Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember The Time When?

Yay!!! Another Wednesday over and done with! Here I am stuck in bed slaving away! We had today off at work however they did ask for a skeleton crew to come in and cover the phones. Say WHAT?!! I did not bite on that one, I was desperate for a day off. But I did promise to log in on the laptop and work at home to help. So when I logged in and saw 12 phone calls waiting in our call queue; I did something I have never done before. I switched my phone line over to my house phone.... and took work calls from my couch. While watching Hannah Montana. OH JOY!!! It was pretty funny. Olivia started getting pesky and I had to shush her. Then my grandmother came over and started complaining about something- my customer I had on the phone then asked me, "are you at home?".. "why YES sir I AM!". It would have been hysterical...if only it wasn't work! After I'm done here I'll be working some more. But I'm not worried, OT is a glorious thing!
So the first half of my day was spent walking on the treadmill while watching The Proposal (SOOOOOO FUNNY! Loved it!) Then I showered up and headed to Qdoba with my little sister and Olivia. She is an avid story teller and sometimes we just sit there and laugh.. and shake our heads.. and wonder what she's talking about!

(sheesh I didn't realize how frumpy her hair looks.. poor kid!)
Oh I didn't take a picture of what I got: Grilled Chicken Burrito w/ Fajita Veggies, hold the sour cream and cheese. I ate a few bites of the burrito to save my stomach the agony... now.. but it was SO good! The burritos there are HUGE it was the size of a small loaf of bread!
Then we went to Payless where I took advantage of the BOGO shoe sale they were having and went to TOWN. Well not really, I got a new pair of nice suede-ie boots- love them! What was the second pair half off? Tap shoes for Olivia! She has been taking tap and she is awesome at it, I'm so proud of her! I can't wait for her recital this spring..
So when we got home and after I had worked for a couple of hours, we made brownies!
I've been dying to try these brownie mixes by Betty Crocker- they are gluten-free!!! It's about freakin' time! This discrimination against GF peeps is almost over! I read some reviews about the brownie mix on and figured it would be great- no bad reviews on there!

So what's the scoop? These are as easy to make as a regular Betty Crocker mix, butter and eggs are all you need. One bowl, one pan. Wow, no real mixing required besides elbow grease.
Taste wise? Spot on my lovelies. SPOT ON. You want chocolate? You got it! Look- chocolate chips!!!!!!

So I only found ONE thing wrong with these babies- you should use real butter. Which makes my dairy-free stomach way unhappy. They kind of crumbled apart when I was taking them out of the pan. I was thinking I should try adding some fake cream cheese to thicken it up, but at 6 pm I had no motivation to run out to Handnafords and get some. Next week, I will try that! But damnnnnnnnnn... look at these!

Alright before I sign off I'll give you a better picture of my lil frumpy kiddo. I got her school pictures back today and my little angel is a beauty!!! I cou!ldn't scan it in, but here is a "snap" shot!


  1. 1, sry to be so MIA
    2, i'm so glad you got to see your best friend!!!!!!!!
    3, your sister's face lol priceless
    4, your girl is sooooo gorg
    5, move here, i'll hire you and we'll play with kiddos all day and eat brownies the rest of the time :)


  2. LOVED the Proposal!!! So cute and funny (and, um, naked Ryan Reynolds wasn't bad either).

    Also, how does your daughter manage to take cute school pictures?? Wish I could have asked for tips back in the day :P

  3. haha too funny, you should work from home all the time!

    I have the proposal in netflix queue! I've heard mixed reviews, so I'm glad you liked it!

    Olivia looks so cute in ALL the pics! I used to tell really, long drawn out stories when I was little too. I'd segway into other stories and lose my train of thought and my relatives would lose focus on listening.. haha it was a joke of the family when I'd start a story they'd go "heeeerree goes..."

    Glad they make gluten free! Try using Smart Balance 50/50 blend, half butter. Might be easier on your tummy but closer in consistency? That is a little weird though that they call for butter since most allergy ppl have cross allergies? Doesn't the regular mix just use oil? I haven't made them in a long, time, though! (not a big chocolate person!)

  4. Aahh qdoba is totally my mexican food fix out here, i really like it! Cuuuuute pic O, that girl is adorbs!! :D

  5. I love Olivia's school photo - she is a beauty.
    The brownies look yummy. I've spotted that new mix in the store recently and wondered how it was - thanks for the feedback.

  6. You can do that with your toes?! I'm NOT the only crazy toed girl?! Yeah! :)

    Thanks for the information about the gluten free brownies. I have never seen these, but I NEED to look for them. I do low gluten, it helps me with my bloating issues.

  7. I've never even heard of Qdoba before - is it a chain?

    Love, love, love school pictures!! Especially your beautiful little girl! :D The best is when you put kindergarten through senior year of high school - they grow so fast! :D

  8. at least you have your little peanut to give you an excuse to watch Hannah Montana. I watch it by my own will ;) By the way, shes just gets cuter and cuter every day. You're gonna have major problems when she starts getting interested in boys ;)

  9. can I have a brownie?! pweaaaaaaaaaase?

    that child is soooo adorable!! she is going to be STUNNING when she grows up!!