Friday, November 13, 2009

If You Got It...

Happy Freakin' Friday! Wow! What a long week! Who else was super busy??

Well I thought all you virtual Aunties should know that Olivia is in a winter recital at dance and is doing a tap number. But, there is only one other girl in her class who will probably NOT be doing the recital! So there is a GOOD CHANCE, that my little munchkin will have a SOOOOOOLLLLLOOOOO!!!!!! AHHHHH I literally almost died when I heard that! My heart has been racing for her ever since. It's going to be racing for a few weeks, it's not until December 19th. Whooooo! I'm so happy for her!

Ok, so my homegirl Rebeca recently posted up on her blog about her feet. Yea you heard me, FEET! She got the idea from Diana over at The Chic Life. Basically we are supposed to take one of our features and flaunt it! Dance like no ones watching, shake what ya momma gave ya!!
My favorite feature on me? Well, if you ask my better half, it's a completely inappropriate body part. But what do I like about myself?

My eyes.

My hair is black, my skin is white, and my eyes are the color of the ocean rimmed in navy blue. Sexy no? I have always taken pride in the fact that while I am no supermodel- my eyes have been the subject of many many conversations. Men swoon. Ladies are jealous. I've worn the same eye-make up for years- Taupe (a brownish color) eyeshadow, Mac eyeliner and super-duper mascara. It works. It's hot. I love it!
I switched it up one time and did hot pink. Then I took a picture. It turned out to be one of my favorite pictures of myself I have. Here ya go!

This picture made me grab my tweezers though.. my eye brows were uneven! lol
My other favorite feature??
My HAIR. I love it. It's strong and healthy after months of being gross and stringy from abuse with coloring. I started coloring it dark brown a while back (old readers might remember my dilema). My grandmother hates it with a passion and told me the other day that I looked boring and "not even pretty" with dark hair. But it's long. It's shiny. And it's ME.

Plus, my other half loves it- how can we go wrong there?? (and yes I am trying to beat down a an umbrella pole into the sand with my nephews baby book. OK??!)

What else do I have to tell you? Well, Gina ALSO put up a picture of her feet. What is with the feet theme here? She thinks she's a freak all alone on the island of wacky feet. But hey...

I can do it too! My feet aren't as flexible as they used to be - doing that kinda hurt!! Mental note, do yoga so I really join Gina in freaky-feetness!
: (

I also have sausage toes, that might have something to do with it!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Hopefully I will do something exciting! There is some drama going on with Charlie's daughter's mother.. something about how she wanted him to "give her" his car because he doesn't need it (she was going to "sell it for him"). I'm sensing a Glamzon going down- she doesn't know, his car.. is MINE. I bought and paid for it! lol and I'm not giving her anything! Money-hungry hos! Can't live with 'em.. can't live without 'em cuz government programs support them! ARGH! Here's hoping she calls me so I can chew her out! That will be my excitement for the week!


  1. Girl, you are beautiful...not just your hair and eyes!
    Black hair and blue, what a unique, stunning mix!

  2. ughhhh I just typed a long comment and it disappeared in firefox. poo

    ok.. let's see if I remember!

    I've been doing my makeup the same for years too - taupe shadow w/ darker brown for contrast, black liner, and super mascara. Altho my eyes are just plain brown.

    I did 2 solos and 2 duets for dance, in addition to the tons of dances w/ the class. One of the solos was CRAZY difficult and hard, I'd been practicing for months and months. I freaked the EFF out when it was my time to go on, though. They had to shut the curtains and give me a min. to compose myself, then restart the music. haha

    And you do have sausage toes! Altho I have finger toes - they're freakishly long and skinny. And 3 stars tattooed on my right foot - there might be a pic on FB somewhere?

  3. you are just glowing <3 those eyes are piercing!

  4. OMG I adore you!

    Your eyes are so flipping beautiful! I agree that they are fab but then of course I'm on the "A's the total package" bandwagon!

    I love your tat... my next tat will be on my foot, now I just have to decide what to get exactly!

  5. You do have beautiful hair and eyes, I'm jealous!!! And I love the tattoo! If I were to get one I think it would be on my foot as well :)

  6. hey I love the picture! your eyes are amazing and your hair. and I love the tattoo! i too am so glad last week is over--it was nightmarish.

    good luck with the car drama--won't she be surprised when she finds out it's your car.

  7. aw what a cute post. your eyes ARE gorgeous lady!! you should do the pink eye makeup again, it looks HOT!!

  8. ha, I didnt do anything this weekend- you make me feel like a lump!