Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? I'm so glad to be at work, where my inbox is exploding, I'm being harassed by my customers, and my phone is not working properly. It's GOOD TO BE BACK! Can you tell I'm dripping with sarcasm???

Well my Sunday was pretty darn lazy, my one feat was making chicken parm. More on that later though, you want to know what my truths were!

Here were my alleged "truths"
1. I'm originally from Maryland!
2. I love designer clothes and stock up on good deals whenever I can!
3. I was a chemistry major in college.
4. I have a rough draft of a book in my desk, waiting to be read and edited!
5. I love to drive and will go anywhere at anytime!
6. My favorite hair color on myself is blonde.
7. I have multiple piercings and no tattoos!

And here is what is actually the TRUTH!
1. most of my family lives in Maryland and I spent every summer and winter vacation there as a kid. So I'm almost a Maryland native
2. I do like designer clothes, but I live in Forever 21 and Burlington Coat Factory- never mind the labels!
3. I used to write poetry and was published in the school paper, but I never wrote a book- too much work!
4. I hate driving. period!
5. I hated my blonde hair! dark brown hair rocks!
7. I have MANY tattoos, and only 1 piercing- and not even my ears are pierced!!

So looks like the TRUTH WAS: I WAS A CHEMISTRY MAJOR! No for reals people, I was! I LOVED science class and I rocked at Chemistry. I actually had wanted to move into a biology program at school so I could work at the CDC in Atlanta.. no joke lol. What happened? I had the Peanut! End of that! Now I'd probably go back to school to become a nurse, but I kinda want to have more kids, and I kinda think my house would fall apart if I had more kids and then left C and the kids there every night while I studied and went to class. So when C gets home, he will be going back to school- he wants to be a vet tech. He loves animals!

Well ... chicken parm! How do you make that so that your tummy doesn't hurt when you can't eat cheese or wheat? Easy, with rice mozzarella cheese and wheat free bread crumbs!

I took a classic recipe and literally saved myself 1,000 calories too. Cuz you know, you might as well call chicken parm, chicken phat pharm. Wow, I'm so stupid.

Here's what I did (recipe adapted from Clean Eating!)

1. made sauce- pepper, onion, diced tomatoes, tons of Italian seasoning, tomato sauce, mix, simmer, and enjoy the smells....

2. made chiken parmies- brushed chicken breast pieces in dijon mustard and dunked them in bread crumbs- cooked at 400 for 20 minutes
3. when the 20 minutes was up I topped the chicken with a little sauce and a hunk of rice mozzarella.

4. cook for another 10 minutes
5. meanwhile cook pasta according to package directions.. throw everything together on a plate and enjoy!!!!

I talked with C while I was making this, our conversation went a little something like this...
C; "what are you doing?"
me: "cooking lunch"
C; "sweet what are you making?"
me: "chicken parm"
C; "Oh my god... you never made that for me!"
me: "I didn't??????!!!"
C: "Oh my god, that's my favorite, how did you not know that? What's it like how are you making it?"
me:" with those bread crumbs I used to fry the..
C: " OH MY GOD!!!!!"
me: " you hate me right now don't you???"
C: "yes babe my sweet beautiful bride. I really do. Don't even tell me how it is, I don't wanna know!"
me: (laughing) "ok baby I love you too"

Poor guy!!! I can't believe I didn't know!
Have a lovely Monday guys, I'll be reading more blogs tomorrow.. I have a busy afternoon here... yea I'm so excited!


  1. Wow, I cannot believe your truth!!!! Crazy! hehe

    That chicken parm looks delicious, poor C!!!

  2. nice! always fun to learn more about bloggers. oooh i hope you do end up going back to school to become a nurse! when i'm done with my bachelor's im going to (hopefully) do a direct entry master's program and become a nurse practitioner!

  3. AH ! I love chemistry :)
    And the chicken parm looks good !
    Thanks for your comment!
    They brighten my day :)
    Love, Andy

  4. brunettes, unite! I've always wanted to go blonde, for like - a day, but I could never.

    mad tats, eh?!?! do tell! ;)

    chicken parm looks amazing!

  5. oh wow. Nerd alert! Haha! Never mind, I still love you!

  6. hahaha oh my gosh i just love you!!
    i wana see you BLONDE!!
    what kind of piercings do you have?!?! ive always wanted my cartilage pierced! i heard it hurts like CRAZAYYYYYY.
    im terrible @ chemistry!

  7. Love u girl!! THat was not a hot pic of me, lol!! That was just got done with a sweaty gym session no makeup but I dont care I got Peanutbutter pic!!! lol!!!

    I have to post that award on my blog too, after the camera pic mishap, I lost my mind!!!!!! I always lose my mind, lol!!

    Love you!!!

  8. Aww C... Listen, I need dates and details boo. I gotta start planning!

    Chicken Parm is one of my faves too!

    AND I think you could totally go back to school too. C is a lot more capable than we give him credit for... I think it's secret man-code to try to get away with doing as little as they can but still seem like a great guy