Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas was a success for my little one. Now I needed to make sure that someone else had a great Christmas....

Making her first "please don't eat me!" blog appearance is my step-daughter. Isn't she beautiful? (yes.. we were doing laundry.. lol)

The Peanut always wanted a sibling. Older, younger, didn't matter to her. She has a heart full of unspeakable affection and love for all people, especially kids her age.

When I hugged my little girl I felt like my life was complete. This little girl has been through so much at home, she is not in the best living situation right now and it breaks my heart to have to drop her off there- knowing that it will be another year before I can do anything else about it. She is the sweetest, kindest, and silliest little kid you ever saw.

I call the two of them, Peanut and Joanna, my little skinny minnies. Olivia knows, she is my baby and will always be my baby girl. But when I was sitting on the couch with the two of them, I thought to myself- this is the life. My two daughters... and it was a good feeling.

This Holiday season, we do have to remember that it's NOT about the presents (but presents are still fun!) and it is all about the memories you create. But it still burned me that people will come out and mock families for being able to afford a "bigger Christmas". I know I struggled to get Christmas presents this year, but I knew whatever I bought would be appreciated and loved by each and everyone of them even if they came from Target or the Dollar Store! It broke my heart to read that one of the sweetest bloggers in the whole world went through the emotional stress of a stupid anon comment. Just because our bloggie friends can do MORE in the way of present buying- doesn't mean they are spoiled, selfish, or in any way shape or form- SHOWING OFF. It just means... they can do more! So go for it!
Anyway, I'm happy that I got to spend Christmas with my sister in law, her kids, and my two girls.

Stay blessed everyone! I have some food posts coming up, I PROMISE!

My niece Elisa, my Peanut, my niece Lissette, and my skinny minnie- Joanna.


  1. The girls look like they're having so much fun and Joanna is so lucky to have you as a stepmom!

    I totally agree--it's not about the presents you give or get but the memories you create. In my family we always struggled to afford presents but we knew that in the end what mattered wasn't the presents, it was the fact that we could be together.

  2. OMG, both your daughters are too adorable!

  3. Aww Amy I'm glad you got to spend your Xmas together! She is beautiful and I LOOOOVE the pic of her and Olivia walking down the sidewalk - you def. need to hang onto that one for when they're older. A true best sister friends pic!

  4. aw what a sweet post :) you are so right. my mom and i sat by the tree almost every night when i was home, just talking...once until about 2 am sipping her homemade baileys and just snuggling. i felt a bit like i was 5 again (minus the baileys part of course) and it was one of the best parts of the holiday.

    merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Your two daughters seem so sweet and well-grounded! And their smiles! You can tell they're happy :)

  6. this is so cute!
    i LOVE your rant..girl you PREACH IT!!

  7. She's beautiful!! Both your girls are!

    I agree, its not what's under the tree but who's AROUND the tree that matters! My sister is in deep financial straights - and when she gave me presents I was so mad! But then she confessed - she wrapped up things from around her house she isn't using and knew I would appreciate - a couple cookbooks, some snowman cheese spreaders - and the best part - stacks of magazines I don't subscribe to! :D

    Happy New Year My Friend!

  8. I agree with you about unnecessary anon commenters! Grr.

    Your stepdaughter is a cutie!

  9. Wow... J is so gorgeous! Eek can't wait till you and see can make the A+C offspring... they'll surely be the cutest kids around!

    I love that Liv is so cool with her sister!