Wednesday, February 10, 2010

L.A. Fever

Well today is Hump Day and a snow day. I wish I were home with the Peanut today! Unfortunately, since school is cancelled and my mother is a teacher at the school Peanut goes to........ THEY got to stay home and I had to go to work! As always, customers before our safety!
We are supposed to get about 4-7 inches in my area and the further south you get into Rhode Island the more snow you get. I hate driving in the snow even with my big old SUV, so I hope my boss (who happens to drive a huge truck) gets a clue and sends the women home early like he did last year. Cross your fingers!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I went to run my errands at lunch time and I get a call from my mom. The Peanut was sick! She had a fever and was feeling nauseated. So after clearing a few things off my desk when I got back I left again and picked her up.

Normal mothers would have taken their child directly home to bed.

Normal mothers would given their child with a fever Tylenol and chicken soup as soon as they woke up from said nap.

I am not. a. normal. mother!

I dragged my sick kid to Target and Hannafords instead. Here's the swag!

I know my daughter all too well and figured she would perk up with some Tylenol and brownies : )
This was my first time trying the Gluten-Free Pantry brownies and they did not disappoint! I thought they were going to come out crappy because the batter was SUPER SUPER thick- I could barely stir it around, but once I managed to spread the batter into the little pan we have, it was all good. We added butterscotch chips to the mix because... well.. just because.

After all that, I let the Peanut add whatever toppings to her brownie that she wanted. I repeat, I'm not a normal mother!

Later on in the day between the hours of 5 and 6, I did yoga. Has anyone ever done Kundalini Yoga? I have several Ana Bret and Ravi Singh DVDs and boy are they a hoot. Their workouts are incredible- both uplifting and hard to do. But they are goofy. The DVD format is: Ana doing the moves and Ravi doing the voice over. Then Ana does the voice over. My favorite line is in the beginning: "Be kind to yourself and grind." OH YEA BABY! But anyway I only lasted about 20 minutes before I fell over laughing, my 15 year old brain was not doing too well I guess! I did also do a power yoga tape (yes, I still have tapes! lol) that I LOVE. MTV Power Yoga with Kristin McGee- she is GREAT. Still my favorite tape after all these years (made circa 2001).

What else did I do? Oh yea! For dinner I had a brownie sundae! I'm such a wonderful example of perfect health right? Katie, here are the pictures! I've been craving a brownie sundae since I saw one that she posted up!

YUMMMMMMMMMMMM... perfect ending to the night. I did end up eating a snack later on, apples and peanut butter.. But I was just totally feeling a smaller dinner and just really wanted a sundae! Don't hate me!
So what's been going on with my knee? I don't know! It hurts though! I want to say I sprained it? But I can't say for sure without hitting up the doctors office and shelling out 500 dollars for an MRI. Yes, Virginia, there are people who pay out of pocket for medical treatments... I went to dance class with my knee brace on and it wasn't TOO bad. But then the yesterday I got up and BAM- I was limping around like an old lady.
My SIL and I are supposed to be going out on Thursday night (dancing.. it's what we do best. ha!) and I'm not sure I should dance that much. HMMMMMMMMMMM... what to do??

Anyway! I hope all my lovelies in the southern states are having fun digging out from the snow. I'll be doing that later! Have an awesome awesome day!


  1. Have you tried SO delicious' coconut milk ice cream? It's literally so delicious lol!!!

    How do you find the Luna bars? I haven't really liked any of those that I've tried... but maybe I'm not trying the right ones?

    Hope you get to go dancing :) There's nothing like letting loose!

  2. Aww hope Olivia feels better! What a good mommy! hehe

  3. Haha I bet your daughter felt a lot better with that brownie, who needs a normal mother haha.

  4. Normal mothers are boring! Plus brownies and GF oreos are farrrrrr better than soup :) Love it... I hope the Peanut is feeling better (I'm about to go to Snow Day number 5... I'm DONE with them lol)

  5. GIRL those oreos and ice cream look awesome!
    you are such a great mommy!!!

  6. Your an awesome mom!!! Tylenol and brownies!!! Mom of the year!!!!! Hope she is feeling better!!!

    Yay you posted pics of the amazing brownie sundae!!! Looks sooooooooooooooooo good!!! Loving it girl!!

    Forevern 21 I love, went today, got a shirt little wrap sweater and necklace to wear for valentines romantic dinner tonight with my love, I didnt get anything else because honestly, I usually just order online, the store is exhausting, there is crap everywhere, never have my size, and online is so much easier, more stuff on there too, and I love it that way!!

    So yay that you ordered online, cant wait to see what you got! I will post pics of my outfit from Vday too !!!

    Katie xoxo

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  8. Tylenol and brownies! There's no better cure. Seriously, you have to be the best mom ever!