Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Death Of A Chocolate Bar

Happy Hump Day everyone!
Two more days until the weekend starts.

The last couple of days have been pretty hectic, after working 12 hours yesterday I am ready to get home early tonight and get to bed! Well after I workout and stuff.

Was anyone else affected by the T-Mobile outage last night? Jessica and I were and then my honey couldn't get a call into either of us- it was really weird, but I'm glad all was well this morning and he was able to call me and harass me for not picking up the phone. I'm glad I could blame T-Mobile for that one!

I tried out a new product as well- the Tamale Verde from Amy's. O-M-G. Where has this been all my life?! I don't know where it was before, but dang it I can't live without it now! It was SO GOOD! Just the right amount of spice and very filling too (8 grams of fiber). Just goes to show that Amy's (any Amys.. food or ME) can DO NO WRONG. EVER.

(Plus it was freakin' cheap- picked it up at Wal-mart.. $3.14 WHOOO..)

So I wanted to tell you a little bit about my giveaway winner "Jperonto"! As it turns out, there is ONE MORE guy that reads this blog. Wow! I got an email from "Jperonto" who is .. JIM PERONTO and I responded and begged him to tell me his deepest darkest secrets.. Tightie whities? 80s movie fetish? What was it? I wanted to KNOW!

OMG I'm just kidding. I'm not that bad! But I wanted to know who won my contest, to make sure I wasn't sending chocolates and treats to a serial killer.

My new pal is a DANCER! What luck I have! And a GOOD ONE AT THAT!

Here he is on the Charleston Ballet website . I love male dancers. As long as they have clothes on and thankfully, this Ballet company is not a thong optional company. Jim sent me a little bio for us all since he doesn't have a food blog.. YET..

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and being a "clumsy" kid (as my mom would say lol), was needed to be put in something that would get me some coordination. I was put in dance at 8 years old dancing tap, ballet, and jazz and have continued to train since. When I was age 16 I was asked to stay in the Houston Ballet Academy to train under full scholarship and continued there until age 19. From there I got asked to join Texas Ballet Theatre in Dallas/Fort Worth in a Corps de Ballet position (first job!!!) and ended up moving to DFW. After a year with TBT, I managed to get a job with my first contemporary company, the Bruce Wood Dance Company. It was amazing! Soooo different than anything I've ever experienced before! Sadly, that company folded that same year, so I was forced to find a job elsewhere. That's where Charleston came into my life! I got a company position with CBT, and am now still here for a third year and I love it! The city is AMAZING, the food is great, and of course, I love where I'm dancing. With all of the great food in Charleston, I've really wanted to venture out and find new ways to cook and just see what great products are out there to spice up what I'm eating. As a dancer, I'm always hungry, so food blogging has become something that I've really enjoyed browsing and reading. I was really happy to find Amy's blog and will continue to read! Thanks so much Amy!

Well guys? Don't you love him already? I do because my family is from Wisconsin. His ballet company performs at the Black Box Theatre (same name as the one my dad directs at around my area). He was a clumsy kid (me too!), is always hungry (me too!), and hes dancing in a professional dance company (me... no!)- living his dream!
So I think we all need to tell Jim that he needs to start a food blog- I for one would love to see how a fabu dancer like him stays healthy and still fits into his tights while dancing.

What Jim does not know is that I have to wait until tomorrow to send out his prize pack. I had it all boxed up, ready to go, left the box in my car, came out at lunch to discover that the Divine fruit and nut chocolate bar was completely melted.
And then I ate half of it. Because I felt soooooo bad about not being able to ship it out - how can I send such a cutie a melted piece of chocolate? I didn't pay attention to this little warning on the back of the bar...

So let's not tell him ok???

LOL- Jim- your package is going out tomorrow- I need to get a replacement chocolate bar for you! Thanks for being so patient!

Also a shout out to Jenny- she is seriously the sunshine in my long stressful day sometimes- her post titles make me laugh out loud and she just OOZES positivity all around. I'm happy to have met her via blog world! Here she talks about being a "perfect example" of a person recovered from an ED.
Plus Sohpia answers a very important question about whether or not total recovery is possible in an eating disorder. While I was never diagnosed with an eating disorder I have had many many times where I thought that what I was doing (restricting, over-excerising, strong feelings of hate about my body) was wrong- I just never sought treatment for it. I have periods now where I go through the same thing (and under eat and over do the workouts) and it takes a few weeks to shake that "I hate myself" feeling and get back to normal- but I don't know that if I look at myself in the mirror I will ever say, "wow I'm hot". I think I would prefer to use the word in "remission". It's there- but it's not taking a strong hold over your life.

Kudos to these two cuties for taking the time to write about this very important topic!!!

What are your thoughts?


  1. Wow - so many coincidences with you and Jim! Too funny that he's a dancer!

    Loved the little bio - I know of just two male readers on my blog - maybe there are more?!

    Happy Hump Day Amy! :D

  2. Yeah, her post was great. I think it's an important topic, for many people. I used to have an ED. Although I ma be 100% recovered, she is right when she says your relationship with food is never the same. I know a lot more know about the food I put in my mouth, and I am always thinking about what I eat (although that also has a LOT to do with being an RD!). Either way, I enjoyed that post!

    Bummer about the chocolate! I would have eaten it too, I mean, who likes to let GOOD chocolate go to waste?!

  3. oh you!! stop with all your sweetness .. you spoil me ;)

    I love that Amy's meal! and male dancers :) It reminds me of my favorite movie circa 8th grade - "Center Stage".. have you ever seen it?? i love!

    happy day to you beautiful lady!

  4. I know what im loooking for when I shop today. I didn't know Amy's had tamales! holy yum

  5. mmm, Divine choco bar sounds delicious.

    How is the sodium in Amy's tamales?

  6. yum i loveeeeeeeeeeed that tamale! im in love with amy, total girl crush :) haha