Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When It All Falls Down

Well I hope everyone had a good long weekend. Or at least a relaxing day at work if you did have to work!
I had Friday off. Then did not have to work on Monday, so I was completely confused as to what day it was, last night I flipped on the TV expecting a Criminal Minds Sunday night marathon and found Intervention on A&E. That show makes me want to hurl sometimes! I have a love/hate relationship with it- the drug use totally grosses me out and makes me really glad I never tried anything like that in my life! Did anyone else read the series "Sweet Valley High" and remember the one where Regina tried coke and had a heart attack because of some unknown heart condition? Anyone??
So getting back to more important things..

The GOOD NEWS is. Rony's family is OK! I'm very happy for him!!! He has a lot of brothers and sisters and extended family- and they were all ok. It's miraculous because entire families are being wiped out down there and there are going to be thousands of orphans who have no families. I'm hearing that orphans who have U.S. ties will be allowed to come here and stay here, which I think is a good thing. But keep doing whatever you are doing to help raise money for Haiti! Every little bit helps. The Peanut's school is organizing a clothing drive through the Red Cross and even though they are asking for money now- these people who survived with only the clothes on their back will need new clothes. So I cleaned out my closet of some stuff that I was looking to sell- and put it in the pile to donate. Capris, shorts, and little tank tops that will never fit me again. It's hot down there, so anything I can give will be good. I was thinking I would give away some bras- since I have a million of those, but... I'm not so sure that's a good idea!

Alright, some other news. FOOD. FAMILY. In that order. I stayed home on Friday and putzed around the house. I made this for lunch. Isn't it nice I can still have a grilled cheese sandwich?! Never mind it's gluten-free bread and rice cheese that has a slightly grainy aftertaste... It's comfort food!

I served it with soup. What better way to spend the day than with a grilled cheese, soup, and tea.. and my laptop?

I know you don't care too awfully much about what I ate, you want to know what I DID. Well, we had the kids all weekend. All of them. All 5 of them. 6, if you count the baby. My two, Jessica's three, and one from my brother in law. Talk about an estrogen fest! All the kids look so different too, that I think if we WENT anywhere, we would either look like we were running a day care; or we were super skanky. "Different fathers.." lol.

Melo is 8 months old and my little man is almost walking. He talks alot more now, moves a lot more. He said "mama" and Jessica almost cried. He's the sweetest little thing ever! And he loves me, Titi Amy. AWWW!!
It was a good weekend of chicken nuggets, fries, coffee, diet pepsi, cookies, and girl talk. Oh and some games thrown in there. I think I gained a few pounds! And I didn't get to clean out my bedroom- having too much fun where I was! I'll do better next time!

Well I better get back to work over here. Enjoy the day people! Love ya!


  1. beautiful pictures!! that soup sounds awesome-love that brand!

  2. OMG so glad to hear his family is ok! I've gotta look and see if they're doing a clothing drive here through a school or church. I have itty clothes I'll never fit in again either.

  3. The kids are so cute!
    And I loved your "comfort food" meal.
    Looks so yummy :)
    Brazilian Kisses,

  4. Oh thank goodness Rony's family is Okay!! What a relief!

    Grilled cheese, soup, laptop...sounds perfect to me!

  5. So glad to hear that Rony's family is safe!!

    Soup and some form of grilled cheese is my absolute favorite go to meal :) It has taste and comfort all over it!

  6. Thank God! I'm so glad to hear that.

    I want hang out time with the kids- I need to move so I can go (even though I don't have babies).

  7. The kids are so cute! And I'm so glad that Rony's family is ok!