Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fake Thanksgiving

For those who got a preview of the goods on Facebook- you will have seen that my house was over- run with two things, little girls and cookies.
On the menu for the feast was the usual Turkey Day fare- Turkey, Ham, mashed potatoes (homemade.. nothing but the best from G-ma!), turnip, squash, green beans, two kinds of stuffing (one with sausage, one made with cranberries and apples), cornbread, buttered rolls, WOW. The food line went one and on around the kitchen! It was crazy!
We had a blast on Friday night getting all the food ready and cleaning and such. We set up the silverware. Oh, I'm sorry- the GOLDWARE-

Christina already told me we must have the same grandmother- she grew up with the same utensils and the same instructions. NEVER PUT THEM IN THE DISHWASHER!!!!!
This was our cookie factory set up in the guest room at my grandmothers house:

We had pecan cookies with chocolate drizzled on them.


These are my grandmothers specialty- she makes the most amazing rugelach ever! We have had our fair share of New York guests in our house, and all say the same. My grandmother has perfected rugeclach. Amazing!

So where are the dinner pictures? Well here is my plate-

The stuffing is my aunt's stuffing, made with bread, cranberries, apples, and "special spices" I think cinnamon, nutmeg and stuff. It was delish. My stomach was pretty hurting, but hey- Fake Thanksgiving only comes once a year. I gotta have it sometime!

Up next was the dessert table. Yes, we had to have two seperate tables just to line the food up on. As you can see, the cookies were just the beginning!

At some point in the night my mother had a mild breakdown. It happens every year- from now on she should just start the day like this:

(that is my twin sister..)
At least we had fun making the drinks! My dad got talked into having one as well! Someday my parents will learn if you start the day with drinks, it will end well! Ha!
Well here are some family shots for you!
Here is my cousin Jeremy who's quote for the weekend was "I like boobs, just NOT when I'm related to them!"

My three sisters and I are standing with him. Stacy, me, Jeremy, Robyn, and Val.

Here are all the little girls!!!!! Some are not so little anymore!
Can you spot my little peanut in the crowd? I can't believe how big they are now! Everyone is just growing up so fast.

So how was everyone's weekend? Anything exciting going on?

I'm just over here..... watching Twilight for the millionth time. *swoon* Does anyone want to go see New Moon with me? All my friends have gone already- and I would look like a dope if I went by myself! Haha.
Anyway, happy Sunday and good luck getting through Monday. I just opened my email and found 597 emails that I have to read tomorrow. OUCH! Painful way to go back to work!

I think I'll just stay here and watch Twilight. Good plan!


  1. lovepie I will totes go see New Moon with you :) I'm pretty sure I'll see it about 5 more times before the week is through. Obsessed? oh yeah.

    your faux-giving looks amazing!

  2. YUMMMMMY ! The food looks amazing, and Jeremy's quote is classic. I used to have crushes on my cousins actually :) Weird.

    I'm not a fan of Jack Daniel's but it's always around our house during the holidays, ewww. We also have pizzelles! Is that how you spell it? Those are delicious, especially with a bit of chocolate on them.

  3. The goldware is also in this special case. She gets it out and instructs us each year how to polish it too! We also have pizzelles! Mmm!

    Ok, how have you never told us you had a twin sister?! You always mention your other sister, the one that just got married.

    Now do you guys skip the real Thanksgiving, or do it all again in a week?

  4. hey! it all looks fabulous-- that food looks amazing, and the kids are adorable. I didn't know you had a twin sister either--very cool.

    Looks like you had a great time!

  5. MMM! I'd like to have a visit to that cookie factory!! ;) What's a pizzelle? I want one! :D

  6. OMG!!!! I'm starving right now and reading this post was NOT a good idea! All the food looks great though :) Glad you had a good time!

  7. Wow, what a feast! And such fun company, too. It all looks amazing. :)

  8. What a wonderful get together!! Yep, I spotted peanut right away - she's getting so big! :D

    I must have missed it, I didn't know you had a twin!

    Sadly, my twin sister only lives 45 miles away from me, but I only see her like 5 times a year - her husband is a dick :(