Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where Did The Week Go?

I have no clue! I woke up and it was Thursday!

First of all, Happy Birthday to the most lovely girl ever. She knows who she is! I'm still trying to decide if she is keeping it a secret or not. So let's see if she reads this.. lol

Key things to note about the week.

1. Hot chocolate is always better in pairs. And it is especially indulgent when drinking it at work with a throw away cup. This is seriously the only way I've been making it through the days here at work.

I should really be using my mug I have at work. I know!!!!!

I also tried something new this week. Yummy tasty. Simple and easy to make! I'm a frequent stalker of the fabulous Mama Pea who always has delish recipes up. A couple of weeks ago I saw a recipe for quionoa up and she described it as tasting just like Spanish rice. YEA YUMMY. You all know by now, I'm a Latin Lover.
Of course, I de-veganized it by adding shrimp. I finally used up the last of a huge bag of shrimp! Whoooo..

I guess my goal of posting every other day is not happening right now.. I will be trying to do better next time! We have some crazy stuff coming up this weekend! Well, not really, but hey one can dream right?!
So far this week it's been dramatic personal life wise, so I am hoping that things can calm down over the weekend and go back to normal. Normal is relative though isn't it? I have to remember my mantra, "remember the source!" and keep repeating that to myself.
Hope everyone is having a LOVELY week so far!


  1. Oh, hot chocolate. That shit is amazing!

    You're right--just remember the source. Some sources are just crapped up. I hope things calm down this weekend and you can relax!

    Love you!

  2. i love quinoa! and hot chocolate is always amazing, esp in pairs! gotta love that ghiradelli stuff, yeee it's from SF too, lol!

  3. Hot Chocolate is amazing! I haven't had some in way too long! :)

  4. Oh yummy I love mixing salsa in my quinoa as I make it so it tastes spanish! It cooks right in!

  5. Sorry there is so much personal drama going on in your neck of the woods - hoping you have a calmer weekend my friend!

    Hug the peanut for me! :D