Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning a little groggy and a little late. My usual weekend wake-up call at 8 didn't happen and for some reason the Peanut let me sleep until almost 9. Love her!
Her eye is doing MUCH better! We went to the derm who gave her an ointment for the skin all around her eye.. it was most definitely exzema. Poor thing!
OK- so yesterday was her recital!!!! To those who know me via Facebook- you saw my plead for her to get better- she came down with this sudden fierce cold. No temp, so I have no fear that it's H1N1, just a cough and a runny nose. But she managed to pull it together in time for her big debut! Which... I wish I could show you but sadly was not allowed to tape! Her dance studio must have made big money on this show. It was held in the studio (which.. they own...) charged $9 dollars a ticket, and $15 dollars if you wanted a tape of the show. There were 3 shows yesterday, with 14 acts in each one. About 5 or 6 kids per class... you do the math. Keep up if you can! Haha!
But my little star did awesome! The tap number was great- plus she was the only ballet dancer who knew what she was doing! Amazing! We were so pproud!
I can at least show you a picture of her hair- it took forever to do!

After her recital we had a holiday party to go to.. my other small group of friends were having a Christmas get together (I get around don't I???) and we were in charge of bringing dessert.
I wanted to make chocolate mousse pie. Then I wanted to make "Pot-o'-Dirt". I ended up with what I'm going to call Snowfall Layer Cake. Warning, this dessert was not gluten-free, dairy-free, or low-fat. But holy moly, it was TASTY!
We started with this mess.
Please excuse the bacon in the background. I swear this dessert was MEAT-free!

I gave the Peanut the perfect job while having a cold since she couldn't lick the spoons! Smashing Oreos!

(ummmm shout out to Biz about the above pic.. she loves snowmen!!!!)
Soooooooooooo the Pot-O'-Dirt recipe that my father is infamouso for calls for whipped cream folded in. I had it in my hands.. and never folded it into the pudding mixture. I had layered almost all the Oreos and pudding by the time I realized it and now had a container of whipped cream to deal with.

I dumped it ontop and pretended it snowed on the pudding.

The party was a sucess, we enjoyed a night of over-indulging in Mexican themed food followed up by present opening and a couple rounds of Wii bowling. The Peanut beat me........... GO FIGURE!

(Aunty Heather.. she won at the bowling game!)
Oh yea, and just to remind everyone about animal safety. I have cats. Not dogs. And every dog I have been around is too big to pick up- therefore... while holding a dog who is smaller than your cat, please remember to place her down gently on the floor when she wants to get down. DO NOT JUST LET HER GO! Cats land on all fours, dogs do NOT!
I dropped this poor little pup last night and she splatted on the floor. Sorry Lily! I think she'll be ok though...

You've noticed I've done a lot of Wii playing lately right? I have, and I have a total case of the GIMMIES over that too! C and I HAD a Wii, who when he left begged me to give it to his daughter for her to play with because she wouldn't be living with us for awhile. As soon as I do my taxes I'm buying another one, I won't last that long without one! I need to get my game on, and beat the Peanut at bowling!!!
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas! Or whatever Holiday you celebrate, I hope it will be Merry and Bright!
I think I'll be posting before then, it should be a SLOW week at work! Yay!


  1. Dirt! that used to be my favorite dessert ever. It's amazing how magical instant pudding and oreos can be.

    so sweet of the peanut to let you sleep in :) what a gem!

  2. I am ALWAYS trying to do that with my hair! You are more successful than me, that's for sure!! :)

    Wii IS fun! Although I'm not really one for video games - I prefer TV or reading :)

    Merry Christmas to you too!!

  3. So glad her eye and cold are better! Poor Olivia!

    Way to go at the dance recital! That's awesome! I'm sure my old dance teacher made a killing too - tickets, tapes, costumes, etc. Sheesh!

    You HAVE to get the Wii Just Dance that I put up vids on FB. Sooooo much fun and right up your alley! :)

  4. Aww, I love Lily! Those dogs are so cute.

    Your nieces' hair looks fantastic, nice job! And the chocolate mousse pie looks yummy. That's one of my all time favorite desserts.

  5. Her hair looks AWESOME!!!!
    The "dirt cup" is seriously one of my favorite desserts too, yum!!!!!

  6. aww her hair looks SOO GOOD!! that is awesome! and i love the chocolate pie w. oreos!

  7. Peanut's hair looks amazing! And it sounds like her dance recital was fabulous. Glad she's feeling better too-- it sucks to be sick at Christmas :( My brother's been down with a flu for the past almost two weeks now.

    That dessert looks fabulous too! I'm dying to do Christmas baking but our sink is clogged and until that gets fixed, messing up the kitchen is pretty well off limits.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Thanks for telling me about your caffeine/PMS experience. I have heard SOME things about the effect of caffeine on PMS, mainly that you should stay away from it (and alcohol) before your period. I think the effects are different for everyone, as it doesn't seem to effect me like it does you (yikes!). I'll keep that in mind if I ever talk to someone with really bad PMS, and hard, sore "boobies" haha.