Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rock The Boat

Happy hump day everyone!

So who's been watching the news about New England lately? Can you see the insanity that is Rhode Island? We are literally floating away over here! Let's go for a round-up in what's happening. My boss and two of my co-workers live in Fall River, Dartmouth, and Assonet. All three towns are completely closed and drowning. No way in, and hardly ANY way out! My sister lives in West Warwick. Right on the Pawtuxet River. Her neighborhood was evacuated immediately due to the imminent flood waters coming. Her boyfriend stayed behind; presumably with a six pack and some friends- and a canoe to pump water out of the house! Crazy right?! Well, as you know I said in my last post that we were lucky that we escaped all the flood waters because, well my house is on a slight hill and we typically don't get alot of "flooding" in our area.

Check this out!!!!

That is my backyard!!!! Holy crap!

The water was being pumped out of our basement over here...

Isn't that crazy? My dad built a "trench" for the water to flow down and around the shed in the backyard. He's so crafty... lol

Tomorrow I have to head to Cranston, RI- which, if you have seen the news is the hardest hit city in all this. I'm hoping I can get there in under 3 hours, because they closed ALL major routes going in and out of Cranston! Every back road is a "minor" route which is also closed. Go figure! Cross your fingers for me!!!

Hey.. I actually cooked tonight! Can you believe it? I feel so lost in the kitchen lately! Tonight's dish featured these ingredients.. I've never tried Red Quinoa before and I was pleasently surprised at how chewy it was, but it was awesome. I liked it.. : )

I added corn, broccoli, tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, garlic salt, and pepper, and SHRIMP... it was meh. I liked it but it was forgettable. Sad really. Don't try to make it ok? It will tide me over for a few meals though.. lol

Well, since we are still recovering from the great flood, I'm not sure what we are up to this weekend! I have a salsa workshop to go to, but it's in Cranston (aka. flood city..) so I'm not sure if everything will be cleaned up or not yet!

So, cross your fingers for me twice!!!! Happy Easter to all of you! I have a couple of menu ideas for my own dinner- as my big Italian family *loves* to make things I can't eat! Dang it!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe all the flooding!! Thank goodness for your awesome and crafty dad, and the fact that you are on a hill! I hope that it dries up soon and life can go back to being pleasant! In the meantime, I was laughing at what you said about your recipe: "Don't try to make this, okay?!" haha. I've had many a recipes flop so I feel your frustration! Anyway, try to take advantage of the stormy weather by flipping in a movie, grabbing some popcorn and have a couch picnic!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of water in your back yard. We have had a lot of flooding in queensland over the last few months in some of the areas right in the outback that don't usually get rain for years. I know there is a lot of disaster recovery happening at the moment here too! Good luck with it all and have a really good easter!

  3. Holy cannoly! What a flood! I've heard news that New England is flooding, but I had no idea that it was that bad, especially since you live on a hill, and don't often get floodwater. Hope your Easter goes well!

    Love, Andy

  4. I must be living in a hole (I am with all the work I have to do) and I did not know about the flood...Whoa! Stay dry!
    Chewy red quinoa? I like the sound of that...I love chewy foods.

  5. Oh my girl! Im so sorry about all that flooding : ( Im glad you are ok though : )

    Yay for cooking a yummy meal!!!!

    Im italian too and my family always makes big italian meals every Sunday, I never eat it, its just cause of me being so healthy, sometimes I splurge, on the holidays I do when my mom makes homemade manicotti!!!

    Love you girl and stay safe!!!!!!!!

  6. Lauren: oh yea girl! i took full advantage of the weather and stayed put when it was raining! im nervous driving in the rain.. its nuts!
    Sarah- i remember reading about all that rain on your blog! thats crazy some people didnt have rain for years though!
    Andy and Sohpia: come on girls watch the news! lol jk jk
    Katie: girl i feel ya on the Italian-ness of family functions, i love manacotti too- have to find a way to de-gluten and de-cheese it ;)

  7. oh man, what a disaster!!! good luck getting everything cleared out!!! and happy easter weekend :)

  8. Yikes. I hope everything dried up in time to send the kids out on Easter so they didn't drive you all crazy :)

    Red quinoa looks so yummy but quinoa is like air in my belly ;)