Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweats and Lack of Sweat

Oh Happy Monday afternoon. My plan for a lazy low-key weekend worked! Personal drama ironed itself out. "Remember the source" eventually kicked in, and I got over it!
I didn't cook. Well. Actually I did, but I forgot to take pictures of food, I was too busy taking pictures of kids. I also didn't really work out that much. Are you surprised? I am too, but I had a good reason!

Ok let's get started! Friday! TV night again with the Peanut, I booted her out of my room at 9 so I could watch Medium, but not before I messed with her hair.

And then she whacked me with a pillow and messed up mine.
Look, I'm wearing my favorite sweats EVER. Champion. Size XL. I look like a drowned rat in them, but they are so comfy!

And that was it for Friday!

Saturday we had some things to do.. and got going on them early. Then I started making phone calls to get all the kids up to my house so we could go to Movie Night at church. They were showing Madgascar 2 Escape to Africa. Complete with movie theater like food and such. Super cheap! $2 for a hot dog, chips, and soda. Um.. you can't beat that with a stick! I had these four rag-a-muffins with me.
From the left:

Jenette, Lissette, Peanut, and Jocelyn. You ask, what is up with the ETTE names? I don't know either! And I also want to know why Jenette is spelled like JEN. Instead of JAN. She made sure she corrected me, as I have been spelling her name wrong for months and months. Her younger sister's name, I have also been spelling wrong. Vivvianni. UM WHAT?! I spelled it Viviani- you know.......... the normal way? But I digress. We all can't have 3 letter names that a 2 year old could spell.
And now for a photo montage of the whole night.... please try and keep up. And let me know if you spot anything in these pictures that would qualify this for a food blog post or not...

As you can see, I broke a few cardinal rules of a healthy living mommy/aunty on Saturday. We feasted on soda, chips, and hot dogs. And everyone survived. Good thing huh? As moms I feel like we put alot of pressure on ourselves to serve the healthiest thing and cross our fingers our kids don't hate us for it later. Well, once in a while we have to let loose and indulge. We definitely don't have soda everyday. And we don't have chips and crap in the house EVER. But it was a fun night out, so what was I going to do- bring carrot sticks and hope they didn't notice the Milky Way bars and Doritos? Nope.. We'll hit all the food groups another night.

Oh yea, so why haven't I worked out? Well, I did. I did some weights on Saturday and yoga on Sunday- but my knee sustained some damage somehow. I don't know how, but I think I bruised the bone just below my knee cap. The back of my knee is pretty swollen and the front of my knee looks like Tanya Harding's hit man got me. Is anyone who reads my blog old enough to remember that?????? I kid I kid.
So, weights and yoga it is. I have to cool it on the snacks in the meantime... I haven't been able to work out all week (last week and this one so far..).

Anyway, enjoy your day lady bugs! I'll be back soon!


  1. Coincedentally I'm wearing my fav sweat pants now. Size L from an aunt's friend who bought them when she was pregnant. I swim in them, but ohhh they're glorious. The label says they're "black" but I've washed them so many times they're navy blue. They also have a few bleach splatters. They hang so low I once got them stuck in a bike chain, so the right leg is shredded 3 or 4 inches up. Oops! hehe

    Movie night looks super fun and adorable! Plus you showed us pics w/ hot dogs in them, so it's def. a food blog post!!

    Also, I remember the Tanya Harding fiasco - it was her husband that hit Nancy wasn't it?! I was in elementary school, but proud that I still was old enough to remember! haha

  2. Awwwwww looka like you had a great weekend!!! How fun having a movie night at church, we love Madagascar 2, my son has it on dvd!

    Oh and I feel you on the indulging every once in a while, we do not have any soda in our house, Anthony gets to have some here and there for special occasions, such as the movies! Gotta have soda and popcorn!!!

    I hope your knee feels better girl!!! xoxo

  3. aw what a fun weekend :) I have a pair of sweatpants.. I swear they're meant for two people -- they're HUGE but so dang comfy!

  4. What a great weekend Amy! Love the giant comfy sweats too!

    My sisters name is Jennifer and in girl scouts when we were little, the leader spelled her name "Jenipher." WTF?

    And I am LOTS older than you, so I remember the white trash commonly known as Tanya Harding!

  5. Hey, there's nothing wrong with soda, chips, and hot dogs. I think people get so caught up in all these "healthy eating rules" and beating themselves up for not being perfect about it. When the truth is that there's no right or perfect way to eat or feed your kids.

    I love my XL sweats!

    And oh, Tanya Harding--I was majorly obsessed with figure skating when that whole thing went down (I had this idea that I was someday going to be a professional skater--uh, right...) and I was totally into the drama. Man, I feel pathetic.

  6. Sometimes you gotta pig out on junk food! I love taking my kiddo to a fast food place and letting her eat french fries and nuggets. I don't do it all the time but she's gotta do those things once in awhile!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun this weekend! Your little one is so cute :)

  7. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I'm glad you got the rest and relaxation you needed! Your "peanut" is adorable.

  8. How does your tiny ass fit into a XL? lol.
    I think that is a POSITIVE enforcement, to teach the kids not to sweat too much about being perfectly healthy all the time. By letting them snack on "bad" stuff sometimes, it's just teaching them that such food is an occasional treat, not a "forbidden" food, which would only make them crave it more!

  9. what fun!!! i LOVE me some sweatpants! thats all i wear to class! haha.
    your comment was hilarious. have a great day girl!

  10. Weights and yoga are great! It's SOMETHING which is always better than nothing lol!!!

    Love the sweats! My fave are Roots sweatpants. They are honestly AMAZING! :)