Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mental Health Makeover Day 2...or 3?

Hi All! Happy Thursday! I'm almost loving the posting every other day thing. You like no?? Let's see how long I can keep it up for!

As another part of my mental health makeover, I'm committing to doing 30 minutes of something I ENJOY everyday. EVERYDAY. I love to do a few things, dance, read, workout and read. And yes, in that order! There is tons of research about busy working moms taking time out and having ME time. It's easier said than done that's for sure! How does one take an hour out of the day to make sure they cram in reading, or working out, or taking a bubble bath. I haven't taken a bubble bath since 1994. I feel like I haven't worked out in just as long. I HAVE read some great books though!

I have a busy schedule that doesn't leave a lot of time for working out. Thankfully, my appetite has not increased at all with all the stress piled on. Blessing in disguise that when things get tough I still eat normally- which I think- is saving my waistline from not working out as much.

One thing I still stick with- is DANCE CLASS. Two hours on Monday nights do wonders for me. It's mentally stimulating, I have to work hard during class. Plus it doesn't hurt that there are some cutie pies in the class. One so eloquently nicknamed by me and my SIL- "the buff guy" I have no idea what his name is. But he's a model type and a great dancer. However it is nice when the guys in the class have the same goal as you do- LEARN TO DANCE. No hooking up involved or flirting or anything. Which makes C feel better and me too.

Ok enough about dance class. Moving right along here... so the idea behind is taking 30 minutes out of the day and pick what you want to do. Want to read a book? Go for it! Want to get out a workout DVD or walk on the treadmill? Do that too! Mix it up a little bit for yourself and as long as its YOU time... Don't beat yourself up if you are choosing to read instead of workout. You'll make up for it later. It's the destressing part that is the most important.

My 30 minutes last night was working out. And it was great! But my 30 minutes on Tuesday was reading. I'll workout out again tonight and read on Friday. I cycle. And it's a good cycle.

So what's been going on with my eats you ask?? I finally cooked myself something last night.

*shock* *holy crap!!!!!* *OMG*

I was craving protein and fish. Um yea. TWSS. So I busted out my frozen package of Mahi-Mahi I bought a couple of weeks ago. One tip- I always buy my fish frozen. As long as it doesn't come in a yellow box or already have seasoning on it, I think it's pretty safe to eat and not feel guilty about it. Fresh fish is too intimidating for me. I have to use it right away or else it will go bad. Frozen takes the pressure off. Hence the reason these have been in my freezer for 3 weeks.

I defrosted the fish and wrapped it in tinfoil with the following "sauce" on it:
2 tablespoons of oil, fresh lime juice, cilantro, thyme, and garlic salt.

Holy God I love Mahi-Mahi. I forgot how tender it was, but not flaky like tilapia or haddock. This IS the chicken of the sea. Haha.
I had mine without any veggies though. Rough times I tell you, but I wanted to save my calories for the chocoalte chip cookies. : )
What else have I had lately? Well, one tip for you for beefing up canned soups, when you don't have a lot of time to MAKE fresh soup or you just feel like it needs some spice...
Add canned veggies to your canned soup. Heat and serve. Wow. How was that for sneaking in your veggies?

Don't forget to check out the sodium content on the canned veggies though and drain and rinse them before adding them to your soup! Some add salt. Wal-mart does.. I have no clue why, but I drained and rinsed and we were good to go!

OK before I leave you completely till Saturday, Christina aka my midwestern twin awarded me with a "Beautfiul Blogger" award! Thanks Christina!!

I must also post up 7 random facts about me.

Here it goes!
1. I have 9 tattoos. Yes, 9!
2. I have my belly button pierced but I won't get my ears pierced because I'm too scared.
3. I have traveled by car to every state East of the Mississippi River.
4. I have 13 nieces and 5 nephews. Holy crap!
5. I cringe every time someone says my name. Amy ******. My last name gets butchered constantly, and I'm really not a fan of Amy. "Hi I'm a cheerleader from Iowa!"
6. I have a triplet. No really. I'm Facebook friends with an Amy ****** from NC. And her birthday is the day before mine, same year. No joke.
7. Speaking of birthday weirdness, my step-daughter Joanna and the Peanut have the SAME birthday! How's that for destiny???

I must also tag 7 fellow bloggers..

1. Jessie. My internet bestie. She knows why!!! When she write a memoir, I'll take some credit for pushing her to keep writing.
2. Rebeca. My Dominican sista!!! Rebeca is open and honest with all her struggles which is refreshing (not in a sadistic way either..)- sometimes in the quest to be upbeat and personable we fake it and sometimes just can't take it anymore!
3. Anais- she is lovely lovely! Can't help but be happy for her as she tackles on Law school studies, staying healthy, and looking beautiful at the same time!
4. KBtwood- of Faith Food and Fitness. I just started reading her blog, because she just started reading mine! But she is awesomely encouraging and has a great outlook on everything!
5. Kate from Cooking with Kate Kate is awesome! An East Coast native making her way thru the ritz and glitz of L.A. She rubs elbows with famous people and one of her roomies was on Modern Family. Um, autographs please?!
6. Jenny from PB & Jenny. Holy crap. She is down at the court house right now getting a restraining order against me. Love Jenny! Who doesn't!?! I just can't stop talking about her! lol
7. Throwing that out to everyone else!!!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you have a great Friday too!


  1. So I'm really liking this every other day updates--I need my Please Don't Eat me fix.

    Thanks for the tag! I love your random facts--I didn't know you had 9 tattoos. Very cool. I too don't have pierced ears but I don't have any other piercings either--boring.

    I really like the idea of taking 30 minutes to do something for yourself (and the idea of mixing it up so you don't fall into a rut).

    When I write my memoir I will give you part of the royalties lol!

  2. Mmm that fish looks good. Since moving here I've relied on frozen fish, too!

    OMG I've done #3 too! hehe Also out to Arizona, so the bottom states too!

  3. So glad you're taking time out for yourself everyday! Your fish looks delicious too. What kind of dance class is it? Ballroom?
    Take care,

  4. oh my god you make me blush! honey - I love you more than words :)

    I want to take a dance class SO badly. (unfortunately, I have zippo rhythm) come be my personal instructor. K? sounds great.

  5. oh my gosh i love you!! thanks SO much love!! i would totally pick you for the same! so glad we got each others blogs :)

    dance class?!?1 yes please! gah i LOVE dancing!! and i love fish!! what do you do in dance class? like what kind?

  6. hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! yeah, jessie is a pretty awesome lady :) it's such a great idea to designate time for yourself each day, and to treat it just like any other scheduled thing, don't let it get bumped out of the way by other stuff! dance class sounds like a great place to release some steam and have fun!

  7. You are too sweet!!! Thanks so much for the award :)

    ps: I've never tried Mahi but you make it sound so good that I want to give it a try! So smart to cook it with some lime on top... yum!

  8. I love that you're going to take that time out for you and following your heart on what best to do!

    Now, I need you every day (every other at the very least)... dooooo it :)

    Oh I just did this! You're too kind!