Monday, March 8, 2010

Mrs. Officer

Holy Moly! What a bum weekend I had!! Seriously, when I wasn't sleeping I was still sleeping it felt like. I figured I'd be on cloud 99 because of all the Diet Coke I drank to stay awake... maybe that contributed to my sleepiness? Any "coke" heads out there care to commiserate?

Well Saturday the Peanut had her first real roller skating lesson where they learned how to "fall" and stand up again and to balance and to stop. The three most important things to learn in skating I think! It was fun, she was wiped when we were done though! Yet strangely enough... I was the one who took a nap when we got home...

I also worked as well. Nothing says nice and sunny weather like a little overtime. But the way I figure my paycheck in two weeks will thank me, and my boss will too today.. sometime..

Thank you guys for the compliments on my pictures from the other night.. Mabel (the girl in the video dancing)- is seriously FIERCE! Amazing!! I want to be just like Mabel! We did have a blast and I can't wait to go again! Could you see all the pictures though??? I can't see them on my computer here at work.. but oh well!
Oh and Biz. My arms are not that fabulous. A few things factor into that- lighting, arm position, and arm position. I ALWAYS put my arm like that in pictures.. instantly makes your arms look great! My tip for taking pictures : )

Yesterday I went and saw my other half- he is doing great but we had the baby (Melo) with us and it was hard for him to see the little guy. Melo was a punk and whacked me with his head on my cheek- OUCH! Once I gave him back to his mommy he was ok.. I went home and I just felt like eating chocolate. I don't really keep chocolate in the house beyond Cocoa Krispies because its super dangerous for me. I could eat it all day long! But I felt the urge to eat it and so I searched for a decent splurge I could feel ok about.

Enter in "Illegal Mousse" I officially named it ok? I found this a couple of weeks ago on Love, Veggies, and Yoga and I bookmarked the page- KNOWING I would one day make it.

I made it! Key thing to note though- do not halve the number of avocados and keep the same amount of honey, agave, or whatever you use to sweeten it. This is seriously WAYYYYYYY too sweet to have a bunch all at once. I made about four cups and I brought 1/4 cup into work.. I'm trying to finish it right now. It's hard to do.. and that is hard for me to admit about chocolate. But the bottom line is- its delish and crazy easy to make.

(my portion this morning...)
Something else I'm currently loving are these little bits of strawberry love

..Not sure if you guys know this wacky bit of info on me, but I can't eat a lot of fresh fruit.. Has to be cooked or dried or it burns my mouth off. So to get my fruit I eat alot of fruit roll-ups.. Which are NOT fruit. lol Here are some lovely little roll ups that ARE fruit and good for you!!!!!

Well I'm off to get back to work now, I figured I could slack off for a few minutes because I cleaned up our work over the weekend, but time to get crackin' again. It's a beautiful day here in NE, so I hope wherever you are, there is MUCHO sunshine!!!

**edited to add, I now have an official "Blog Email" address.. if you guys ever need to get in touch with me or have a question, or want to harass me.. its


  1. Lighting and arm position, huh? Care to indulge us with more details? Hee hee.
    lol, you must have been under emotional stress watching her fall all the time...that's why you were wiped out!

  2. you can't have much fresh fruit? i would be devastated, i'm such a fruit hog! oh and i'm a total "cokehead" too :)

  3. oh free reign to harass you... I might have to take advantage ;)

    roller skating lessons sound fun! any chance they take 20 year old peanut butter addicts?!

  4. Hahaha - lovely pics!
    I´m sure Peanut had tons of fun ;)
    Have an amazing day, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  5. That reminds me when Hannah took iceskating lessons when she was 4 - we would go to the rink and while I was hanging on the side wall for dear life, she'd be skating past me - hi Mom!

    Okay - I will use that arm photo trick the next time I need to - but you still look beautiful!

  6. rollerskating lessons!? That looks SO fun!

  7. I love your blog! You really did have quite the weekend! I just now bookmarked that moose too! Thanks for the heads up!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!