Friday, March 26, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

Ohhhhhhhhh Happy Friday!
I am sooooo glad it's Friday! Can you tell? But let's not get overly excited here, I don't have a great weekend planned so far! I am still waiting to hear if I have to go into work tomorrow or not. I am stuck here until 6 pm already tonight (OT though.. so I'll stay all night if I have to); but I don't know about tomorrow morning. I don't want to miss the Peanut's last skating lesson, but if I must make the big bucks, I must come in and work!

So far, I have literally been twiddling my thumbs all day today- so the idea of coming into the office tomorrow in my pjs and twiddling my thumbs (blogging, reading, etc.) totally appeals to me. Free coffee? Free donuts? Paid double time? I'm in!

Well last night the Peanut had a science fair. Remember the science project we were working on? Well, it didn't work out! We had to go to Plan B. Instead of growing bacteria in food and watching fuzz grow, we got no results and decided to change it at the last second! But it all worked out I think!

She did a project about Motion and Force- it was so cute! I filmed her and my niece rollerskating last weekend and then she did a Power Point presentation on what motion and force are. It was awesome. I can't believe at 7 she knows how to do full on PP stuff- I'm SURE NONE OF US at the age of 7 could do that kind of stuff on the computer. I don't even think Oregon Trail was out when I was 7- and that was the first computer game I had as a kid. Think I was still playing pac-man on those Apple dinosaurs. Haha! Anyway, here are a few shots of the night.

Look in this picture.. all the way to the right, HOT DAD alert! WOWOWOWOW!!!

I tried to get a picture from the front, less of the side, but alas, in attempts to NOT look like a crazy stalker- I stopped trying and just enjoyed the VIEW! Whoever he is married to is LUCKY!
Anyway- it was an enjoyable experience and I was really proud of the Peanut. She did SUCH a good job!
Here was another interesting project about bacteria in water. This girl pulled samples from everywhere, bottled water, tap water, resturants, the TOILET. According to her samples... it's safer to drink out of a well then a water fountain and then don't even get me started on the resturant drinking water. Can you see which one it is? Lucianos???????? According to her sample, I would rather be drinking out of the TOILET than from there!

Interesting isn't it???

Well, since this is a food blog, I guess I will share with you one of my Whole Foods purchases- Enjoy Life bagels. Now you know how big a typical bagel should be right? Yes, well these are tiny itty bitty little bagels. This was the only purchase I made where I felt cheated out of money! Look at this thing! In this case, size TOTALLY matters! I compared to my work badge which is about the size of a playing card.

CARB OUTRAGE! It still tasted yummy, but I was still miffed over how small it was.

This yogurt made up for it... it was SOOOOOOOOOO tasty! I loved it! Please note I have been chained to my desk for the last week and so all my pictures are taken there. Haha.

These are the days where I really miss my baby! I haven't been feeling up to snuff mentally and emotionally lately (I know you guys can't tell because I crack jokes all over..) but when the spring time hits and I think about stuff like baseball and walks and going out for ice cream at midnight, I MISS my Charlie. Fortunately, I drink out of this mug all the time- his fav.. and now mine. Next month is our anniversary, we'll see what kind of fun I can come up with for us over the phone. Oh God. That sounded so gross.. lol sorry! Bad jokes on a Friday!!!!!!!!

What are your plans for the weekend??


  1. woo total DILF! who knew you could score eye candy at the science fair?!!? so much love to little peanut -- what a whizz!

  2. I think that's so cute that you drink out of his mug :) I would do the same!

    And um yes. Hot dad alert indeed!!!

  3. You crack me up! Peanut is SO cute. Hang in there dear.

  4. I had a dream about you Thursday night! We were on some bus ride to some blogger convention and you and Olivia were in the seat behind me. Then outta nowhere you pulled out a stroller w/ FOUR little boys strapped in and were joking about you and C needing to get snipped! :P

    OMG that water stuff is freaking me out. So gross. Bleck it looks like little tadpoles swimming around in there!

  5. Christina!!!!! you made my day!!! lol im literally rolling on the floor laughing.. im definitely going to be telling C about this one!

  6. I love Olivia! Her project is so adorable--what a smart little kid. My sister always used to do these projects about mold and she grew the nastiest shit.

    **hugs** about C. Hang in there and please take care of yourself. I know it's hard right now but you guys will get through this and before long you'll have those four little boys :)

    Hopefully you'll come up with some fun phone uh...


  7. Awwwwwwwwww!
    Peanut is the cutest!
    And that thing about bacterias in diferent water samples was really interesting... Kids are really smarter then we think!
    Have a great week, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  8. Man, I feel SO old. I'm doing a presentation on Tues, and I am JUST learning to do PP...Kids nowadays are so much more IT-savvy than I am now!

  9. HEY GIRL!!
    i hope you are doing well!! she is sooo beautiful! aww im sorry you miss are so strong!

  10. Wow... the Peanut's class is ADVANCED... I mean I know the kids at my school aren't doing projects like that! lol... oh DC Public Schools

    I'm sorry you're missing C so much... you can make it though and you know what the lifetime you have ahead of you will be so much sweeter because you'll appreciate it more