Saturday, March 6, 2010

No Pain No Glory

Well, I certainly didn't mean to leave half naked pictures of myself up for almost a whole week! Sorry about that! I'm really honestly so glad you guys like the tattoos! I am planning on getting another one pretty soon- the biggest and baddest one of them all.. haha- I'll be sure to post up those pictures too! So thank you for all the sweet comments about them!

So ... no pain no glory huh? Yea I have no idea what that is about, just that today I am feeling deader than dead right now! Jessica and I went out to An Tua Nua in Boston on Wednesday and I STILL haven't recovered from staying up so late! What the hell?? I'm not built for these parties I think! I haven't really cooked. I haven't really eaten anything impressive either! So what do you guys get from me? Just hot pictures of myself and Jessica! And a video of my teacher and one of the girls who performs with him... SO GOOD!

The video is a little dark- which I'm sorry about! But you can imagine how lovely it is when you can't see the moves.. they did AWESOME!

Here is Jessica and me.. aren't we cute??

Mabel and Albert dancing!

Well my friends, that's all you get for now! Hopefully tomorrow I can cook up something tasty!!! See you all soon!


  1. hey pretty lady!!! looks like such a fun time. looking forward to seeing whatever yummy thing you whip up :)

  2. AWW yay for a FUN NIGHT! you soo deserved it!! you look beautiful!

  3. woo homegirl is FIERCE! I wish I could move like that. Sounds like you had a blast and a half girlfriend!

  4. You girls all look so great :)

    I always have trouble recuperating from a late night... I'm CURRENTLY trying to recuperate from one lol, and that "night out" was doing yoga!!! Go figure ;)

  5. I love your outfit Amy! Some day I'll have arms like that so I can wear a dress like that!

    Hope you and peanut had a great weekend! :D

  6. Hha looks like you guys were having a lot of fun! It takes me forever to recover from late nights so I hear you.

  7. Hey! It looks like you guys had a great time--I love the pictures and I love your outfit! So cute! And that dancing is awesome. I wish I knew how to dance.

    And I feel you on the staying out thing. Half the time I feel like I need to be at home in bed by nine or I'm exhausted--I think I'm getting old...

  8. Crap... now I can't go out with you... I'll stay home and babysit the kids for you though (you guys are wayyyyy too hot... I can't compete lol)...

    Looks like you guys had a great time though!

  9. Nice photos :-) Lovin the outfits/dancing!

    Thanks for your comment - glad you could be assertive, I find it so hard sometimes ;)

    Sarah x

  10. Love you girl and your fun nights!! We all need fun nights to keep sane!! U look so pretty and Im loving your dress!! I know if we went out we would have a blast, I told you this before : )