Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They Say It's Your..

Aw guys!!! Thank you SO much for your sweet talk on my last post! Y'all know how to make a girl blush big time!!

So hey it still feels like Sunday to me! You know why? I'm off this week! Yahoo! This week is my second week of my F-U-N- short for "Forced Unpaid Nothing". Come on, it's not a vacation if you can't afford to do anything! The good news for me is though, I worked almost 30 hours of overtime in the last two weeks which (at least money wise...) makes up for the fact that I am NOT getting paid to take time off. Oh.. big corporations.. how they crack me up.

So I've been waking up to this:

Isn't she cute??? But SOOOOOO obnoxious.
And I've been drinking this:

I can't even say enough about Bolthouse juices. I swear on my life, they are the ONLY reason why I haven't gotten SICK yet this year. Everyone else around me is dying of some respitory thing and I just keep chuggin' away at the juice. Even Olivia got a bad cold and I managed to come away with just a slight cough. Ah the joys!
So yesterday for lunch I decided I was going to cook beyond heating something up in the microwave or picking at what my grandmother makes. You know, because she's 900 years old and keeps up with allergy-friendly cooking so nothing is slathered in cheese, butter, and pasta! (Did you sense my sarcasm??)
I knew I needed to make something that is keeping with my recent commitment to go veggie till 6. Did I tell you guys that? Maybe not- I figured the best way for me to save money and a little of my health was to eat vegan until 6 pm, then I would feel free to nibble away at the meat. If I want to. Half the time I don't want to. I guess I'm a part-time carnivore? Or an almost full time vegan?
Soooooo I dug around in the freezer and fridge until I found what I had been craving for days. Bread. And rice cheese.

OK I lie. Who CRAVES rice cheese? But I wanted cheese- and this is the only way I'm going to get it without being chained to the .. well- you get the idea.

But I did make a mean grilled cheese!!

I served mine with CARROT JUICE. I would just like to point out ... that Bolthouse Farms CARROT JUICE is CARROT JUICE. And those who do not like the SHARP, sorta sweetly bitter taste of FRESH carrots- please- do not try this! It is potent stuff! I had to chug it and chase with my sandwich.

Well, I gotta bounce off of here. I will be blog reading tonight while watching some boob tube, but for now, I have to work out! I had dance class last night (whooooo) and I'm sore, but I was screwing up on some stuff, so I figured I better get my ass in gear and work on it! PLUS, since I am home, my grandmother is making me go shopping for her. This week is what my family likes to call "Fake Thanksgiving". You are all invited.. what's another 20 people on top of the 25 we have coming now??
Oh and by the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESSIE!!!!!!!

There, now I've embarrassed somebody today. : )


  1. She looks so cute! And in fact, she looks almost exactly like my morning alarm clock :)

  2. I don't think I'm a carrot juice person... more of a V8 gal I'd say ;)

    I love those bolthouse juices too, WHICH is why I don't buy them lol!

  3. Thanks for the birthday shout-out!! You make me feel so special :)

    I love bolthouse juices-so good. And I love the carrot juice--I'm weird what can I say?

    Have fun on your week off--at least you found a way to make up for it with your OT.

  4. I love Bolthouse too! They are too expensive for me to drink everyday, but definitely pick some up now and then for a treat.

    Cute kitty!

  5. Haha, you seem to be in hyper mood today! So cute.

    Well, I hope you enjoy yourself during the F-U-N period! ;-)