Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy Little Thing Called Ink

I have a love affair with something. It pulls me into seedy little joints on low lit streets. It makes me feel dangerous. It makes me feel mysterious and beautiful. When I do this, it feels like I'm high as a kite and nothing can stop me. What is it?

Ink baby. I have a love affair with the tattoo needle. Gross you think? Trashy you say? That might be on some (have you ever seen a 75 year old lady with a tattoo on her neck?) Mine are mostly covered by my clothes, so that in the event my old wrinkled bod ever has a saggy tattoo- C or my nurse in the nursing home are the only people seeing it : )

I got my first tattoo the day I turned 18, my twin and I getting the same Chinese symbol on our lower backs- three days later I went back and added onto it. Less then six months later I got the next one. Then the next one after that. I am running out of room and options here people! But I love the sensation of the needle- and I love expressing myself through art. I only have my bellybutton pierced- not even my ears done! I had them done when I was 9 and they got infected I got a cyst on my ear and they bled... I took the earrings out and never thought about getting them pierced again. Traumatizing for a 9 year old!!!

The only tattoo I ever got that hurt was the one on the back of my neck. I told the guy who did the tat that I preferred to give birth over that kind of pain again. Seriously!!! It was agony!

I'll try and do the count for you.. warning explicit pictures coming up.. but hey y'all wanted to know the details on them!!!

In this picture you can see a few of them... the big one on my side is my most recent one- it says, "Many waters can not quench love, nor can rivers drown it" in Italian. C picked this one out for me- I got it last summer after we had a tough summer emotionally. It was after my miscarriage and I remember him telling me that he loved me so much that he couldn't get enough and could never let me go. *sniff**sniff*. Well I looked up in the Bible (yea this is some holy artwork here!) and found the verse in Song of Solomon.. it describes us completely. When he comes home, he will be getting the same one right over his heart.

On my back are two Chinese symbols- one for Eternity, one for Fire. Eternal Fire... get it??? The word below is faith. My ex from many moons ago (before I dated the dancer five years ago) was a Marine and commited suicide. He was a good guy just so troubled and he had Semper Fi tattooed on his arm- so this was my rememberance to him- Faith- to make it through all the bad things.

This one is cute... but fading fast! I had a second love affair with tanning and needed to cover this and hardly ever did. I'm planning to get it re-colored one of these days! If you can't tell- its the "solar system" (GEEK ALERT!!!!!)

This one is a little blip of a thing. It looks more like a bug I think! It's the symbol for happiness...... I hope! It was supposed to bring me good luck. After all this time, I'm starting to think it didn't! haha! It looks sooooo random though, like what is that? A birthmark?! It's on my thigh btw.
The last one I have for you is this one..

This is cut off - I couldn't get a good enough angle there! My angel wings- for "Charlie's Angel" lol C and I are SUCH dorks.

Well there you have it folks, my body art! There is one more tat I could not angle myself to get a picture of- but its nonsense anyway- the only one I plan to COVER UP ASAP! with something else!

Hope everyone is having an awesome day so far, I'm going to be hardcore blog reading tonight, so get ready for some comments - some wild and crazy I'm kinda tired! hahaha!

******Edited to add the additional tattoo picture, I can't believe I forgot this one!!!! It gets the most compliments..


  1. Ohhh my absolute fav is the one in Italian! I love how that looks!!!

    I got my first tattoo like a week after I turned 18. Then the next year I had to get it touched up. The year after that I got my 2nd one.

    I think b/c I moved away from the beach I stopped. Now I'm covered up 8 months of the year. It was such a cultural thing there b/c you were always in a bathing suit and showing skin. I had my next two picked out. One I had drawn, I still keep the sketch in my jewelry box, and was going to be on my wrist. The other was a picture of Audrey Hepburn on the back of my shoulder, but I needed to wait and save up big bucks for that one so I could go to a great portrait artist.

  2. WOW!
    I never thought you´d have a tatoo!
    Now... several?
    Hahahaha. You´re strong ;)
    Thanks so much for the love and support. Helped a lot :)
    And, by the way - just say the award!
    I was sooo happy. I actually can´t thank you enough :D
    I´ll probably post my truths/lies tomorrow... When I feel a little better. Just got back from grandpa´s funeral...
    But, again, you´re awesome. Made my day :)
    Have a great Tuesday!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  3. No tattoos for me, but the one in Italian is beautiful and touching! Take care dear.

  4. ahh I am so happy you decided to share your tattoos with us! all of them are AMAZING!! I especially love the Italian quote. Bellisimo!

    I wish I could get one but I am soooo whimpy :(

  5. WOW! so happy to see pics, awesome! i'm scared to get one, but i think i want to! i'm just scared that i'll change my mind later on, and they're kinda sorta lifelong investments you know? :) but yours look so cool!"geek alerT" haha i love it

  6. Hi, i just found your site...and I LOVE your tats! Very cool!

  7. Thats so cool.
    I wish I was brave enough to get a tattoo.
    I could never - I'm scared of blemishes on my skin.
    Or markings of any kind really.
    Which is more than a little crazy.
    Hope tomorrow is well!
    Love, Andy

  8. Oh wow. This was SUCH a uniquely YOU post. I loved the tattoos, and the story behind each of them. It must mean so much to have it inked into your very flesh! It's like...your skin is a memory-holder itself!

  9. Dude... I saw NSFW pics of A... Made.My.Day. (LOL)

    I loooooooooove your tats. I can't wait to get another one but I always want them to mean something so I'm waiting till I'm drawn to one!

  10. I love the tats! I've considered getting one so many times but I still haven't. And I love the stories behind each one.

  11. Those are really cool! I like tattoos when they are covered by clothes like you said. I don't have one myself because I'm too scared, and I change my mind too much!

  12. my sis has a tatoo just like the one running up your side, but with 4 lines (i think?) instead of two. she wants us 3 sisters to all get the same tatoo together as a bonding thing (they are my best friends!!!) and we are thinking about it...but it would have to be a really good one for me to go for it!

  13. Cool!!! I have...none. loL!! I've never really been a tattoo person (on myself) but I love the ones with writing (like yours). I saw Leona Lewis' new tattoo and it's writing going down her spine and i think it looks GORGEOUS!

  14. very cool tattoos!!! I love the one on your foot!!! Glad you enjoyed my animal post!!!