Monday, November 2, 2009

Time Flies Even Without the Fun

Happy November! It feels like just yesterday I was trying to think up a Halloween costume for the Peanut and now Halloween is over, and November is here. I guess time flies even when you aren't having any fun!
No I had fun this weekend, who didn't?? It was Halloween!

I took Peanut over to the church "Trunk or Treat" party where we had a blast! It was a lot of fun.. they basically wanted to throw together a "safe" and "fun" party for the kids that wouldn't be about the blood, guts, and scare factor that traditional Halloween parties feature. After all, this was at CHURCH! I am all for it- I don't like being spooked or grossed out and neither does Peanut, so we were all over that!
Since it was a gorgeous day outside all the participating people lined their cars up and set up "scenes" in their trunks. Look at this:

Pretty nifty huh?
So we "trunked and treated" for a bit, ate some ice cream, acted like fools.. I did NOT dress up- the only costume I have is a Bat Girl costume that I felt was a Little inappropriate for a church function!
But here is Liv and my sister in their costumes... adorable!

Since this is a food blog I wanted to tell you that I went the Wal-mart in my local radius on our way home from the party. I made us stop because I had bought Liv a pair of "Uggs" from there. Never buy "Uggs" from Wal-mart- they were basically cardboard glued together and I was really disappointed in them (I ordered them online for 12 bucks- what can I say?? I'm cheap!). I returned them and all was well.. we were about to leave when I looked to my left and saw...... this was a SUPERCENTER!

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!!!! I went on the hunt.. and found a few things..

Oh yea baby.. look how cheap they were! Wal-mart redeemed itself that night..
Usually I pay between 4-6 bucks for each of those items.

So what else is happening in your neck of the woods? I moved all my stuff out of the apartment on Saturday morning- it was an exciting adventure that I wish I could erase from my memory! LOL
Tell me tell me what is new!
Go check out Prior Fat Girls new Motivation "coaching" thingie. Sorry I am not announcing it very well- I should be better at sales pitches, but it looks like a blast and might be the difference between making it through the Holiday season in the same size clothes you are now. : )

And just because you all can't get enough of Melo-Yellow.. OMG I want to squeeze his cheeks off..


  1. I have never bought Uggs before, because they look UGG on me!! haha, they just aren't my thing.

    I can't believe how CHEAP that White Chocolate Wonderful is at Walmart! I saw it at Giant Eagle the other day for 5 dollars, what a huge rip off!

  2. Funnn!!!! We had trunk or treating in NC, I always thought it was the cutest idea! Glad you guys had fun! :)

  3. OMG... I wish I could find this food here!! And that cheap would be great too :P I guess I'll just have to go to the States at some point soon! ;)

  4. cute pics!
    I recommend the fake uggs from Old Navy- they are more like $30 but they are SO comfy! I can't take mine off!

  5. aw i love those kiddies! they are just too cute. great steals at walmart! i need to try that PB!!!

  6. Oh... white chocolate spread??? Buy me one if u are ever in Msia ok?? LOL!