Monday, March 29, 2010

Way Back In The Day...

Oh man, I wish I could say it is a Happy Monday like I usually do- but sadly, I don't think it is! At least in NE, it's cold, miserable, and POURING. I'm glad that my house is not in a low-lying area, otherwise we would be piling up sandbags and moving everything from the other people in my area have had to do. There is seriously THAT much rain!

I'm here at work though, waiting for 5 p.m. to roll around. I feel like I was just here..

Ok, so what did I do over the weekend? I know, you are waiting with bated breath... well I had my niece over and we went to see a show together on Sunday! Yay! But first, I wanted to tell Katie that I tried one of the Gardein "meals"... she LOVES these and when I saw them in Whole Foods you know I grabbed one up!

Can you tell I hated it????
I know these little buggers contain wheat and I thought I would report that this - was worth the headache later on that night! It tasted SOOOOOOOO good! I loved it! It won't be an all the time thing (because they contain wheat and that gives me a big headache)- but definitely a treat! YUM! Yay for Katie for turning me onto these babies!
OK- so the show!
It was at my dad's theatre- yes my DAD'S. He is the President of a Theatre company in town and a few times a year they put on these awesome shows in their new "space". This was my first time going to a show here and it did NOT let me down! Here we/they are before the show! They complained because the sun was in their eyes.. haha.

Here was the show.. all about a 1940's Radio Show, set right around Christmas time.. so cool! The music was great, acting was amazing! Loved it!

Anyway, that about rounds up the weekend. I hope everyone had an AWESOME ONE! I know once I got out of work on Saturday mine went by SO FAST! I can't wait to be able to sleep in this coming Saturday. Easter weekend, no skating, no work, no NOTHING! Yay!

Hope everyone has a great Monday- stay dry if you are in NE!!


  1. So cool that you dad owns a theater!!! I would love to say that I went to see a show this week-end, but alas, I did not. I just stayed home and did nothing. Not even homework!

  2. oh crap, your photos aren't loading for me :-(

    I have tried waiting for blogger to load them but the bottom of the page says 'done'.

    I can't wait until the easter weekend either :-)


  3. yes girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You tried the gardein product!! I never tried the burgundy trio before, never seen it yet!! It looks so good!!!! I am so glad you liked it!!! Awwwww stinks though you got a headache : p

    You are so sweet!!! Im gad you tried it and thx for the LOVE!!!!

    How fun that your dad is president of a theatre company!!!

    Looks like the kids had fun!!!

    I am so happy for this weekend too!! Nothing planned ! Just Easter dinner and thats it, were not even doing a big dinner, its just us three : )

    Love you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HEY SUGAR!!
    mmm that product sounds amazing girl!!
    yay for the weekend! I LOVE EASTER!!! its so awesome and so much fun!! girl im totally enjoying that mighty maple you were so sweet to send me!

  5. LOVE theater! It's so cool that your dad owns a company. The girls look so cute, too. Take care sweet!

  6. I´m sorry about the bad weather, girl!
    That pic with the kids was TOO CUTE, though!
    Have a terrific week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  7. Our weather is starting to finally take a turn for the better - 70's this week!

    What a great time at the show!! Love the pictures of peanut and your niece!

  8. Gah! I hope tomorrow it's warm in the NE like it will be here... Your dad is so cool. I mean not as cool as mine but def in the top 10, no?

    Those Gardein products look so yummy but how's the texture?

  9. I love the theater--that's really cool. Hopefully you haven't been washed away yet :)

    Anyway, take care of yourself and hopefully you'll get some rest this weekend.