SO adorable! A friend of mine is pregnant and my cousin is too, so I'm super excited at the thought that I will be holding a baby in a few months!! All the cuteness without the responsibility ;)

    ps: my mom was looking through some blogs with me and thought your blog name was adorable!!

  3. Poor Peanut :( But that picture of you two is so adorable!! And Melo is so, so cute!

    Glad that you'll have some relief at work too--that'll be so helpful.

  4. aw baybay! congrats on the new job -- I think a Temp is the perf. position for ya!

    oh the peanut, how I've missed that sweet face! <3

  5. Sometimes work gets in the way of life, especially around the holdays, temps are a nice fall back :)

    Love your little peanut, so precious!
    And, Mario cart=best game ever

  6. Glad you're back and that everything's okay! Looks like you've been very busy these last few weeks! Enjoy your holidays!!

  7. oh my gosh that baby looks soo cute!!

  8. Hahaha, Christina's address! I have hers, too! I would love to stalk her and invite myself over to her house for dinner! ;-)

    Peanut is SO precious! Hee hee!

  9. Awww...hope Peanut gets better soon! The babies are adorable, too!

  10. Poor peanut - maybe its pink eye? You can get stuff over the counter for that I think.

    Love Melo! He's getting so big already!