Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tears In Heaven

Please, whatever you do today, please make sure you pray for the people of Haiti and all their families here in the US. For strength, and faith, and hope.

My brother-in-law... my dear brother-in-law, his family lives in Haiti and he has been unable to get in touch with them since the earthquake.

They live in Ville de Solidarite - a part of Port-au-Prince.

I love my brother-in-law and I love my little sister more. They need our prayers to make it through this time.

Consider donating funds to the Red Cross through your place of employment, many companies offer "matching gifts" which doubles any amount you give. My company does.

Anyway, please keep my BIL in your thoughts and prayers today.


  1. Oh Amy I'm so sorry to hear that! They'll definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.

    My cousin works for a non-profit and wrote some tips to make sure your $ (no matter where you're donating) goes to RELIEF and not to office supplies or operation costs:

  2. Yikes! Amy, wow. I've seen the videos and its is heart wrenching - especially since a lot of people cannot contact their friends and family since most of the phone lines are down.


  3. I'm so sorry. I'll keep them in my prayers.

  4. I'm keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers - thank you for the post to continue to remind people to stop and pray pray pray!

  5. oh man-so sorry. this is so sad!

  6. so sorry to hear this! a friend of mine from college was on a mission trip in there and was stuck under some rubble, but was rescued thankfully. your family is in my prayers!

  7. hey honey,

    so sorry to hear that your BIL has family that he is trying to locate. i will say a prayer for him right now, and for you & your sis too.

    on a less serious note, i loved your celebrate the small things post. so many good moments out of a "regular" day. peanut is looking cute as ever!

    thanks so much for tagging me with the blogger award, have to think of 7 things!! i loved yours :)

  8. I'm so so sorry to hear about your BIL... I hope he hears from his family very soon!!! My uncle is also from Haiti and while most of his family has now moved here there are a few left. I believe he's heard from most of them thankfully but it's so stressful.

  9. I've been praying all week for your family and all those in Haiti. I hope your BIL has had some sort of contact with them. Let me know if there's anything you need!