Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Price Check On Prune Juice Bob

Anyone know what THAT quote is from???

Well I don't know about anyone else, but I have been feeling quite sluggish, lethargic, and overall crappy. Why you say? Hmmm.... just take a look at my Valentine's Day post and you'll see why! I ate all that crapola! Plus Chinese food always does a number on my system. T-M-I I know! So what is my game plan for taking back my energy and oveall well being? I'm gonna be eating clean for a few days, see what that does to my bod. Hopefully I get a hot bod out of this......

Nah, I'm not expecting miracles.

Just reduce the bloating nasty queasey feeling I get all the time.

When I was in the grocery store the other day I saw this magazine..

I tell you it was the stir fry that drew me in. I haven't had that dish in AGES! Plus I saw the price of the meal $1.62 per serving? You know my cheap ass grabbed that up and paid... $5.99 for the mag. Ugh.
I poured over the magazine half the night and picked out a few recipes that I knew I had the ingredients for, and even a few I would have had to buy some stuff for. The thing I liked about this magazine is, it wasn't vegetarian/vegan and didn't try and shove the "clean eating" down my throat. Every recipe has only a few ingredients and only a couple of them, I would not be able to substitute out dairy free stuff. Excellent! I think I will be ordering this one!
So what recipe did I make first? Well I totally thought of Miss Jenny on this one- (aren't I supposed to be eating clean!?)

But I had to go out and buy some stuff! Thank God for tax money! The recipe called for sucanet. I could not find any sucanet in my store! But I did find antural cane sugar, which, smells like stinky feet. No lie! I was really off-put by the smell, but I used it anyway.

In went some chocolate chunks as well. Dark organic chocolate is naturally dairy free and although it has a stronger taste eaten plain, cooked and in something, I love it!
Somehow, these...

turned into these....

Holy deliciousness! These were incredible!

So what else do I have up my sleeve for clean eating? Lots of this grain:

Quinoa.. mixed with this.. red and green fresh peppers sauteed in marinara sauce and herbs (basil, parsley, pepper, oregano)

I didn't take a picture of the end result, but hey, it was pretty darn good if I do say so myself!
And for my final picture....

Here is my real Valentine's Day present. Presented to you by Uncle Same. If I had not had a tax refund this year.. I would not be wearing this... lol C picked it out and when we did our taxes earlier this month, I upgraded my other ring. I can't wait to show it to him!
And now to celebrate all my stupid happiness... a quick giveaway.... You win the ingredients to the two recipes above. Minus the herbs and fresh veggies. And the egg that goes in the cookies. I may work in shipping, but I can't ship those! You get: Almond/Peanut butter, quinoa, some form of natural sugar, dark chocolate bars, my fav brand of pasta sauce.. a jar of Muir Glen
To enter:
1. follow my blog via the Google friend thingie over there on the right hand side of my screen. I need to expand my fan club!
2. tell me two things, what your favorite brand of peanut butter/almond butter is and if you win I'll try and find it for you. And where did my post title come from???

Two chances to win!!!!!!!! whoooooo!

Giveaway ends on Saturday night!


  1. It is from Fern Gulley
    and my favorite almond butter is barney butter but I haven't tried any other so I bet I would like any...

  2. BEAUTIFUL ring! just stunning. your giveaway sounds awesome, i hope i win ;) i love quinoa and cookies, so i loved this post! that newman's chocolate is heavenly too, i like the chocolate orange kind as well! i follow you on the google friend thing, never even realized it was there

  3. and mara natha is my usual nut butter of choice, but i've really been wanting to try any pb & co just because it gets so much lovin around the blogosphere!

  4. Oh yes the snow out here was crazy!!! So funny the snow drifts were taller than your daughter!!!

    I love clean eating magazine, it is the best!! I always get it!! I got that new one too and saw those recipes, the cookies you made turned out so great, look so good!!!!!

    Congrats on the upgraded ring, its beautiful!!! Beautiful ring for a beautiful girl!!!

    My favorite peanutbutter is really anything PB& Co !!!!!

    I already follow your blog!!!!!

    Love ya girl!!! AND your nephew Caiden is adorable!! Oh my gosh the pic with frosting/cake all over his face is so adorable!!!!

  5. Is it from Fern Gully?! hehe, I looked it up :) I never would have known!

    Ok, so I want this giveaway! I already follow your blog, but I will say my favorite brand of peanut butter is the crunchy Smart Balance, and almond butter is Barney Butter! Great giveaway, and thanks for letting me know :)

    I'm glad you started taking vitamin D supplements, as reduction in depression is only ONE of the MANY benefits that studies have linked vitamin D to (cancer reduction, improved weight loss, stronger bones, etc.). I hope you keep taking it.

    The ring is BEAUTIFUL. You deserve it. It's absolutely gorgeous. Nick and I will be buying a house thanks to Uncle Sam, here soon!

  6. yum! those cookies look so great!! I would be all over those!!

    my fav brand of PB is naturally more or crazy richards PB...not as big of fan of almond butter but blue diamond is great and love the crunchy kind!!
    that ring is absolutely beatiful!

    wear it in good health :)

  7. Oh how cool! I don't get how the cookies change, that's weird!

    I googled - is it from Fern Gully!?

    And I already follow you! <3

  8. thanks for the recommendation on my sore joints!

    those cookies look amazing! you must be a wonderful cook

  9. OMG that ring is GORGEOUS!!!! I love it!

    So I'm already a follower :)

  10. And two things that I love about my peanut butter - I can't find it here but I LOVE the PB & Co peanut butters!!! I'm on the last little bit of the one I had bought in NYC this summer lol! I love the taste and the many different flavors they have :)

  11. Such yummy eats! ;)
    Oh, and by the way - the ring is stunning! You´re Uncle Same must be the best :)
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog! Hahaha, so funny your story about your ex-brazilian boyfriend... He was totally mistaken... :D
    My costume? I kinda put on small shorts and a tank top to celebrate carnival - it´s SO FREAKING HOT in here! Like almost 110 degrees! :o
    And about the "Gertrude-fighting"... Thank you so much. Your comment gave me the strenght to mantain my 100% guilty-free feeling. You´re awesome :D
    Kisses from a really hot place,

  12. I don't need to be in the giveaway but HOT DAMN boo... I looooooove your ring but will he be mad that you "upgraded"?

    Le Sigh... we need to email asap... this weekend I'm writing you one. I miss you.

    Andddddd your food looks awesome anddddddd I want that magazine NOW

  13. It is cheesy!!! U would love it girl!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  14. Hey there! Yeah, the snow is awful. I'm craving spring and sundresses right about now. Love this magazine, too. I've only seen it once at the store, but it's so good. Of course I can't eat almond or pb, but I love sunbutter- and it's a good substitute.
    GORGEOUS ring!

  15. OH my goodness your comment was so incredibly sweet and encouraging! ahh i just want to give you a BIG hug! thank you SO MUCH, seriously, made my day. its people like you who make the world a better place! FOR REAL! aww i love you!!

    what a great giveaway!! i LOVE Pb & CO mighty maple!!

  16. Love the ring! It is beautiful.

    Oh Fern Gully--I remember being forced to watch over and over with my little sister lol.

    Those cookies look fabulous!

  17. Mmmm @ those cookies!!! ((burp))

  18. absolutely gorgeous ring!! i love it! and those cookies look to die forrrrrrrrrrrr!

  19. its my fav quote ever - i often exclaim it loudly over public address systems when im shopping at the supermarket