Friday, November 20, 2009


Well Sohpia, my hyper mood didn't last long that's for sure..

I think I have injured my shoulder! Doing what? I have no clue, but it might have something to do with the fact that I've been on the phone so much this week my arm is in a permanent crooked position from holding the dang thing. It feels like a dull throbbing pain that is constantly there and I can't get my arm up over my head. It makes it difficult to undress, get dressed or do the 'do. Every other activity is debatable and flexible, you know, like doing the dishes or lifting something up.

I've tried ice, heat, motrin, tylenol. Vicodin. Cocaine. Alcohol. O-M-G. Just kidding! I would never use the last couple of things there! So now, while I'm simply sitting here- it hurts and I've decided I should just rest it for a few days and see what happens. Good plan, no??

Well I don't have any food pictures for you. No kid pictures, I've been horribly unmotivated to do anything! And this was supposed to be my week to cook, cook, cook!

Today I was roped into helping serve lunch at Liv's school. Surrounded by 2nd and 3rd graders feeding them pizza- sounds like a plan!


My family is from Texas and Maryland, we are essentially the only dopes living up here in New England and per tradition- they all flock up here for a weekend of Italian food, beer, Italian food, beer, cookies, beer. Why do they come here and us not there? My grandmother can no longer travel so this is her "thanksgiving present" every year. It's been on the books now for almost 6 years and there are no signs of stopping my friends! I will be snapping pictures then and spending the weekend either getting drunk, or trying to get drunk. Wait, I wish I could drink- but I can't stand the taste of alcohol!
So everyone, enjoy your Friday and I will check back with you on SUNDAY NIGHT for a round-up of the weekend of gluttony and sloth-ness.


  1. aw no!! sorry about the shoulder, lovie! at least it gives you an excuse to not have to do the dishes and stay in your PJs all day ;)

    happy faux-giving!

  2. sounds like a fun weekend...
    i hope the shoulder feels better very quick!

  3. Oh ugh, I hope your shoulder gets better! I would drink some alcohol, I'm not gonna lie :) That always makes me feel better. Then just be lazy and watch some tv.

    I'd love to hear what kind of food you guys make for an Italian Thanksgiving! We have an Italian Christmas with my favorite Italian food, my granmother's Wedding soup. It's to die for.

  4. Awww sorry about the shoulder!! Would work spring for a headset for you?? My old boss was on the phone like 7 hrs a day and actually got tennis elbow from it!!

    Yay fake Thanksgiving, have fun!

  5. i hope you are having fun with your fake thanksgiving!!!!