Friday, February 12, 2010

When It Rains It Pours

Does everyone remember that it's Valentines Day on Sunday? Is anyone doing anything fun with their loved one? I am not! We will be chatting by phone, remembering how much fun we had last year on V-day. I miss him so much sometimes!!!! But it will all be worth it in the long run, all this time apart.

So anyway, I'm currently drafting this on Friday afternoon. I think I should be working, but I'm not right now. This weekend is a BIG weekend for us, so expect a photo recap of epic proportions- just probably very little involving food.

What is on the schedule?
1. last night, Jessica and I went all out and partied like rock stars. I'm currently going on 2 hours of sleep.
*pinch* yep, I'm still alive!
2. Tonight is Disney On Ice at the Gahh-den in Boston. Whooooo! Santa bought us tickets for Christmas.. 6th row back from the ice. Incredible! Unfortunately, I probably will not try and sneak my camera in. I'm not sure I want to try, they might make me toss it..... wouldn't that be awful? If I did that, they would probably scoop it out of the trash and USE IT.
3. Roller skating birthday party for a dance friend on Saturday morning. I'm going to either fall asleep on my skates or die trying to skate because I'll be so tired I won't be able to pick up my feet.
4. Baby Caiden's 1st Birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Complete with a heated bouncy house, catered food, and a few clowns, maybe Barney will show up. Whatever it will be, this baby is given nothing but the best of everything
5. Recover?
6. Sleep.

Good times no?

So last night... I'd like to just say, that I'm NOT in any way tooting my own horn or trying to make myself out to be a skanky-ho bag, because I'M NOT! But when Jessica and I go out I get hit on ALOT. Nevermind I have a pretty ballin' ring on my finger. Nevermind I tell people from the jump I'm not available. These guys see a cute face with a cute butt and some boobage and forget all manners.

Put it this way, Jessica and I ended up leaving the after party from going out dancing because it was either we go, or I was going to get molested. OK???? She did manage to snag the ONLY normal nice guy who respected the fact that I am taken! Beyotch! No I'm only kidding, I'm happy, I'll be babysitting while she goes out because he's a cutie and he knows my man from when they were little. : )

Jessica said it's because I'm the lowly white girl and I have perfect blue eyes. I think it's because guys want to see how far they can get before I either cave or freak. Well, I did neither. It was quite uncomfortable though because you don't want to be a bitch. But you don't want a guy trying to kiss a shot in your mouth either. Yea gross.

All I was doing was trying to hang with the people from my dance class because in class they are COOL, PROFESSIONAL, and FUN. Last night I saw the dark side! I'm still young enough (27 for those of you keeping score) to party it up once in a while. But I don't want to disrespect my man either.

Ladies with S.O.s. Did I do the right thing by not yelling at the guy? Should I have even gone to the party? Are these problems I shouldn't worry about? Keep in mind, I RARELY drink, so someone trying to do that to me? Not cool, even if it is my man, he knows I can't handle the booze! Jessica said not to worry, the guy was drunk, will probably be in class on Monday all red-faced and shamed.. I'm even embarrassed putting it out here, but hey my parents don't read this! LOL.

OK, nevermind, I have no pictures for you. Camera at home!

Even you ladies without men can weigh in on this if you want. We can chat about jerks we've run into that makes us appreciate our fine men more. Or reinforce why the single ladies.. are still single!

***see you soon! ***


  1. Ohh fun weekend!!

    Ok my two cents -- Dude, seriously you handled it perfectly fine. AND regardless if you have a man or not you have every right to stick up for yourself against unwanted behavior. Even if you were single and didn't feel him, you don't have to put up w/ him acting like that. Kiss a shot into a mouth?! Dis.gus.ting. *shudders*

    Can't wait to hear how he handles it Monday morning - he better be embarrassed!

  2. Hey it sounds like you have a great weekend planned!

    And you totally did the right thing with the guy! That's completely out of line and he had no business acting that way drunk or not. Like Christina said, you have the right to tell him where to shove even if you were single.

    And I don't think there's anything wrong with going out even though you have a guy. I go out to have fun and dance and relax not to pick up guys (or get hit on by nasty ones) so I don't think it's a problem. And it's not like you were asking to get harrassed by this asshole.

    Anyway, have fun on the rest of your weekend!

  3. I think you handled the situation quite well!

    This V day will be hard but you're right - in the long run it will be worth it!!!

  4. I think you did the right thing, and those boys will be SO embarrassed. Hope you have a lovely V-day despite Carlos not being there.

  5. Oh love how are you!! Sounds like you had a fun night out, always going to have the obnoxious drunk guys at the club, I know how you feel, thats why I dont even go to clubs anymore with my girls, we do a nice dinner usually all together, clubs can get annoying with immature guys!!

    I hope you have a great day love!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo