Sunday, January 3, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

It's Day 3 of the New Year and I'm already having a lot of trouble with saying 2010. Or writing 2010. It feels like a weird pattern on my keyboard, or more like a password, than the year.
Well over the last week I saw a lot of good posts about reflecting on the previous year, and how much the person has grown or experienced. I won't go back and point any out, I read them all ; )
So why do you ask, do I not have any resolutions up? Or self-reflections up? I'm not sure why myself. I was never good at keeping resolutions I made even during the regular part of the year, nevermind at the beginning of a New Year. Workout more? SURE, I can. Let me just scrape myself out of my home office chair and change out of my PJs. Eat Better? YEP. Got that after I polish off a huge bowl of sugary cereal.
Most of my goals have been lost this year in the shuffle of C leaving, and the stress of moving back home again. All the good stuff from the first half of the year seems like it was a very very long time ago.
And I'm realizing now, that mentally I'm not in a good place. I'm angry where I probably shouldn't be. I'm sad when there is nothing to be crying about. Take charge of your emotions you say! YES I CAN! I say back. And two days later I'm back where I started.

So my only New Years resolution at this point, is to take charge of my mental health, because it is expanding into other areas of my life. A sinus infection I have had since November. Aches and pains that just do not go away with Motrin or rest. Even sleeping is painful. Having little or no appetite. Losing my temper. Crying for no reason. I know on the blog I don't come across as an angry crybaby... do I?? Anons... please... be nice.
Therefore, Houston, we have a problem.

The good news is, this has not affected my twisted sense of humor.

Meanwhile all this mental turmoil is going on- I did get a gift a while back, that I've been meaning to blog about. I won a contest on PB & Jenny. Sheesh, I'm like a freakin' stalker Jenny! It was a big box of Kay's Natural cookie bites! They came directly to mi casa from Kay's... Yippeee! I got a box filled with sample sized packages of cinnamon cookie bites and honey cookie bites.
Let me tell you, from someone who is a fan of cereal. (Huge fan.. its sick.) These were like small bags of Cinnamon Puffins; for those who are fans of that cereal.. rejoice! Here they are in single size bags! Ha!
So how did I eat this delectable little snack- in yogurt! Some nice dairy free, agave sweetened Turtle Mountain vanilla soy yogurt. This little breakfast held me over for almost 3 hours and let me tell you- NOT EVEN oatmeal does that. Yep, in the mornings my metabolism is like a rocket ship. Very strange!
So I dub this little combo- the breakfast of champions! Thank you Jenny!


  1. It's so empowering to realize that WE ARE IN CONTROL of our mental health! we have the power to CHOOSE to be positive, to make the most out of this year, and if we conquer these mental battles then all of those "resolutions" will happen on their own :) great post, sweetie! you are such a wise wise woman!

  2. I love your un-resolutions! I didn't do a reflection post, either, but if I had I think mine would be much the same as yours. My mental health needs to be put back in order b/c it totally DOES affect all other areas. Then I think I'll be well-rested and have myhead on straight to have more energy and get the other stuff in check! Once you set one brick down, the rest will fall in place - I like that concept! :) Thanks for putting it in words for me!

    I'm also a major cereal fan. My mom was cracking up about the cabinet above our refrigerator - both doors open and it's box after box after box. And the funny thing is, they all get eaten! Almost every trip I have cereal on the list b/c I love to mix them and put them on other things. Another good one is sprinkled on ice cream! ;)

  3. DANG what a good breakfast! i need to order those cookie bites!

  4. I too am finding 2010 so strange to type. I know what you mean about the resolutions--I'm never good at keeping them and I always end up feeling shitty because I can't keep them.

    I'm sorry that you've been having such a hard time--I know what it's like when it seems like your brain has gone completely out of whack--the same thing is happening to me a lot right now. I don't have any great advice, but if you do find that rescue boat let me know. I'll keep an eye for one too.

    And I would be honored to be your bridesmaid!! Love you!!