Monday, November 9, 2009

Life Is Sweeter...

Life is sweeter with a little love and smiles from a wee one..

Life is sweeter when the kids play well together..

Life is sweeter when white chocolate is involved.

Life is sweeter when you get help from a friend all he wants in return is cookies.

Life is sweeter when breakfast reminds you of pumpkin pie.

Life is sweeter when you accidently sleep in on a Monday and you don't get in trouble you get laughed at for admitting you overslept because you were up late reading New Moon.

Life is sweeter when you see your best friend for an hour, get to hold his hand and tell him hes your hero.

How has your life been sweeter?


  1. Awwww I love it! And those cookies look amazing! Can't wait for the package! :)

  2. Loved this post and I will never get tired of seeing that babies face!

    After Tony and I cleaned up the yard, had a great day together, had a wonderful grilled meal and then sat holding hands while we watched the bonfire we built = priceless! :D

  3. aw this post makes me smile :) you make my life sweeter!

  4. AW so presh, and YUMMMMMMMMmmmm cookies :D My life is sweeeet bc I love Boston and all my real friends + bloggie friends + i'm going home to see my momz on Fri- weee!

  5. Well, overall my life as been slightly salty becasuse all I've been doing i studying... BUT

    Life has been sweeter because my mom and sister have been around, and my mom has just been doing lots of things that I wouldn't want to do around the house :)

    Great post! We should always look at the sweeter things in life :)

  6. Aw...what a sweet post. Life is sweeter right now because I am finally done with my essay.