Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Hearts As One

Ahhhhh... sweet Monday! I can't believe it came up that fast! Did anyone else get the biggest reality check when their alarms went off this morning? Dang! I was like, WTH was that?!
But it's back to the daily fight for me! It was a hectic day for sure! What I hate the most is when the people above me hound me to do something, "its an emergency! get it done now!!!!!" Then, I report back, "in progress, I have 8 other emergencies I'm working on now too", response: "Drop everything and do it!" THEN when I GET IT DONE- no thanks??? Yea, I just saved your butt from getting chewed out and nothing? *sigh* oh how I earn for the college days where I did nothing but party all the time.
Well tonight was salsa class with Jessica. We are getting better and better! I love it! I wish I could record it, but I think the teacher would probably think I was stealing choreography or something crazy. He's a little anal! But my favorite partner that I danced with was a chubby (I can't mince words here) Spanish guy. He was AWESOME! Just goes to show even if you are not thin and "perfect" you can do it!!!! Jess and I keep telling ourselves, "if big papi can do it - so can we!" THAT'S RIGHT!
So what did I do since I last saw you all? Oh yea! I went to a wedding! Oh and Gina.. Lissette and Elisa are Jessica's two girls, and the baby Melo, is her son. So they are my nieces and nephews ; )So, where was I? OH THE WEDDING! OMG! It was so beautiful! The food! The dresses! The wedding was held at Whispering Pines in West Greenwich, RI. It is literally in the middle of nowhere. We drove into the entrance and I thought "Ohhh.. this is nice!" Then twenty minutes later I was panicking, "Where the FUDGE are we?!?!"
Here are a couple of shots of the ride in.. LOVELY!!

We get there thinking we were late because all our invitations said 4:30 and we were there at about 4:20.. we are racing to the hall where the mother of the bride says, "oh we just wanted to make sure people were on time!" THANKS MOMMA! : )
The ceremony starts- Amanda the bride looks ravishing in an eggshell halter dress with an antique lace overlay and mocha brown sash. Her hair had a braid with a side bun.. and silver snowflakes in her hair. Ohhhh she was so beautiful!
Here is half the bridal party-

I almost cried... until I saw Amanda's older sister...close up here!

See the girl with the fire truck red hair???? Yea... who does that? Who has perfectly normal brown hair and then the morning of her little sister's wedding goes out and colors it fire truck red???? That was the scandal of the night! I was shocked that her sis did not go down the aisle with a black eye too!
So enough of that drama.. Want to see what I ate?? I literally didn't have time to eat anything all day so I went to down when I got there!
App plate:

Yea crackers. No good- but man I was shaking by the time I got this plate so I would have probably eaten raw beef at this point!

Bruschetta! This was tasty, but a little soggy. Maybe if the waitress had moved around the room a little faster???

Beef Wellington! O-M-G!!!! Best I've ever had! I only had one piece but I wanted MORE!
Up next is the salad and entree- I chose the chicken. Oh holy chicken, it was amazing! I didn't care for the salad that much- one because I'm not a cheese person and two because I'm not a balsamic vinegar person. Meh- but it looked awesome anyway!
Ok, chicken.. with a light marinara sauce and cheese layered on top (here I ate the cheese). Sweet potatoes with cinnamon and maple syrup, scalloped potatoes (and not those dumb Hungry Jack boxed ones either), and green beans. OH YEA BABY. Don't think I didn't demolish this plate!

So here's where it gets tricky. I was the 7th wheel the whole night, I went with three couples (but took my own car- I'm crazy I know) and spent the whole time watching them canoodle and doodle and talk about buying houses, and weddings, and outings, and stuff. And I was there by myself. I don't have many guy friends myself and we all know where my man is at this point. I found myself getting more and more anxious as the night wore on and at one point, when someone made an off-color comment about me and I snapped and tossed my napkin at him and bolted to the bathroom where I cried and cried. It was the first night I was out since my Carlos left and I picked a wedding where I would be surrounded by lovey dovey couples?? Oh not good. I ended up leaving early and going to Jessicas' house where we downed a bottle of wine and I drowned my sorrow in booze and tears.
The next day I talked to my Carlos about it and he was upset along with me. If he were home he would have come. I know that and it would have been easier for me. But I felt awful, but my heart was pounding, I was sweating, and I could have easily tossed anyone out of my way that night. Amanda understood thank goodness how hard it was to go. That I love her for....
One last pic before I head off to bed.

My high school pals- from the left Crystal, me, Amanda, my TWIN Robyn, and Kristen. Lovely girls..


  1. Love the salsa class! I'm glad you guys are sticking with it and getting better and better.

    The bride looks beautiful! Love the hairdo and the little sash trick to match her bridesmaids. I have to agree about the hair scandal. If that was my sister she would NOT be walking down the aisle, end of discussion. Somebody needed a little attention..?

    Sorry the night ended badly!! :( Glad you stood up for yourself, though!

  2. What beautiful pictures!!! Weddings always make me cry - even just looking at those pictures I got teary eyed lol!

    Too bad the night had to end that way :( And I agree with Christina - go you for standing up for yourself!! *hugs*

  3. Um, I am guessing the older sister is not married and wanted the attention??

    Sorry you felt left out - believe me, I had many weddings where I was flying solo and it is hard.


    You look beautiful!

  4. haha, thanks for answering my question!! Ok, so they are your nieces and nephews, now I know for future posts :)

    The wedding looks beautiful, and I love the bride's dress. The food also looks fantastic. I would be so PISSED if my sister died her hair RED the day of my wedding! And not just any red, FIRE TRUCK RED! Yikes. I don't even have a sister, but if anyone in my wedding party did that, they would be on the street. haha.

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  5. Oh hun... I'm sorry the night was so rough for you... Although the wedding was gorg (OMG how pretty is she)... that would be the worst place to be without C... and apparently it wasn't like that other wedding you went to... remember all those boys... think about that night when you think of weddings..

    Now as for the sister... She wouldn't have walked down the aisle with me... Hell no... Thank goodness I only have a brother!

    I need to go to Beantown and drink wine with you and Jessica! ASAP!

  6. Hm. I don't get it. So what if she has fire-truck hair? That would make the wedding more memorable and fun.

    ....haha don't look at me that way. I'm just really unconventional when it comes to these things. Actually, I hate white and frills and flowers so you can guess...

    But I'm sorry about the bad ending...Going with 3 couples...not fun. I'm sorry you had to endure that.

  7. lol Sohpia, I think it was just because the night before her hair was brown.. no one understood why she felt the need to dye her hair flaming red the day of a wedding- let alone her sisters wedding!
    yea i am with you.. dont like the frills etc. my own wedding.. sheesh... forget about it!!!