Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some Days...

Some days...

You just want to stick your head in a bowl of cereal.

Some days...

You wake up thinking you are speaking a foreign language because nothing makes sense.

And then you realize you aren't, its still the same old same old.

Sometimes you have repeat this over and over again, to justify M&Ms and tea for breakfast..

Some days you think of the BBQ sauce container as being almost empty.

Sometimes its a little bit full.
Sometimes its ok to pretend you are having a fish sandwich from the local dive bar.

It's almost as good. Except you don't wake up with your pants around your ankles in some random guys' bed with food poisoning and a hangover.
B-B-Q- Sauce container is a little bit full today!

How is the sauce jar a little full today for you?


  1. lol!! love this post!!! Oh I had one of those days yesterday!! Your cat is so cute!!! Is it a boy or a girl?

    Loving the oats combo too and those salmon burgers! Those look so good!!!

    I know what you mean, we would get tons of snow when I was little and still have school, it was nuts!! DC people freak out here, lol!! We are supposed to get 12-16 inches here tomorrow thru Saturday, blizzard!! Mike and I have to go to the grocery store tonight, not looking forward to the madhouse there, I went to Whole Foods to get my goods today and it was nuts!!

    Have a great day girl!! xoxo

  2. OMG this post is hysterical!!!

    haha it's a little full today for me b/c I'm heading over to J's sisters house to hang out and do crafts together for some girl time!

  3. hahahha oh my god girl you never fail to make me LOL .. literally!!

    p.s. thank you SO MUCH for your comment on my blog today. You always know what to say :) love ya!

  4. your kitty and my kitty could be twins! ok, maybe they're just both gray, but close enough. LOL i love how you clarified the comment you left on my blog, i wouldn't have thought it was "beeyotchy" at all! but thanks for being so considerate anyway :)

  5. What a GREAT post! I loved it!!!

    It's so true: sometimes, life is like that! And I'll add one: sometimes, you need cute bowls and mugs to make your day brighter because it works :)

    ps: the shirt is from H&M! My mom and sis have one too lol!

  6. Love this! And no need to justify M&Ms and tea for breakfast.

    The problem is when the same old same old does start to feel like a foreign language...And you wonder what the hell am I doing here?

    I love your cat too!

  7. haha such a cute post :) those salmon burgers look really good!!

  8. What a funny post! My jar is a little bit full today for the moment. I'm sure it will feel emptier later since tomorrow is Monday :)

  9. Love this post!

    I want a Salmon Burgerrrrrrr!

    Miss you. Hope you and O (and everyone else are safe and happy) and update me on that event Jessie and I are attending!

  10. Your kitty is so cute! :) I love it when my cat "tastes" my food. Too funny!